First Round of Pottermore Welcome Emails Sent Out, Pottermore Blog Updated


Aug 10, 2011

Posted by Mel

The first round of Pottermore Welcome emails started being sent out today, and as of this writing they are still being sent out. This email indicates that you have been selected for early entry into Pottermore and says that your account will be activated between mid-August and late September. According to the Pottermore blog, a second round of emails will be sent out to let you know that your account has been activated.

The Pottermore blog has been updated with the above information, as well as the answers to all of the questions asked during the Magical Quill Challenge. Apparently, all the multipliers were multiples of seven!

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Avatar ImageChudo says: First? ))Avatar Imagecamila_black08 says: OMG!!! Im going to check my email right now!!Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: Second Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: SecondAvatar ImageMollycairn says: I received my Congratulations e-mail around 1 PM EST. Now I will be awaiting the final one!Avatar Imagepottyloveslooney says: GOT MY EMAIL!!!! So happy... Now just waiting for the welcome email, got in on the second day so hopefully will get in before the end of August!Avatar ImageDiamondWings says: AAAWWEEEESSSSOOOMEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT MY EMAIL NOOOWWWAvatar ImageKittyVD says: Got it about an hour ago.. I really hope it won't be "the end of September"!Avatar ImageG.Weasley says: Is that why I can't find my sign in button on pottermoreAvatar ImageG.Weasley says: Is that why I can't find my sign in button on pottermoreAvatar ImageSlytherinAngel says: I haven't gotten the,"First Round" e-mail yet.. But then again I did get in on the 5th day.. so maybe tomorrow.Avatar ImageKittyVD says: Yes! It's gone now, but it'll be back once our accounts are activated! xAvatar Imageahaque521 says: i got the first round email at abt 12pm EST!! so excited for the final email!Avatar Imagestephravens says: i received my congratulations e-mail and I got in on the second day, so here's hoping I get in before August's end. Avatar Imagedayrenm says: wicked!! I got my email an hour ago. Cant wait til the welcome email comes in!! Avatar Imagedayrenm says: wicked!! I got my email an hour ago. Cant wait til the welcome email comes in!! Avatar Imagestephravens says: i received my congratulations e-mail and I got in on the second day, so here's hoping I get in before August's end. Avatar ImageNinath says: Anyone who got in on third day received the email yet?Avatar Imageheiress_of_slytherin21 says: i got mine! YEAAA IM GONNA BE A WIZARD! :DAvatar Imageluckyleo81 says: does anyone know if there is actually a point to this email? from what i can tell it doesnt tell us anything we dont already know.Avatar ImageLudve says: Are these emails sent out in any particular order? Are you supposed to get your email first if you registered on an earlier day? And is everyone who found the Quill getting an email, or only certain people? Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: How exciting! I registered on Day 4. I just checked and I don't have my email yet. Avatar Imageroonwit says: luckyleo81: The only new thing is mid-august for the first early access accounts to be enabled. The Insider blog tells us that the log in button will reappear when the first early access starts.Avatar Imagetibby71 says: I recieved my email today, too :) So excited! Hope it will be August and not the end of September.Avatar Imageroonwit says: Ludve: We think they are ordered by the day of registration, though of course some emails will take longer to deliver than others.Avatar ImageTarana says: Congratulations to everyone who got in !! I can't believe I didn't even see it open once :o(Avatar ImageTheOtherHorcrux says: I've already received it! Can't wait. Please SHARE whenever you get the second email.. :)Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: Got mine hours ago. Very happy to get another email from them. Can't wait until we can start Pottermore during the beta!!Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Were is mine????? Arghhhhhhhh!Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Wow -- I got the email. If I hadn't I would have been crushed.Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Wow -- I got the email. If I hadn't I would have been crushed.Avatar ImageNinath says: I'm getting jealous, I want mine too! NOW!Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: I have NOT received mine yet... :( Although I got in on the 5th day... so I guess that I still have to keep waiting for a little longer. Soooooo glad for those of you who already got it.... soooo jealous! Avatar Imageki700 says: Just received an e-mail!Avatar ImageHiren58 says: WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I got mine on the second day!! and the email is in my inbox!!!!!!!!! :) SO HAPPY!!!!!Avatar ImageRavenclaw98 says: Omg they are taunting us with emails!Avatar Imagehogwartslionchaser says: @Ninath- yep! i just got mine about 2 hours ago! I realllllllly hope that well get the welcome email SOOOOOON!