Updated: Day 7 Clue for Pottermore’s Magical Quill Challenge


Aug 05, 2011

Posted by Mel

Update: Early access to Pottermore is now closed. Congratulations to everyone who found the Magical Quill, and for those who didn’t Pottermore will be open for everyone to register in October.

The seventh and final clue, from Deathly Hallows, for the Magical Quill Challenge is now live:

How many Deathly Hallows are there?
Multiply this number by 7.

you know the answer? Add the number to the end of this website address
(http://quill.pottermore.com/) and find the magical quill for a chance
to be one of the first million Pottermore beta users.

Best of luck to everyone!

122 Responses to Updated: Day 7 Clue for Pottermore’s Magical Quill Challenge

Avatar ImageBriannaWazHere says: my mom is trying to make one but it just leads back to the pottermore main page and she's pissed. Avatar ImageAgrippa1 says: I did it! I finally hit the site while the clue was up, got through the registration process, got my confirmation e-mail, hit the link and got a screen that said I'm in! Yippee! Can't wait to see how Pottermore unfolds! Thank You Jo!Avatar Imagetrontech says: Firefox couldn't get the banner. Probably stopped it with Adblock. Internet Explorer worked.Avatar ImagePhoenix1946 says: Had to drop FireFox for IE8 to get a look at the quill. Don't be impatient. I clicked on the register button, waited because nothing happenned, click on it again and went back to the pottermore home page. It looks like they have these keys seriously de-bounced. Give a solid click, not a quick touch.Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: I cant get on it just leads back to the home page! Help me please!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: It just leads to home page help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: What should I do please help!!!!Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: What should I do please help!!!!Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: What should I do please help!!!!Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: What should I do please help!!!!Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: What should I do please help!!!!Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: What should I do please help!!!!Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: What should I do please help!!!!Avatar Imageclpotter says: after i register the email keeps telling me that there ws a problem with the registration and to create a new account what do i doAvatar ImageHarry-Potter.fan says: Last chance for all, I hope you all get in early!Avatar Imageroonwit says: ginnyw7: what leads you back to the homepage? If it is the constructed quill URL, you could be constructing it incorrectly. To take the example from the Pottermore help page, it should look like http://quill.pottermore.com/70 though with a different number.Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: It just goes to the home page. Please help me! Avatar Imageterieb says: hooray! finally got it!!!! Avatar ImageDavidTheUnready says: aha I guess what the clue was going to be, luckily I got in on the first day :) hope they sort the access issues out before they go live in October!Avatar Imageroonwit says: clpotter: someone on the lounge had that problem - they were trying on a different computer and OS version that the one they registered with but they tried the original computer and it worked - though it might have been some problem with the set up of the machine they were trying to use. You could try a different web browser.Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: When I type in that address it just goes back to the pottermore home page! :( please help!Avatar Imagevale56796 says: It sends me to a parseltounge page!!! HELP ME!!! WHERE IS THE QUILL! Avatar Imagevale56796 says: A parsoltounge translator?? is anyone else seeing this?! Avatar Imageroonwit says: ginnyw7: Are you sure you got the answer right? I think wrong answers will take you back to the pottermore home page.Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: Roonwit: When i type in that address it just goes back to the pottermore home page! What should i do??Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: Roonwit: When i type in that address it just goes back to the pottermore home page! What should i do??Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: Roonwit: When i type in that address it just goes back to the pottermore home page! What should i do??Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: Roonwit: When i type in that address it just goes back to the pottermore home page! What should i do??Avatar Imageroonwit says: Valeria Isabel: It should be in the banner add at the top (once you have skipped the video) - you may need to turn off any ad blockers temporarily.Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: What do you guys think it is?Avatar ImageSaskiaM says: ginnyw7 -- could you be accidentally putting the number at the end of the original pottermore address? I did that a couple times before I realized it had to start with http://quill.pottermore.com/Avatar Imagevale56796 says: I cant find it! Ohh no! How do i turn off add blockers?! Avatar Imagerooda666 says: Yaaay! I did it, I'm in!! :DAvatar ImageLunaLuver says: I'm on the proper site, I can see the quill be I cant click it because my stupid phone wont do what I want!! Someone please help me!!!!!Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Pretty please! Anyone I'm freaking out here!!!! :((((Avatar Imagevale56796 says: I cant see the quill!! were is it!!?? Avatar Imagegingerfan says: I'm not playing since I already have an account, but when I first looked at the clue I got it it confused w/horcruxes.;/ It took me a few minutes to get what they were asking. Avatar Imagevale56796 says: Im on the right page but i cant see the quill! Im freaking out!Avatar Imageuschi says: You type a word or phrase in the paseltongue translator and it takes you to the registration page. Don't give up! Happy to say I got in (UnicornFrog8) so decided I better not be a lurker here any longer and signed up for this site too. Yes, I have made a fine art of procratination...Avatar Imageclpotter says: roonwit: thanks so much i did what you said and it worked i got in thanks so much for your helpAvatar Imagevale56796 says: Im going to cry! I FOUND IT! i had to use another computer! HORRAY!Avatar ImageHogwartsForever says: I got in!Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: Thanks the world!!! I'm on guys :)Avatar Imagetrontech says: Still on at 9:40 PM EST. Internet Explorer works best, Firefox doesn't work best, and phones...well...the people that get through on phones don't post complaints. The ones that don't get through on phones? They have posted on Leaky.Avatar ImageRunwild101 says: I cannot believe how long the clue has been up! WhOa!Avatar ImageLauraKeaton says: Yay! Just got my account. I just got home from finally seeing the Deathly Hallows part 2 and the question was there when I logged on. So excited!!!!Avatar Imageizziewitch says: I wasn't going to try, figured I'd be too late, but I got in right away! Unbelievable, to see that banner telling me I'm magical! And the first user name was the best--RoseRune78; the others were a bit wierd. Already got my confirmation email and when I followed it to the site, it said I was part of the Beta group. Wonder if that's true; I thought there'd be too many of us for all of us to get to be part of that. And actually, I don't care; just knowing I'm "legit" is enough for now!! Can't wait for this to start.Avatar ImageCassidinae says: I dit it, finally got the time right, see you at PottermoreAvatar ImageLunaLuver says: I've put a word into the translator and nothing happens for me! I think I'm going to cry! :'(Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Why isnt working for those like me who are using their phone??xAvatar ImageFinallyPJ says: Finally was able to have a chance to try to get signed up. So happy I was able to get the chance. Very excited. :)Avatar Imager361n4 says: I got in!!!!! sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!1Avatar Imagewriteranon says: Because phones don't usually handle flash, which is what I'm assuming is being used on the site (I've already got my account, so idk for sure). Internet capabilities for phones are typically limited like this.Avatar Imagejillians642 says: It worked on an iPod Touch so it should have worked on a phone. But you had to click on an ad at the top of the page, not on the parseltongue parts.Avatar Imagedragonfrog says: Last day last minute it finally worked and I have my Pottermore account. Yeah!Avatar Imageminiginny says: Joined!!!! It closed right before my brother did though. The thing is, I came back from camp on the 4th day, spent all of the 5th day in the car, and the time span for the 6th day at my Grampa's funeral and burial! Avatar Imagejellyinthesky says: I got in! Everynight it came on way to late for me to stay up cause I'm on the west coast. But finally! I logged on Facebook and saw the Leaky post and it was from an hour ago and I was like "OH NO! It's probably over!" BUT IT WASNT! Oh sweet bliss.Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Well I give up! I just cant get it no matter what I do! >:/Avatar ImageDlcohm7 says: sorry @lunaluver you will get in in October.Your still magical don't worry! ;)Avatar ImageAngeLaFay says: I was fortunate to register on the 4th day. It was fun to go back and test my knowledge and see how other fans were faring. It's always fun to do Harry Potter related activities. I cannot wait to get in Pottermore. I'm debating about rereading the series or fanfiction to keep myself busy as I wait. XDAvatar ImageTasyaWeasley says: My lord, that is so easy.Avatar ImageEgor says: Wow, the answer to the Pottermore clue on my birthday is the age I'm turning. That's cool.Avatar Imagenadia_m says: I got the quill on day 4, and I'm already registered, but, has anyone had access to pottermore yet?? I just can't wait, want to start exploring the site!!Avatar Imageginnyw7 says: Thank you so much roonwit I got in!! Woohooo! Yeah :)Avatar ImageMaestra2 says: So glad I got in on Day 6 because I thought Day 7 was tomorrow night!! ShadowMoon** and daughter GlowLumos** are totally excited to get going - looking next for our "entry" days!Avatar Imagehpfanaticfan2011 says: Yeah...I got in on Day 5. the time period that it was going to open in was 11:30am - 3pm so I just sat at the computer and refreshed every few seconds...one thing that I ran into was that I typed in "http://www.quill..." when it is only supposed to be "http://quill...." haha when I typed it in the first way and it didn't work, i was freaking out, but I figured it out soon enough. My username is LumosDraconis43...does anyone know when they are going to start sending emails allowing people access? I'm guessing they are going to let people in based on the days that they registered on...day 1, 2, 3, 4, etc..Avatar ImageDrForester says: I really hope that the force screen names are gone once the site is out of beta and goes live. I know they say it's for child protection, but it so archaic as to be annoying.Avatar ImageGene L. says: I GOT IN!!! YEA!Avatar Imagedmgryffindor says: Hurrah,Finally Got in!!!!!!!! Avatar ImageHUGEHARRYPOTTERFAN12 says: Hooray! I got in finally! Avatar ImageRhemas says: I am in on the 2nd day, on everyday's clue you had to look around on the link page to find the quill. WTG all who figured this out, sorry for those who have to wait, but there is always Leaky for screen shots and hints(there is a Pottermore Central page as well...check it out. http://forums.pottermorecentral.com My id is the same there as here!Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: coolAvatar ImageLoader Lady says: What site did it take you to for Day 7?Avatar ImagePhoenix1946 says: The website for window/day 7 was the Warner Bros. HP7 part 2 site with a trailer for the movie. Enter something in the Parseltongue Translator and click. The quill was in a pop-up box at the top of the screen. Hover over each of the quills in the box until one glows. Click on it to go to registration.Avatar ImageExpelliarmus11 says: I got in on the 3rd day so i could avoid staying up late :DAvatar ImageExpelliarmus11 says: On the 3rd day you had to levitate the quillAvatar ImageExpelliarmus11 says: Did you have to do something new to the quill on a different day??Avatar Imagegem2 says: if you just typed pottermore.com then the answer it won't work. you need to type http://quill.pottermore.com/. it says so in the box to the rightAvatar Imagecritterfur says: The sixth day, the site took you to a video preview of the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, and you basically just had to wait for the little feather to float on by (over the virtual map of the park) and click on it. At least, that's how it all worked out for me. I suppose it was a way of rewarding patience, since I initially thought I'd been led to nothing more than an advertisement, but I let it play out and Mr. Quill soon showed up. Avatar Imageluckyleo81 says: i hope the pottermore insider puts up a post that gives us some idea about when we can expect our welcome email. even if its as simple as 'first come first serve' or 'randomly selected' Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Glad thats over... Too much lost sleep & angst! looool...Avatar Imagewbingham says: @luckyleo81 - I hope it's done by day registered. That would seem like the 'fair' option. Avatar ImageSlytherins says: I managed to register my account on the first day of the Magical Quill challenge. I'm extremely anxious and excited to receive my Welcome e-mail, the leaked screencaps look very promising indeed.Avatar ImageEllorgast says: So the quill was a bit different on some of the days? On Day 1, it was just floating among a bunch of other feathers. If I clicked the wrong feather it told me "that's not the magical quill!" Avatar ImageXPhantomrune says: I can't wait!!!! :DAvatar Imagemeb99 says: I got in the third day!! I feel awesome!!! I can't wait!! ______________________________________________________________ Can I have that waffle? (>•_•)> #<(•_•<) No, too bad! (>-_-)> t(•_• )># Oh dang, he has a sword! (>°~°)>=[]===> (^•o•)>#Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Good luck to everyone! And thanks to MyLeaky for the update!Avatar Imagezoey_potter says: I GOT IN POTTERMORE ON DAY 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the BEST day of my life!Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Well I am glad that's over I think.Avatar Imageseveleo says: my validation email already expired and it tells me to create a new account? what will i do?Avatar Imageseveleo says: my validation email already expired and it tells me to create a new account? what will i do?Avatar Imageroonwit says: seveleo: If less than 48 hours have passed, try using a different web browser. Some people have had problems verifying their account, presumably due to some web browser setting or add on, or perhaps a stale cookie. They have reported that they succeeded by trying a different web browser or verifying from a different computer.Avatar ImageKittyVD says: Congratulations to all who got in!! I can't wait for that welcome email! so excited! xAvatar ImageLuna_lovegood17 says: I got in on day 6 soo excited!!!Avatar ImageHermione_Rules says: Best of Luck to everyone! You're going to need it! I'm just going to wait until October.Avatar ImageThatthinghsaname says: I'm so excited. :) Registered on Day 3 and here today. Avatar Imageharrypotter4258 says: make sure you don't type "www"!!Avatar Imageharrypotter4258 says: how long does it take for the Welcome email to come? i'm getting a bit worried :(Avatar Imageroonwit says: harrypotter4258: It could be a few weeks. Fans were guessing they would be sent out soon, but I don't think we have ever been told that. On the other hand pre-registration for the full opening in October should open in the next day or so, so emails about that should go out to those who submitted their email addresses beforehand.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: On Pottermore the login has disappeared.Avatar ImageNinath says: tim_2006 - I noticed that too, hopefully that means the invitations are being send out nowAvatar Imagetim_2006 says: I they go in order. I registered on the third day.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: If they go in order. I registered on the third day.Avatar ImageNinath says: I got in on the first day, but never received the validation email, then got in again on the third day. So it would be slightly annoying for me if they go in order. Well, we'll see ;-)Avatar Imageclpotter says: the sign in button is no longer thereAvatar ImageHarry89 says: WHERE'S MY LETTER (email to muggles) Avatar ImageKittyVD says: didn't they say something about first come first serve or something? I wonder what they mean with "few weeks" two? three?Avatar ImageChudo says: > > "...places are going to be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis." > > This is written in our registration latters. (Lucky 1st-day-registered's)Avatar Imageradcliffe18 says: Ugh I can't believe I didn't find the magic quill. I never got on on time! It was so annoying. I'll just have to wait till October.Avatar Imagecarole44 says: I think the finial letters are starting to go out. Pottermore site is doing strange things. Watch your emails. Avatar Imageradcliffe18 says: I still can't believe it's over and i didn't get in! I mean, the answer is 21 for Fred's sake! I got that in like, 5 seconds! :( I'm really mad.Avatar Imagecarole44 says: I believe if you didn't confirm within 48 hours your email welcoming you to Pottermore you will have to wait till October to open a new account.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: Yeah I agree pottermore is definitely doing strange thingsAvatar Imagetim_2006 says: Errol must have gotten lost. While delivering my welcome letter.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: I am getting bored. I decided to name the owl on McGonagall's desk "Hoot".Avatar ImageSilvery Doe says: I wonder how they will figure out who gets first crack at the site. People who registered on the first day, then second day and so on? Or just random? The clues on the first couple days were harder than the last couple.Avatar Imageradcliffe18 says: Grrr! i AM NOT GOING TO WAIT TILL OCTOBER!Avatar Imageradcliffe18 says: Hey! tim_2006, I like that! I'm pretty bored too.Avatar Imageradcliffe18 says: What do you think will be the next big thing?Avatar ImageKittyVD says: I just got a congratulations e-mail saying: We will activate your account between mid-August and the end of September, so keep checking your inbox for our Welcome email. Between mid-August and the end of September :O So for all we know we could be getting that mail only a week before everyone else can get on... Then why did we bother finding the magical quill?! I really hope it will be sooner rather than later, because that really wouldn't be fun!! We're all looking forward to this so much, I wish they wouldn't let us wait for so long! xAvatar ImageGiant Squid says: Waiting for October!

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