Pottermore to Reveal Special Chapter Previews Starting Tomorrow


Jun 29, 2011

Posted by EdwardTLC

The official Pottermore Twitter account has been updated to share news of a new series of Previews starting tomorrow, June 30, 2011. The tweet reads:

Coming up tomorrow: the first of three special previews of one of the Pottermore chapters.

While we are unsure at this point as to what exactly these previews will show, we expect to learn even more about the Pottermore world. As always, stick with Leaky for the latest.
As a reminder, the team at Pottermore have asked us to help collect your questions so they can answer some things for you. Not everything (for instance, about exactly what will happen on July 31, or more details about J.K. Rowling’s involvement) can be answered, but if you want some more detail about the site, how to compete for the house cup, how to progress through the story, etc., then this is the opportunity.
Just TWEET your question to @leaky using the hashtag #pottermore starting right now. Leaky’s team will sort through them and send the most-asked questions to Pottermore by the end of this week.

44 Responses to Pottermore to Reveal Special Chapter Previews Starting Tomorrow

Avatar ImageRubeusHagrid says: So EXCITING! (and first ;P). I love Pottermore, and Jo <3Avatar ImageRubeusHagrid says: And by the way I still have some big questions: 1. Does the challenge start at midnight precisely? If so, in which timezone? 2. Do you exactly follow the story? Or do you do some things alone? 3. How do you compete EXACTLY for the House Cup? 4. Can HP fans chat together? 5. Is the username made for you or you make it up? 6. When does Book 3, etc. go on Pottermore? 7. How would you unlock new backstory?Avatar Imagealexweasley12 says: OH LORD OMG HAPPPPPPY !!Avatar ImageRubeusHagrid says: BUT WOW---this is so exciting? A preview..oh what could it be!!! :):):) I love you JKR! :)Avatar Imageginny_weasley1998 says: SUPER EXCITING!!!!!!!!! :O Avatar Imagethatothergrace says: yay! can't wait. :DAvatar ImageMad But Happy says: WAHOO! I can't wait to see more!Avatar Imagekiwimci says: I want to know: 1. Once you complete book 7 are you finished? Can you go back and start again? 2. Is the stuff Jo gives you saved somewhere?Avatar Imagejacket says: I'm going out of town tomorrow! I hope there's a computer there!Avatar ImageCarmen Black says: Squee! Thank goodness we're getting something more. It's all very exciting.Avatar Image1HarryPotterFan123 says: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IM ON A PLANE THAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!Avatar Imagegoncalves9 says: It's awesome that we are getting more information about Pottermore. Avatar Image2tal says: This will add a nice bit of fun to the week! I can't wait to see more of Pottermore!Avatar Imageshi suisen says: Can't wait!!! :D I'm so excited about Pottermore~Avatar ImageSigourney1990 says: SO EXCITED! I think this is amazing, got to love Jo for giving us something new when everyone was so worried about what we'd have to look forward to after DH pt. 2 :) Avatar ImageMaestra2 says: Can't wait!! Avatar ImageTinkertoe09 says: The gringott's button kinda suggests there will be currency involved...if so, how will you earn money and what will you spend it on?Avatar Imagekiwimci says: True @SigourneyROAR looks like we have another year or more of Potter fun. C'mon let's keep the brand going. Also I tweeted my questions Leaky thank youAvatar ImageGiant Squid says: Super excited!Avatar Imagemagic1017 says: I would love to know what happens to all the characters after the 'final battle' - and who was running Hogwarts when Harry and Ron's kids went there - we know Hagrid was still there but who is the head master and besides Neville who are the new teachers. Did they re-build Hogwarts the way it was before the Final Battle or did they change in some way? Lots of questions come to mind...Avatar ImageHiren58 says: well:) u gotta love Jo! :P can't wait and ditto @ Rubeus Hagrid's questions :D Avatar ImageMariaKeis says: CAN'T WAIT FOR POTTERMORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: So excited! :D This is a happy surprise to my week. I cant wait to see what they'll show us, I'm most interested on the backstories so perhaps so of that. :)qAvatar ImageCrazy and Proud says: Must. Get. Twitter. Account. ++ Its a major tease!! But I still love it ;D Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: What e readers are compatible with the new harry potter e books? I want to hear more background on grindelwalds and dumbledore's love relationship.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Carrot & stick...Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Why is it all on Twitter? D; But, I don't really want to see it, a surprise on Jo's birthday would be quite fun! :DAvatar Imageizziewitch says: Hope I'm guessing right that Leaky will post whatever comes up on the Twitter feed--for those of us who don't have Twitter.Avatar Imagejedisakora says: awesome. can't wait ^^Avatar ImageHPFAN928 says: OooOh Preview!! I hope its a good one! Avatar Imagecamila_black08 says: i am really excited!! God, i can't wait so much time...Avatar ImageTori_Potter says: Jo is so amazing. She's brilliant! When everyone thinks 'it all ends' she opens up something new that gets loads of attention.Avatar ImageLily Evans30 says: SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageGene L. says: It's July 30th already...! When is it coming out?Avatar ImageKblackwell7 says: When will this preview be released? At midnight or at the same time the original Pottermore announcement was made?Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: AwesomeAvatar Imagesiriusbusiness says: This is awesome. I love that they are answering questions too! That's so user-forward already. :)Avatar ImageHelloWorld says: Well that was quick! :D Avatar ImageRin68nyr says: where can I see it? There's nothing different on Pottermore today...Avatar ImageTheHeirOfSlytherin2 says: Just registerd my email address-- EXCITED!!Avatar ImageFelipe_Q says: So exciting! I can't wait to see more!!Avatar Imagehewy says: I signed up at Pottermore and DO hope all of this will be available on line as I do not have a twitter account. Hope we will be able to print this out for safe keeping. October seems so near and yet so far, far away.Avatar Imagemagic1017 says: Can we 'rewrite' what happens to Luna and Neville?? Like... they fall in love and live happily ever after?Avatar ImageHarry-Potter.fan says: My Gosh! Pottermore just looks spectacular! Thankyou Jo for creating something new :D

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