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: They appear to be going out in order of registration...Avatar ImageNinath says: Hermione Weasley - Lucky you, I'm still waiting :-(Avatar Imagemi55ymomma says: I can't wait, hope they send it soon Avatar Imagemi55ymomma says: I registered on the 5th day btwAvatar ImageThinkblue559 says: I got mine. Only got in on day 1 though so im kinda suprised.Avatar Imagerainbowapplefizz says: So excited! I got in on day 3 and received this email a few hours ago! Now I am impatiently awaiting my owl so I can actually sign in!!!Avatar Imagesparkle9 says: I thought it was a Welcome email!!! It was so depressing when I found out I'd have to wait even longer.Avatar Imagetrip_le_threat says: Oh this is exciting! If people from day 2 have already got their letter I hopefully wont have to wait too long. Avatar ImageMaestra2 says: My daughter and I registered on the 6th day, and she just got her email!! What about Mom who helped her and HAD TO SIGN because she's underage??? Hope mine comes soon :(Avatar ImageWant to be a Weasley says: I got in on the 3rd day and haven't received mine, my son got in on the 4th day and received the email this morning :( Starting to get worried!Avatar ImageEmilyDeibert says: Don't worry if you didn't get it yet--it kind of doesn't mean anything. :P Though it is exciting. I got mine, and I thought it was an email letting me I could actually go on--disappointing! Oh well. Nice that they're updating us, I guess. Avatar Imagegecopeland says: Which makes it a Congragulations email, not a Welcome email....cmon Mel you are insider your sposed to know these things :PAvatar ImageSxPalms says: Got my email. :) Yet, waiting for my next one! CAN'T WAIT... ahhhhwhwhaahhwhwwhhhhhhgg *I'm awkward*Avatar ImageSxPalms says: I got it on the second day, if your wondering. Have the third day people gotten it yet?Avatar ImageNinath says: no, I haven't Avatar ImageSxPalms says: This is weird.. I suppose either they're not going in order, or they're only taken a select amount from each day...Avatar Imagesnapegal27 says: I am going to be so nervous until I get the next e-mail... I was day 5 and seeing that day 6 had e-mails go out makes me terrified that I am going to get skipped. Urgh... this waiting game is going to drive me around the bend lol... well at least it gives us something to look forward to and be excited about!Avatar Imageroonwit says: I think they will be going in order, but there are always going to be delays in the email system for some messages. Those from early days who don't yet have emails are probably just unlucky, but they should arrive eventually.Avatar ImageCrazy and Proud says: I got an e-mail but when I clicked on the link to activate it said the page was 'hidden' , does this mean I can't activate my account + is anyone else having the same problem? Avatar Imageroonwit says: Crazy and Proud: If you mean the verification email, that will have expired by now, and the page it would have taken you to will have gone by now. The email sent around today just confirms you have an early access place, there is no action you need to take.Avatar Imagejacaldwell says: Day 3, Still no email....Avatar Imagejacaldwell says: Day 3, Still no email....Avatar Imagejacaldwell says: Day 3, Still no email.... Avatar ImageFireboltChaser says: Got mine a few hours ago. Excited!Avatar ImageThe Stew says: I love that all the answers where multiples of seven. I appreciate these little things that make things like this that much more specialAvatar ImageThe Stew says: Still waiting for my email. Got in on day three, but nothing in the inbox yet. Avatar ImageAlec wick says: AHHHH!!!!!!! :) I got my email at 10 this morning! I'm soo happy. can't wait for the second email.Avatar ImageLlovegood says: i am pacing! Avatar Image_Muggle_Witch_ says: Got my e-mail at around 2 pm EST. YAYAvatar Imagecamila_black08 says: I want the email. NOW. Or tomorrow. But I want it! Congrats to everyone who alredy got the email and is waiting for the second one :)Avatar Imagedreamers says: I received the I have been selected Emails. I can't wait to get in.Avatar Imagephoenixfeather08 says: I Got my EMAIL!!! woo Im excited, I hope all of you who entered gets the email!Avatar Imagemystel says: I got in on the third day, but no email yet. :( I'm going to be tickled if it comes this weekend. I'm visiting the Times Square exhibition on Saturday!Avatar Imagecjbg1980 says: I only confirmed and set up password, hope I can get in before Sept.Avatar ImageKateWeasley says: My sister got her e-mail, but I'm still waiting for mine... And I helped her register after me! Argh... I want my e-mail!Avatar Image7Pirates says: Yay got my email!!!!Avatar Imagemscupcke says: booo i havent gotten mine yet :(Avatar Imagekat34205 says: my son who i got in on the 7th day got his before me but i did get mine finally i got in on the first dayAvatar Imagekat34205 says: my son who i got in on the 7th day got his before me but i did get mine finally i got in on the first dayAvatar Imagekat34205 says: my son who i got in on the 7th day got his before me but i did get mine finally i got in on the first dayAvatar Imagekat34205 says: my son who i got in on the 7th day got his before me but i did get mine finally i got in on the first dayAvatar Imagekat34205 says: my son who i got in on the 7th day got his before me but i did get mine finally i got in on the first dayAvatar Imagekat34205 says: my son who i got in on the 7th day got his before me but i did get mine finally i got in on the first dayAvatar Imagekat34205 says: my son who i got in on the 7th day got his before me but i did get mine finally i got in on the first dayAvatar Imagelovecharlotta says: i still havent gotten mine yet :( i got in on the 3rd day and im really starting to freak!!!Avatar ImagechallengeACCEPTED says: i got it at 12 pst!!!Avatar ImageEgor says: Still nothing in my inbox. I registered on the third day. Hopefully it'll show up soon.Avatar ImageMudblood_and_proud says: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my email :) so excited i want to go in early and screen shot like EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageMudblood_and_proud says: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my email :) so excited i want to go in early and screen shot like EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar says: HOLY WOW! I'M GOING TO HOGWARTS :')Avatar ImageHUGEHARRYPOTTERFAN12 says: I got mine at 3:00 pm central time and I got in on day 6 Avatar ImageVane321 says: I registered the 1st day and got my email like 14 hours ago I think :) I can't wait for the welcome email to come :DAvatar ImageSpellAsh9 says: I got in on first day so i suppose mine second letter shouldn't be in too much time..? can't wait for my account to be activated!Avatar Imagemencia says: I'll check my inbox now!!Avatar Imagemencia says: mine hasn't come through yet, but I only got in on day 4 so I guess it's still coming......Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: CoolAvatar Imagemencia says: where's mine :(Avatar ImageDumblebridge says: Not thought out really. Launch Pottermore registration for only 7 days when many families will be on holiday away from the internet. Why can't JKR just publish something new? It's been years now since she finished DH.Avatar Imagelpierich says: love the fact of the x7. it is always those little things that I love about the harry potter worldAvatar ImageNinath says: Still no email, I'm getting paranoid. It reminds me to much of the email of the first clue, that never came through to me and I had to register again. :-(Avatar Imageroonwit says: Ninath: The emails are nice to get, but not vital. This one gives you a bit of information, and I expect that the second one will say "if you log in now, you will get proper access to the site". So you can just try logging in when there are reports that others from your day have access and see what you get.Avatar Imagemencia says: @roonwit that's all good and well but I would still like to receive the email for myself, I'm starting to feel paranoid too :(Avatar Imagecalliet2b4g says: i got mine during a lecture at uni everyone around me looked at me cause my ipod beeped!Avatar Imagecalliet2b4g says: i got mine during a lecture at uni everyone around me looked at me cause my ipod beeped!Avatar ImageNinath says: @roonwit - the question is if you can just log in or if you need the welcome mail for that. And if I don't get this mail, do I get the welcome mail then?!? That's what makes me paranoid.Avatar Imageroonwit says: Ninath: You could log in during the magical quill period, you just couldn't do anything other than change your account settings. Insider says "This second email will let you know that your account has been activated and that you can log in to Pottermore." so they are just informing you that the account is now fully live. I can't see the point of making us going through some other extra stage tied to the welcome email, and it would just be extra work for them. If they do want you to agree to beta terms or something (beyond what you already agreed to by signing up for an early access account), it would make sense for them to get you to do that as you access the site.Avatar ImageNinath says: I really hope so :-)Avatar ImageLuna Lovegood 248 says: I`ve got my e-mail.... now I`m so excited.Avatar Imagemi55ymomma says: Still no email, I really want one :(Avatar Imageobsessivehpfan says: Has everyone who got in on day 3 got their email yet? i haven't :(Avatar ImageNinath says: @obsessivehpfan - Good to know that I'm not alone :-( So hopefully we'll get it soonAvatar ImageWant to be a Weasley says: I am a day 3 that still hasn't received the email either :(Avatar ImageTeamRonmione says: Yay! Got my first email..... Awaiting my second. Too bad I'll be at the lake this week. :(Avatar Imageluckyleo81 says: i wouldnt worry if you havent gotten your email. i dont think the email is being sent to everyone which means they have to sent it to 1 million people which is going to take time.Avatar ImageMad But Happy says: I didn't get my account until the final day of questions, so I'm probably going to be one of the last people in for BETA testing. XD But that's ok, since it's still earlier than I originally thought!Avatar Imagejyassa says: i didnt get my email.................maybe tommorow?Avatar Imagejyassa says: But i cant wait for the email!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Avatar Imagecritterfur says: Well, I got in on Day 5, and haven't seen any pleasant little welcoming e-mails yet, but I'm opting to be patient and pragmatic. If the e-mail is just a little late, or the whole process had to be staggered (understandable), than no worries. I'm even prepared at this point to forfeit my early access to the site, in case (heaven forbid) something went a wee bit wrong in the whole process and I get left out...October really isn't that far away, and to be honest, I'm just excited to see this whole thing playing out. Pottermore looks very intriguing so far, and the more buzz I hear about it (from people like Melissa Anelli, who I trust), the more jazzed I get. Avatar ImageTalenami says: I got in in day 4... still no email from Pottermore... I can't wait!!!!!Avatar ImageGlassSlippers says: Still waiting for my email!Avatar ImageHeiwa says: I registered on Pottermore on the 1st day and got my email yesterday in the evening (BST+1). But from what I heard from friends it looks like these emails are sent at random. Some who registered on the 1st day have not recieved their email yet while people registered on the 5th day recieved them at the same time as I did. So don't worry, I think you'll all recieve that email in the end. ^^Avatar ImagePhoenixFromTheFlame says: Got in Day 3 still no e-mail...Is it maybe tied to a yahoo email address (which I have)? They had a problem with slow registration emails to yahoo addresses earlier...Avatar Imageroonwit says: Bear in mind that the email system will randomize delivery times a lot. Some emails will be received quickly, others will sit on the Pottermore servers waiting for the destination mail system to accept them, others will be in the destination mail system but not yet delivered, and there can be delays at each stage, particularly when there are 1 million emails involved.Avatar Imagemencia says: @Heiwa thank you for the reassuranceAvatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Thanks for the explanation, Roonwit! I registered on Day 4 and still no email. The waiting is horrible, even though I realize that the email won't actually give me access. Avatar ImageDreamSpell says: still waiting hopefully...Avatar ImagePotterChocolate says: pretty sure the third email is going to be the welome email; the seond one is