Warner Bros. Releases Visitor’s Information For U.K. World Premiere


Jul 01, 2011

Posted by John Admin

The world premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2″ is just a short week away, and no doubt many of you are already making plans to attend this grand event in London’s Trafalgar and Leicester Squares on July 7.

To help make the planning process easier, Warner Bros. has put together a website with essential information for fans. Details on transportation and getting to the location, red carpet information, access to the public viewing areas and much more is listed right here.

Please note that all red carpet activity will be taking place in Trafalgar Square, and in order to gain access to the public viewing areas, you must acquire a wristband.Wristbands will be handed out from the upper terrace of Trafalgar Square beginning at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, July 6.

Thanks to Portkey.it for the tip!

52 Responses to Warner Bros. Releases Visitor’s Information For U.K. World Premiere

Avatar Imagemolly43 says: Oh how I wish I could attend!Avatar Imageginny_weasley1998 says: I want to go!Avatar ImageLivi22 says: I wish wish wish that I could be there. Its killing me that although it will only be a matter of miles from me that my one and only heroine, JKR, will get out onto the red carpet, I won't be there to see it. I'd kill to be there, even at the very back, so those who are going, you are very lucky.Avatar ImageHermione_Granger_Weasley says: Who won the contest?Avatar ImageSarah Artemisia says: I live in the us.... but guess what! im actually in europe!!! and guess what!!!!???? I STILL CANT GO!!!!!!!! :(Avatar ImageCregStep says: Does this mean that because i was just going to travel down on the Thursday, i wont be able to get into the event because i wont have a wristband? :(Avatar Imageselenialovegood says: I'm going and it's final! Only 3 days left till I'm going to London to be there for a week!! I really hope to see the actors and get some pictures and autographs! I have waited for this so long and it's my(and anyone's) last chance to see a red carpet premiere of HP in London!! So excited!!!:DAvatar Imagehpqueenfluff says: My friends and I have booked our coach tickets up London for this already, but for July 7th. Now we're trying to see if one of use can go p early and get wristbands for the rest of us. Does anyone know if it's only one per person? We're all really desperate to go and a bit upset that the wristbands are going to ruin it Avatar Imagehpqueenfluff says: Also, where it says 'p' I meant up, my keyboard is kind of broken haha Avatar ImageMissERose says: This wristband deal is really messing with my plans :/Avatar ImageRoni says: Hang on, I didn't understand the wristband thingy. Can someone please explain? Where can I access if I get that wristband? What will I be able to see if I DON'T have it?Avatar Imagetintin23x says: My wife and I are taking our son to this. I don't know who's more excited, me, her or him. Does anyone know if they have popcorn at Lincoln Center? Avatar ImagePotterPants says: I don't think they chose anyone yet as far as the contest... & why can't they do this in NYC? It would prevent riots and other choas - also it would be fun. NYC premiere's are so dull, very dull. They just throw barricades up and have NYPD everywhere, blocking your view. I mean, this is the LAST one - they should do something big! But, I may be asking for too much...Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Need information? There's almost always on the web! (: I just wish I was going, but I can never afford it. . . .Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Oh how I wish I could go! But seeing at I'm in the U.S. That is not going to happen. And its even taking place on my birthday!!!!Avatar Imagebambahw says: I am so confused about all this!! So the pens open at 10am on wednesday 6th July when wristbands are given out & you are allowed to camp in Trafalgar Square overnight? Everything I have heard says there will be no camping in Traf square allowed? So is the website saying you can? I am confused! I was going to email them to ask but there is no contact us on website. Any help would be great :-) Also gutted because I am booked to stay in London wed, thurs & friday but can;t get down before 10am wednesday, so have no idea what I am going to do :-( Avatar Imagebambahw says: hpqueenfluff, really think it will be one wristband per person & they will put it straight on your wrist. Have heard they do this kind of thing at say BAFTA's & they always put it straight on. I suppose this is fairest way but have no idea why they are doing it a whole day early!! :-(Avatar ImageJoRowlingRocks says: WB's organisation with this has been shocking! Really bad, I will be kicking up a stink if things don't go smoothly XD I don't know why people are getting so upset about the wristbands though. They'll have as many wristbands as there is room for people (i.e. if they can fit 10,000 people in there'll be 10,000 wristbands). So if you get there when all the wristbands have gone, which I doubt you will, then even if there were no wristbands you'd still be arriving after it was full up, and wouldn't be able to see anything anyway.