Live Coverage of Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter Event at O2 (Updated)


Aug 14, 2011

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As readers will recall, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter event is set to take place today at London’s The O2 Arena. Leaky is on the scene and live tweeting from the event right here @Leaky. Please do stick close to our Twitter feed for up to the second updates from the event at which actress Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and Warwick Davis (Flitwick/Griphook) are scheduled to appear. Leaky will have a full recap of the event shortly!
According to a press release, the “Warner Bros. Studio Tour London ’ The Making of Harry Potter, is a behind-the-scenes walking tour scheduled to open in Spring 2012. The unique tour will give visitors the first ever chance to visit the real Harry Potter film sets to learn more about the workings of the breathtaking special effects and the incredible animatronics, as well as experience the sheer scale and incredible detail of the sets used by the cast and crew on all the films.”
Update: The event has now concluded, here are some highlights:

  • Harry Potter Studio Tour will open in Spring 2012. “The biggest UK attraction next year.”
  • 150,000 square feet of Harry Potter Great Hall, Dumbledore’s office and the room behind it. All of the costumes, props.
  • 150,000 square feet of Harry Potter Great Hall, Dumbledore’s office and the room behind it. All of the costumes, props.
  • “This has been a longtime coming. And I’m very excited.” – Emma Watson in trailer
  • “Little did we know it would be something that would dominate our lives for ten years” – Warwick Davis
  • Great Hall is @WarwickADavis’s favorite set. “It’s like a historical building…that stood for ten years.”
  • Warwick Davison all the great thingsthat have happened in the Great Hall. He said about Yule Ball, he said to Mike Newell, “it would be funny if I stage dived,” and on Mon, Newell said, “Remember what you said on Friday?”
  • “I was grabbed in places I didn’t know I had places.” – Warwick Davis
  • Head of creature effects Nick Dudman out now. Taking now about how to make a mold of an actor to make someone into a goblin, sculpting. “It’s all about detail”
  • A live goblin has been brought out – it’s Warwick Davis’s wife, Sam.
  • Video of Warwick Davis in makeup playing – discussing the logistics, the large contacts (“shoving a duvet up your eye”
  • Creatures shop in the tour as it existed during filming – Neville’s mimbletonia, buckbeak, Aragog, Fawkes, etc.
  • “Normally in a movie you build things and they go in a skip…everything with this has been preserved,” Nick Dudman
  • Set will be the size of three football fields – showing trailer again, lots f quidditch, green screen etc.
  • Evanna Lynch coming onstage – Evanna telling the story of the host once pulling her hair extension out.
  • Evanna talks about seeing the sets, touching where “Harry Potter walked… You want to lick the floor”
  • Evanna now doing the Wrackspurt dance. “It’s the next moonwalk!”
  • Talk about Luna’s room, the artist who got the walls right, Evanna’s earrings – “dirigible plums! Just leave it at radishes, it’s fine.”
  • How to describe the impact Harry Potter has had – “it’s made me into a much more positive person.” – Evanna Lynch
  • Evanna announcing that the tickets will be sold on October 13 2011, for the spring opening.
  • “You have to prebook. You cannot rock up to Leavesden and blag your way in”
  • Web site for the tour:

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