just the confirmation.Avatar Imagehandhrfan18 says: I might have to wait a while but i know it will be worth it!Avatar Imagesnapegal27 says: @roonwit... thanks for helping to keep those of us waiting for the e-mail sane. Sadly I kept waking up throughout the night hoping my e-mail would be there lol. It makes sense that if we finished the registration and were able to sign in and out of the site before it was taken down... that we will not lose out on early access. I have yahoo... and I know that was a problem before... would be interesting to know how many people without the e-mail yet are yahoo users.Avatar Imagesilverkacy says: Thanks roonwit and LovesLaborLost. I'm on because of you.Avatar Imagesilverkacy says: Thanks roonwit and LovesLaborLost. I'm on because of you.Avatar Imagesilverkacy says: didn't mean to post twice.Avatar ImageMollycairn says: This is off the subject of e-mails, but go to the Amazon or Barnes and Noble website and check out the cover of the new book "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty." Looks like a Death Eater mask to me!Avatar Imagemencia says: I signed up with my google email but I didn't receive mine yet so I don't think it's anything to do with which account you have.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: Arrived 3:18 pm U.S. Central time while I was asleep. I am wizard. Whoohooo. I will so wonderful and relievedAvatar Imagetim_2006 says: Arrived 3:18 pm U.S. Central time while I was asleep. I am wizard. Whoohooo. I feel so wonderful and relieved. 3rd day clueAvatar ImageResaPotter says: Dramione Fans Please join my Dramione Blog! Avatar Imageroonwit says: snapegal27: I think yahoo's default policy is "Hey, you are sending me lots of emails, it is probably spam, I am only going accept a few at a time" which isn't generally a problem, but is if you are sending tens of thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of emails to them. They fixed it for the verification emails but these may be hitting the same problem if enough things are different for them not to be covered by the same fix.Avatar Imagebing1009 says: Just got my email about 15 minutes ago. I registered on the 3rd day. Can't wait to get in!Avatar Imageobsessivehpfan says: Just got my email ! yay! Avatar Imagebing1009 says: @snapegal27 ... Yeah I was wondering the same thing, because I have a Yahoo account. But, I just finally got my email. So if anyone else has Yahoo, hopefully they're starting to arrive.Avatar ImageDaveZee says: Just got my email. I got in on day 5. Cannot wait to be sorted and get a wand in a system approved by JKR ! :)Avatar ImageJeremyp4 says: I just got mine!!!!!! Can't wait to check it out. I just hope it becomes available before the end if September Avatar Imageharrypotter4258 says: got it! i hope it comes quickly! :) im so excited!Avatar ImageMom Weasley says: Registered day 3 and finally got my email this morning! WOOT! Perhaps they ran out of young strong owls and are now having to utilize the fleet of Errol aged ones.Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: I just got my letter! I just got my letter! I registered on Day 4 for those still waiting. I'm officially Registered for Early Access. Yippeeee! Oh, I can't wait! I can't wait - okay, now I'm going to tell you how I really feel :)Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: I say "officially registered for early access" because I just didn't quite believe it was true and that it actual worked until now. How cool!Avatar Imageverita12 says: I got mine 5 minutes ago, and I registered on day 3Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: My birthday is the 29th - it would be a really cool birthday present to get access by that time!Avatar ImageTonks1 says: I received my congratulations e-mail at 11:08 am today YEH !!!!!!!!!! Good Luck to All.Avatar ImageEcrof G says: My congrats on early access e-mail was delivered this morning at 8:55 am. I was a day 3 registrar (FYI). I’m so very excited for my actual access e-mail I can’t hardly wait!Avatar Imagesnapegal27 says: Hope that work will distract me enough to keep me from constantly worrying about where my stupid e-mail is lol...I am the most impatient person I know lolAvatar ImagePhoenixFromTheFlame says: Got the Congratulations email - Day 3 - yahoo - came 12 pm EST Avatar ImagePhoenix1946 says: Got my second step letter from Pottermore. Now waiting for the third step - Activation! I registered on day 4, the Sony website, when they had problems with the quill and bypassed it.Avatar ImageLauraKeaton says: I got in on the last day, so I'm guessing I won't be let in until late September.Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Hey, Laura, I wonder though if they are just giving themselves a time frame to allow for glitches that might need to be worked out, and that if everything goes smoothly we'll all get in a lot sooner? Just and idea. I know absolutely nothing about websites, IT or how any of it works. It might as well be magic :)Avatar Imagescottw says: I got register 6th days. I got e mail last week. Then I wait to e mail me to welcome. I don't know. I am not get e mail yet. :( Avatar ImageFutureJKR says: I got mine!!!!!!!! =)Avatar ImageFeorge says: Yay, I got mine for solving the second day magic quill search.Avatar Imagelelly66 says: I registered on the 3rd day and I just received my welcome letter. I'm uber excited (aren't we all)! I wish they made it look like a Hogwarts acceptance letter though.Avatar ImageEllorgast says: I'm honestly a little disappointed that some people might only be getting in a week or two before the site opens to the public. I guess that makes sense, that they'll be regularly adding in accounts right until the site opens for real, but it would be kind of sad to go to all that trouble over the clues, only to get in almost as late as anybody else.Avatar Imagesessionka says: I GOT MINE TODAY!!!!Avatar Imageroonwit says: Ellorgast: We don't know when people later on the early access list will be let in, and it might depend on how well the site performs - if it stands up well to the load then they might add people at a quicker rate and perhaps all early access accounts will be enabled by the end of August.Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: That's what I was thinking, Roonwit! Here's hoping that the site runs smoothly!Avatar ImageMollycairn says: Roonwit is correct. I have a friend who has worked with beta testing. Much of it is a stress test on the system. If 100K can access with no major issues, amother 100K could be added, etc. If there aren't major issues, it could be a relatively short period.Avatar Imagenitaro48 says: Yes! I got in!! I can't wait to actually be able to go on the site! This is soooooo cool!Avatar Imageroonwit says: Mollycairn: Exactly. There will be more eyes to spot errors and possibly try things the testing team haven't thought to test, but the one thing it is difficult to test without real use is how a system performs under load.Avatar Imagecamila_black08 says: I also got mine today! But I'm more excited about the Welcome email.Avatar Imageserenityb says: This is really deceiving. The email that they're talking about isn't THE welcome email. The email that's been sent out is really just a repeat of the message you got when you got your beta account. I registered in the first 5 minutes of day 1, so I've gotten this email already. Here's what it says: "You have been selected for early entry into Pottermore! We’re really excited to confirm that you are one of the lucky people selected for early entry into Pottermore, ahead of when it is open-to-all in October, to help us add finishing touches! We will activate your account between mid-August and the end of September, so keep checking your inbox for our Welcome email. When this arrives you will be able to enter Pottermore. In the meantime, you can check the Pottermore Insider for all the latest news, updates and announcements. We look forward to welcoming you to Pottermore." I just wanted to let you guys know, since you all seem to be really excited about it being THE welcome email when it really isn't.Avatar ImageAshBirdie says: I got mine today and I'm longing to get the next mail! :)Avatar Imageroonwit says: serenityb: I think we are excited about any update, because beforehand there was a lack of information. You may have got this email before but most of us didn't. In particular we didn't know when the first early access accounts would be enabled, and "mid-August" is encouraging because it is soon, and we could all have been waiting until September.Avatar ImageMr.Bones says: @ serenityb If you got confirmation that you were selected to test Pottermore before today i guess you some super special access because before today the only email most of us got was the successful registration email. And registering during those seven days did not guarantee you early access. This is even noted in the FAQ about this. Anyway, i got the mail and registered the fourth day. Avatar Imageroonwit says: Mr.Bones: It could be that they were intending to send out such emails and some people got them, but they quickly realized it was a bad idea to add to the email load and possibly delay the verification emails.Avatar Imagesampsongregory says: Congratulations to all lucky HP fans who got or will get invitations soon. I opted to wait to let all you enthusiasts have first crack and fine-tune the site. As a school teacher, I have to work during the day and grade papers at night, so I don't have the time to help J.K. Rowling like you will. Sincere congratulations to all who get the first log-ins!Avatar ImageCarmen Black says: Pottermore is such a tease, sending an email just to say they'll be sending another email sometime between now and the end of September! (But it was still a relief to get the Welcome Email!)Avatar Imagehermionegranger100 says: Are they going to send out the congratulations emails in the order you signing up in? like 1st day gets in 1st during august and so on and so forthAvatar Imageroonwit says: hermionegranger100: It would make sense for them to grant access broadly in the order we registered, which also seems to be broadly the order they have sent out the congratulation emails. Avatar ImageThatthinghsaname says: I'm glad they sent this email just to let us know a time frame. I don't have to check my email every morning to see if I got in now. :p Received my email earlier this morning.Avatar ImageExpelliarmus11 says: i got mine at 1pm so excited cant wait :DAvatar ImageRunwild101 says: Who knows how they are going to send out the emails. They don't necessarily have to send it out based on the day you signed up. It could be based on demographics (age/location) but who knows. Avatar Imagejacket says: I got my Congratulations e-mail, now I'm just waiting for my Welcome! (I got in the 3rd day, I don't know if that makes a difference though)Avatar Imagemuggle1963 says: PotterMore email registration..check...PotterMo​re "Welcome!" email with username validation verification...check...Potterm​ore "Congratulations!" to wait for the final e-Owl to it me or does it seem like I am jumping through Quidditch hoops to get early access to Pottermore? Avatar ImageTheOtherHorcrux says: Wait..? Have people already started getting their WELCOME EMAILS to get onto the site already? because people have been posting there wand types....?Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: I got my email, but it's like a pre-welcome one! They told me I could use it around mid-August! So excited!!!!! =)Avatar Imageathena lupen says: i have not got my email yet but i was day 7 Avatar ImageStixvix says: **I got it! ** It came in at 12:30pm today with a timeline of mid-Aug/end-Sept. I am soooooo looking forward to accessing Pottermore.Avatar ImageStixvix says: FYI -- I answer the question on day 5Avatar Imagefox_rox says: I just checked my e-mail and there it was:) I am so excited!!!Avatar Imageroonwit says: TheOtherHorcrux: I imagine they are the wands they would like, or wands they were given by some other sorting process. The Potermore Insider blog told us that the sign in button would re-appear when the first early access places are activated.Avatar Imagemencia says: Yes! I got my email, I'm so excited beyond!!!!!!! it made my friday :DAvatar ImageTalenami says: Is there anybody else who got in in day 4 th and didn't get their Congratulation email by now? I'm starting to worry... :(Avatar ImageNinath says: I still don't have my mail, but I registered on third dayAvatar Imagesnapegal27 says: Yay!!!!! I finally got the congrats e-mail. I just woke up (it's 3 a.m. here) and had to check... saw that mine came in around 1 a.m. PST. I teared up a little... I have been so worried that there was a snafu and I wasn't going to get early access at all. Hang in there anyone who hasn't gotten it yet. I bet it was all just delayed for some people (prob for no reason other than volume of e-mails just like roonwit has been saying). I am a day 5 person for anyone who wants to know. Thanks again to roonwit for being so great to anyone who has been concerned the last couple days! Can't wait for the real welcome e-mail!!!! This is going to be so much fun guysngals :-)Avatar Imagesnapegal27 says: @Talenami... I am day 5 and just got mine... I know there are a lot of day 6 people who got their's on the first day. Hang in there... looks like as long as you got through the whole registration process during the contest... that it will come eventually!Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: mid august to late september? i'm going to be mad if i can't access pottermore till late september. all of those late nights i pulled just to be able to log in a week before the whole world? i thought we'd all get at least a month.Avatar Imagecritterfur says: Well, I got my e-mail this morning (I found the Quill on Day 6). I was just looking at the Pottermore Insider blog, however, to see what all the questions and answers for each day had actually been, and wow...The questions regarding how to find the Quill were quite a bit more complicated on the first few days, progressively getting easier to the point that by the time I got in all I had to do was look up how many chapters were in Half-Blood Prince. It makes me think that actual access to the site will be done so that the winners on the first few days get in first, because they obviously did a bit more work and deserve a little reward for their efforts. Anyway, congratulations to everyone who participated! Avatar Imagecarole44 says: I received my email this morning at 6:00 AM EST. I got in on day 6. Avatar ImageDlcohm7 says: Yeah!!! I got my invite at 6am ET time USA! I got in on day 6 half-blood prince.Made my day,is going to haha.Good luck everyone!Avatar Imagetom legolas says: lucky them!!!Avatar Imagetinagin says: I got a Congratulations e-mail confirming that I have been selected for early access to Pottermore!!!!! It says though that Welcome e-mails are still going to take a few weeks so I don't think Leaky is accurate in calling this latest round of e-mails referred to in the article as Welcome e-mails.Avatar Imagetinagin says: I too got the Quill on the HBP question day. Avatar Imagemi55ymomma says: So happy to get the email, I too was worried that I wasn't going to be chosen. For those still waiting, hang in there, I'm sure the email will come soon.Avatar Imagetinagin says: Also I was under the impression that I had already been selected for early access to Pottermore when I got to a page that said I had successfully validated my early access to the on the day I got the magical quill. I have a login and password and everything. I am not sure what the purpose of this latest e-mail is. My avatar is a screen shot of the page that went up on the day I answered the HBP question correctly. Are there people who got an account validated that won't get into Pottermore early??Avatar ImageTalenami says: I got in solving the 4th day clue, but I actually DIDN'T find the quill and was redirected straight to the registration page. It happened because of a technical issue with the site. But I registered regularly and found out later on (source: pottermore insider) that the same thing had happened to many people on the 4th day, and that our registrations were good. Still, I haven't got my Congratulations email, and I'm wondering whether the delay is connected to this thecnical problem ... how many ppl from the 4th day got the Congratulations email?Avatar Imagemi55ymomma says: That was my impression, that everyone might not get in, that was why I was a little anxious about getting the congrats email, but maybe I assumed wrong and everyone who registered will get early accessAvatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Hey, Talenami, I was registered on Day 4 and I received my email yesterday. Still, not sure that the "you will have early access" email (I'm not sure what to call it any more) was sent out based on registration date, so don't give up! I'm a worrier too, so I understand. Avatar Imagemi55ymomma says: my comment was response to tinagin's commentAvatar ImageTalenami says: @tinagin I think we all were sent a message like the one from your avatar - I mean all the ones who registered and activated the account following the instructions written on our first email. Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: Got the confirmation mail today!!!! (I got in on the 5th day, btw...)Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Talenami, I had a similar experience on day 4 except that I did find the Quill, it just didn't direct me to the registration page. It took me back to the Pottermore site. I thought that I was too late, but everyone on Leaky was saying the same thing was happening to them so I just kept going back to the Sony site over and over and all of the sudden it took me to register. It was a very strange glitch, but I did get my Congratulations email yesterday saying that I was one of the lucky ones with early access. Avatar Imagetinagin says: @Talenami, I guess that is why I am wondering what the point of this congratulations e-mail is. Because if we got that page, it says there that we "will be one of the lucky few..." So my impression was that if we got this message that we were just waiting for this welcome e-mail to tell us when we can use our logins to access the site. Which, again makes me wonder what the big deal about this latest e-mail is if we already got in on the we got the account validated.Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Tinagin, since this is a brand new site we're probably all worried that there is the potential for glitches along the way. This may have been a way for the Pottermore folks to keep the excitement building (and it's certainly working) and a way for us to know, without any doubt, that we our registration process was sucessful and recognized by the site. I don't know for sure, but I am glad to know that my registration worked!Avatar Imagetinagin says: I guess I am trying to keep people hopeful and I do hope there are no glitches. I too am glad I got this e-mail. I really think that for people that got this validation page they should have every confidence that they will get this e-mail. I just checked with a friend of mine who also just got her congratulations e-mail and we got the accounts for pottermore on Day 6 within minutes of each other. Good luck folks!!! Avatar ImagePhoenixFromTheFlame says: Maybe this latest email is just meant to be reassurance to those who registered with user names that we're still on the list and "all is well" we just need to keep waiting. So, yes, it doesn't actually give any new information that wasn't in the first registration confirmation email or on the pottermore website and insider blog, but it is sent to each registrant directly, not as a public post, and is happening now that the rush of the quill search days with its drain on the system is over. Not everyone who registered might have tried to sign in while it was still up, so this could be their first post-quill-search contact and confirmation. Avatar Imageclpotter says: i got the confirmation emailAvatar Imagemencia says: @Talenami I got in on day 4 as well but I received my congratulations email. I also didn't find the quill and was redirected straight to the registration page. I didn't receive my email until last night so don't worry you will receive yours soon tooAvatar Imagecarole44 says: This latest email may be a way for Pottermore to eliminate the scammers/registrations that were sold on EBay. I use AOL for email. I know for a fact that if I send out incorrect email/unknown email address it notifies me that email could not be delivered. The verification email stated you have 48 hours to confirm. If you didn't confirm within this time period you would need to reestablish a new account. Just another thought on this latest email Avatar ImageRachelAlexandra says: I found the quill on the last day but haven't gotten my email that is the last step I don't think I got in :( congrats to those who did!Avatar Imagealexweasley12 says: I DONT WANT TO WAIT ANY LONGER !!!!!!!!! RAWR !Avatar ImageTalenami says: Thanks for the encouragement, you all... still no email, but reasonably hopeful now...Avatar ImageMaestra2 says: Finally in today, the 12th of August!!! Avatar Imageizziewitch says: Yippee! Got my confirmation email today. Can't wait to get into the site.Avatar Imageizziewitch says: and I was glad to read LovesLaborLost's comment about lack of knowledge of IT, etc, because that's how I am. I'm glad Pottermore isn't practising Legilimens, otherwise they probably wouldn't have let me in!!Avatar ImageCorruptedNethicite says: I'm inAvatar Imageizziewitch says: And, off topic and like a broken record: When is Leaky every going to change the pic top left to read DH2??Avatar ImageSlytherins says: I received my "Congratulations" the other day, thinking it was the "Welcome" e-mail and got extremely excited! I'm still happy to have confirmation that I'm going to be a beta tester though, Pottermore cannot come soon enough!Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: @izziewitch: Agreed, it really is about time they change that. I'm getting tired of looking at that same old picture. I havent gotten my email yet but I'm sure all of ours will come in due time. :)Avatar ImageEmilyDeibert says: I got mine, but my friend didn't yet--odd. And we registered on the same day. Maybe they're sending them out randomly?Avatar Imagelady_potter23 says: my e-mail today.... can't wait for the second onw..♥♥♥Avatar Imagelady_potter23 says: my e-mail today.... can't wait for the second one..♥♥♥Avatar Imagelady_potter23 says: my e-mail today.... can't wait for the second one..♥♥♥Avatar Imagelady_potter23 says: my e-mail today.... can't wait for the second one..♥♥♥ Avatar Imagelady_potter23 says: my e-mail today.... can't wait for the second one..♥♥♥Avatar Imagelady_potter23 says: my e-mail today.... can't wait for the second one..♥♥♥Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: My mum got her email today and I got mine two days ago! I think they're probably sending out the emails in order, as I got in on the second day and my mum was the fifth day, so the people who got in on the last day be patient, your email will come! I can't wait until we're allowed on the site. I want to be sorted and given a wand so badly! :DAvatar Imageuschi says: Mine came this morning and I got in on the 7th clue so I am guessing that the emails are random order. I also am wondering if they are sending these emails (remember how many did find the quill) to test their system and how it handles sending out mass mailings and one of the things they woud need to test is how the system works at sending mailings out to specific criteria rather than just general mailing to all, hence the randomness of the arrival of emails. Think I am on to something?Avatar Imageroonwit says: uschi: From what we have seen the emails