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: It would be nice to go...Avatar Imagewillowandlaylasmom says: SNIFF..SNIFF.. TEARS... Wish I could go but I'm in the US.Still excited to see it in theatres with my husband and friends though... :) yippee. Avatar Imageopiopi says: I'm joining in on all the "this is messing with my plans so bad it's not even funny" comments! My plane arrives on Wednesday evening and I had plans to go straight to camping somewhere, but now this??? This is ruining everything! I have no idea how fast these wristbands are going to go and if no one can pick them up for me I really don't know if I should just cancel my plane tickets... Feel free to add me and let me know if anyone finds out how I can solve this...Avatar ImagePhoenixMarauder says: i wish i could go to that! Avatar Imagebambahw says: Jorowlingrocks - I don't think people are upset about wristbands as they are a good idea, I think people are upset/concerned about WHEN the wristbands are being given out. Never heard of them being given out the morning before the premiere & its not clear if you then have to go off & comeback or if you have to reserve your spot for 48 hours as when I was last in London (last weekend) I heard there was too be NO camping in Trafalgar Square. The website is contradictory as well as it says pens open when wristbands are given out but before that it says portions of trafalgar square will be shut down throughout the day on Thursday, which I took to me that no one would be allowed to stand there. I was arriving on wednesday lunch time & I know others were arriving wed evening & the wristbands being given out wednesday morning is unexpected & confusing. People that would not have been in Trafalgar Square until later will now be there much earlier than they planned, meaning its going to be even more busy & stressful than previously thought. Like you - I think wristbands are a great idea, but don't understand why they are being given out WED morning. Wed evening or Thursday morning would make much more sense. I am really sorry for people that have plane tickets booked as I am confused/finding it stressful coz I can't get there that early & I only live a few hours away from London.!! :-(Avatar Imagetrenchcoatstate says: That ruining my plans too! Avatar ImageJoRowlingRocks says: Yes, I agree the message is contradictory. No idea what we're supposed to be doing once we get our wristbands! That's what I meant about their organisation being really bad. Also they're being extremely irresponsible if they are expecting people to wait there from 10am but aren't allowing camping! But I don't think they're going to be giving the wristbands out at 10am only, (I assume) they're going to give them out until they run out, and they're going to have as many wristbands as there are places, so the wristbands will only run out when everywhere is full. Which because, as you said, people have already sorted out transport, is not likely to be soon after 10am because most people will be getting there after that. Not sure if that makes sense, basically- as I see it- you don't need to get there at 10am to get a wristband, you need to get there before they run out, and they're not going to run out quickly. So don't panic! Avatar Imagehpqueenfluff says: @Bambahw Thank you. It totally sucks, I've managed to spend more money I don't have to get to London on the Wednesday haha, I'm not giving up without a fight! Also, I went to the Trafalgar Square website and found a phone number and email: Telephone: You can contact our helpline on 020 7983 4750 where the GLA can provide further information and put you in touch with an Events Officer where available. Email: [email protected] Avatar Imageopiopi says: I'm still panicing, because I don't arrive until 8 pm on Wednesday.. I don't even know if the wristband people will be there that late even if there are wristbands left... and it will cost me £400 to rebook my tickets if I want to arrive earlier. I HATE THIS!Avatar Imagebambahw says: I have emailed trafalgar square to see if we can clear things up - thanks very much for the help HPqueenfluff, much appreciated. I will ring if no response as have chnaged plans so getting into London early Wed morning (I am going to be exhausted & it took me ages to find a way down there!) & so the more information the better! Glad you have sorted out getting there!! Opiopi - wish we could help, I asked if getting there wed evening would be okay in email - so fingers crossed get a response soon. JKRowlingRocks - You are right, organisation is shocking & very very confusing!! I am not hopeful, I think they will go really quickly but only if everyone has seen the site, which I doubt everyone has as I wouldn't have seen it if not come on here!! Fingers crossed it all works out :-)Avatar Imagehpqueenfluff says: I'm glad you've managed to change the time, hopefully you'll get a wristband. I should be getting there Wednesday morning to get the wristband. But then I have to get a coach home and get up early again next morning to get a coach back up. I'm not very hopeful about getting a good spot on Thursday, but at least I'll have the chance to be there. I'm just fortunate that I was in a position to be able to modify my plans, I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for those who aren't so lucky. Avatar ImageJoRowlingRocks says: I've been emailing Trafalgar Square for a while, they've been getting more cagey the closer it gets ha! Well good luck everyone, see you there maybe!Avatar Imagebambahw says: Thanks Hpqueenfluff! and I agree with you both - good luck everyone, fingers crossed!! :-) xAvatar ImageMima11 says: Im not arriving until thursday morning. This wristband thing is awful. If someone finds a solution please please help me. I spent a lot of money just to get there. =(Avatar Imageginnyshiel says: I wrote to WB events on Friday because it wasn't clear what time the wristbands where available (10 a.m. only for the viewing pens) and they changed it on the weekend. But it's still not clear if you can stay there overnight, because some I know have no Hostel for this night and wanna stay there without a tent (and I think they will be ill next day). Please WB, if you read this, help us. Maybe you can reserve wristbands for people from outside of London area (showing yourpassport). It's not fair otherwise for people who paid a lot of money to get there...Avatar ImageBellatrix93 says: I'm traveling from Liverpool on Wednesday morning (very early) and should get to the square for 9. Really hope I (and everyone else) get tickets. I've been planning this journey for months :( Avatar ImageRedlexSlytherin says: Bellatrix93;; im coming from Liverpool too;; me and my mate was supposed to be getting the 6:10 coach from L'pool but now we're getting the coach tomorrow instead so we can get wristbands the coach is only £13 if you wanna get a new own :) We're arriving tomorrow night and sitting off in Trafalgar sq waiting for the wristbands now :)Avatar ImageBellatrix93 says: @redlexslytherine that's a good idea :) unfortunately I can't get it tomorra night. Fingers crossed the queue isn't too big :) xAvatar Imagehpqueenfluff says: @ginnyshiel Is there any chance I can get the emaill address for WB from you please? I haven't been able to find contact information for them anywhere. Avatar Imagebambahw says: Trafalgar square organisers replied to my email & were very polite but answered none of my questions, just said please see Warner Bros Premiere website. The questions I had originated from looking at that website tho, so no answers cleared up there! They did however state that NO tents are allowed in Trafalgar Square. However since, I have heard there are people already queued up in Traf Square, they are allowing people to sleep there, just not have tents??? All very confusing & contradictory still! xAvatar Imagebambahw says: @hpqueenfluff - No email address exactly but the one I emailed to is a contact form on warner bros Uk website but have not had a reply as yet; http://www2.warnerbros.com/web/main/help/customer_service.jsp Avatar Imagehpqueenfluff says: @bambahw Thank you very much, I appreciate your help. Avatar Imagebambahw says: No worries :-) GOOD LUCK :-)Avatar Imagehpqueenfluff says: :) Good luck to you too!!!!Avatar Imageginnyshiel says: @ hpqueenfluff: This is from the events part of WB, but I didn't got an answer (maybe they got so many, they just changed the information for the time getting the wristbands and that's it) - [email protected]Avatar Imageginnyshiel says: @ hpqueenfluff: This is from the events part of WB, but I didn't got an answer (maybe they got so many, they just changed the information for the time getting the wristbands and that's it) - [email protected]Avatar Imageweasleybamf says: i think the wristbands were a good idea... but i will arrive in London thursday morning.. I already mailed warner bros itself but still no answer. Avatar Imagemencia says: i wish i could attend :(Avatar Imagehpqueenfluff says: @ginnyshiel, thank you so much. I hope they reply to you soon!Avatar ImageDreamer86 says: Im having a nervous breakdown here!!!!! Im really confused with this wristband thing!!!! If we get it...do we need to stay there until the premiere? Im in London but my friend doesn't arrive until tomorrow night! Avatar Imagemissfortune13 says: Currently in the wristband queue with my sister! All we have heard is its a long wait and you will not be allowed in with a tampered wristband so yes you have to collect in person. The queue is huge at the moment, we are round the side of the museum! Once you have a wristband you can come and go from the viewing areas of trafalgar square as you please. We will update when we know more!Avatar ImageJessinacar says: I can't belive it is the day before! It is so unfair I had everything planned getting up early tomorrow but now I can't even get a good spot :/ If it was tomorrow morning I could get a wristband. I feel like what is the point in even going? This is just conveniant for the people who live in london, stupid organisers. I'll still be going, i'll grab a spot by a road somewhere and watch from a distance. Avatar ImageMariaKeis says: I wanna go ! Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Wish I could go!

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