were basically sent out in order of registration, except that under 13s sent out early on. The randomness comes because some take longer to deliver than others due to how the different mail servers en route handle the mail, with some taking much longer than others, and shuffling the order of delivery of mail in transit. I imagine Pottermore is taking careful note of how well or badly this lot of mail has been delivered and this may affect their future plans.Avatar Imagelala26_mp says: i got mine! :)Avatar ImageTalenami says: @roonwit I think you are right... We read of many adults who had helped their kids in the registration procedure tre very day they registered themselves, and got their email much later than the children, so it must be youngest first. Being well over 13, and using a non-british email provider, I'm expecting my congrats email to be one of the last to arrive :(Avatar Imagecarole44 says: I am WELL OVER 13 and a non-British email. I received my email early EST yesterday. I registered early AM EST on 6th day clue. My guess is that the activation emails will start early next week. Being that it is mid-August. i live in New England. Some schools in souther US have already gone back to school and many parents work during the day and may no allow their kids on computers. And then there is the different times zones. So all in all the activations may go a bit faster. I know in New England we are 5 hrs behind UK.Avatar ImageNinath says: Is there someone else beside me who doesn't have the email yet? I know it's not an important one but it still sucks. I feel leftout somehow.Avatar ImageTalenami says: to @ninath Yeah, I don't have the email yet. I got in day 4, registered and everything, but no mail till now. Sigh.Avatar Imageroonwit says: It is possible that some emails won't arrive. There is generally a time out of about 5 days if a server is refusing to accept an email. Also if a mail server thinks it is spam it might bounce the email back to the sender or just delete it. If you don't get a message and you want to be reassured it might be worth trying to log in once the log in button returns - during the magical quill period that gave you a message saying you were selected for early access.Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: JUST GOT MINE! :D cant wait for my second confirmation email so i can FINALLY get in and see what this is all about!Avatar Imageluckyleo81 says: one more day? we can hope?Avatar ImageChloeSeverusLestrange says: I received my email.. I got so excited and started screaming cause I didn't realise they had gone out :)Avatar ImageEmilyDeibert says: Still didn't get mine! Anyone else using hotmail? I hope this doesn't mean that we didn't actually get in....Avatar ImageNinath says: @Emily - It better means that those who didn't get there confirmation mail, get their welcome mail first! Quasi as compensation. That would make me really happy ;-)Avatar Imagetinagin says: I think roonwit has a very good point. If you have that log in and you did not get this confirmation e-mail just try the login when you see the button reappear. Who knows you may still be getting a "welcome e-mail" in the mean time. Avatar Imagetinagin says: I think roonwit has a very good point. If you have that log in and you did not get this confirmation e-mail just try the login when you see the button reappear. Who knows you may still be getting a "welcome e-mail" in the mean time. Avatar ImageStephPotter says: I got the Emaillll =)Avatar Imagepottyloveslooney says: My thinking is the first welcome letters will go out at Midnight GMT tonight, i.e. 15th August, mid August, so maybe only an hour to wait for some people?Avatar Imageroonwit says: pottyloveslooney: I think it is more likely to happen Monday morning (maybe 9am), as I think they would want to watch the effects on their servers.Avatar Imageroonwit says: The log in button is back!Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: OMG! Just tried to log in, but I got the same email as I did before just congratulating me for early registration and telling me to wait for my letter. It's torture! Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Well, tell us about it, StephPotter! What does it say??!!!!!Avatar Imageroonwit says: LovesLaborLost: I doubt they have enabled any accounts yet, as they probably need to do a bit more tweaking, but I would expect the first early access places to be activated later today.Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Ooooooo, I'm green with envy! I hope the site runs smoothly so we can all get in early. Avatar ImageDoziami says: Just got my email- I'm inside Pottermore as I type!Avatar ImageDoziami says: The magical world of Pottermore is now just a click away Your user name is: XXXXX Before you step into the world of Pottermore, we’d like to welcome you as one of the first to be granted access. Early entrants can help shape the experience before it is open to all in October. Pottermore is an exciting online experience around the reading of the Harry Potter books, allowing you to read and share exclusive content from J.K. Rowling, visit Diagon Alley, get sorted into a house, cast spells and mix potions to help your house compete for the House Cup. All we ask is that, through the online surveys we’ll send out from time to time, you let us know what you like and if there’s anything you think would make Pottermore even better. To enter, please click on the link below:Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Is the email like a Hogwort's letter? Avatar ImageDoziami says: It's not- it's what I posted above.Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: How awesome! They came to the right place for ideas on how to make the site the best it can be! I can't wait! Did you register on Day 1, Doziami and StephPotter? Avatar ImageDoziami says: Yes.Avatar ImageDoziami says: Yes, I did.Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Nope :(

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