One Million Pottermore Emails Sent Out


Sep 27, 2011

Posted by John Admin

The Pottermore Insider has updated to announce that all one million Welcome emails for Pottermore beta users have been sent out!

The site is expected to be very busy now that all users have been given access, so you may have to wait and try a few times before successfully signing in.

To everyone who has been granted access to Pottermore, let us know what you think in the comments!

130 Responses to One Million Pottermore Emails Sent Out

Avatar Imageerupuiga says: It's really beautiful but there is not a lot to do at the moment! :)Avatar Imagemiss molly says: I would just like to say I predicted this about three weeks ago. I said thy were going to never get all the emails out at the rate they were going so at the end of September they were just going to flood the system with all the ones they did not send and crash the site. As of Saturday Sep. 24th they had about 350,000 students and now they say they sent the rest of the emails. That’s over 650,000 people trying to get in. No wonder the site has been crashing like crazy. I am disappointed in how this site is being run. How did they not have proper servers in place knowing the site could not even handle the 350,000 that were in before Saturday?Avatar ImageHedwig2751 says: Oh great!! I already got my email! Pottermore is great, but some chapters definitely need some more interaction. Maybe like playing chess. The most I'm glad about is that I was sorted into my true house RAVENCLAW :DAvatar Imagesongbird says: I'm glad everyone finally got in, but boy is it slow right now!Avatar Imagemencia says: finally I am happy that we all are in at last congratz everybody :D thanks PM for an exciting site although I haven't had time for it lately. thanks for the update leakyAvatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: Yay!! That means everyone finally got their email.. the downside is that its hard to even get into the site. Congratulations everyone!! good luck getting on!!! I hope PM fixes this issue because once its open to all, there will be a lot more people trying to get on. Avatar ImageMistressMalfoy says: Overall, I am very disappointed with Pottermore. I have been a member of the site for a few weeks now, but have made very little progress as the site encounters so many errors. I'm afraid to see what happens when the site goes live in October, considering the difficulties it has encountered already. Overall, the graphics are BEAUTIFUL. I wish there was more, more things to collect, more things to see/do, and maybe some music in the background. Although, the downside to all of this would also mean slower run times. This site has so much promise, I hope they get the things they need to make it run smoothly for EVERYONE. Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: I agree MistressMalfoy. I would have been nice with a little bit of sound effects. For example, when the Dursley's and Harry are out on the little island, it would have been neat to have wave noises or something when you scroll over a wave.. or maybe a "swooshing" noise when Harry caught the remembrall. Music would be nice too (: For now, I'll be happy when PM will be able to accommodate all users without crashing all the time. I can't explore a chapter without getting that pink screen. I'm glad though that the wait for many is finally over. Avatar ImageDlcohm7 says: I got my email yesterday! I was day 6.Trying to log on for first time today but it says 'due to overwhelming demand you cannot log in right now try again later'.So I still haven't got on yet.But I'm sure things will smooth out soon.Just anxious to see what house and wand I get.I'm patient knowing I have a name for now.Avatar ImageAvanelleWood says: Grrrr...where is mine?Avatar ImageProfessorCharms says: I got my email on Sunday night - and, yes, the site has been super busy! It's pretty cool, but it's also tedious to navigate through. I'm like that they've really involved the book content, but I'm not a big fan of the navigating linearly through the book chapters to unlock things, buy your wand, get sorted, etc. It's a little clunky, and I'd hoped that earlier beta testers would have gotten them to fix these issues! Nonetheless, I'm still glad to be in. :) Avatar Image2tal says: ... they've got their work cut out for them now ... hope they prove up to it;-DAvatar Imagesnapegal27 says: Good luck everyone and have fun. I just went through every chapter as of yesterday and I think it is a really beautiful site. I was also sure to re-read the first book along with the site, which really added to the experience. I am also very excited to have been sorted into Ravenclaw. I was not sure which house I would be in, but as soon as I read the background info on the house, I knew it was the right one for me!!! Potions are fun, but I have not done a duel yet while they work out the bugs... so worth the wait in my opinion! I do agree sound would be fantastic. I have just been playing the soundtrack to the first movie while I am on the site :-).Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Well, after being a beta tester for a couple of weeks I can say.... the place needs a LOT of work! It has fantastic potential, but there is a long way to go I think...Avatar ImageCrimsonOwl says: @won_two I agree there's still a lot that can be improved....i hope that when it's open to the public in october some things will be diferent for the betterAvatar ImageHogwartsForever says: They sure did cut it close, didn't they...Avatar Imagezoltan42 says: I got my e-mail late last night, but the site was too busy for me to log in. I was able to get there early this morning, just enough to poke around on the first two Privet Drive screens, but I really haven't had enough time for anything more because of work. I know, I know, I've got to get my priorities straight.Avatar ImageLivi22 says: I'm glad that everyone got in at last. And I think that Pottermore has got a lot of potential. I can't wait for the second book to come out in 2012, though it seems ages to wait.Avatar Imagemiss molly says: So the new Pottermore message I just got says due to demand they are restricting access. Really, what are they going to do when the site opens to everyone? You can’t handle a million people who are not even all sighed on at the same time how are you going to handle the demand later on. I love the look of the site but in the three weeks I have been on I have not seen many of the glitches fixed and the servers must be from 1999. A website these days should be able to handle the traffic they KNEW was coming.Avatar Imagehpikjdjg says: I agree. It's very frustrating to get kicked off the site continuosly because of demand. It's hard to find a lot of time for the site in the first place and when you do you can't get on it!Avatar Imagejbshollyrn says: I haven't gotten mine :( boo hoo!!!!!!! How come?????Avatar ImageDoxie2962 says: @HollyJB- just go try and sign in. When the "traffic" dies down. I was on platform 9 3/4 when I got "pinked" (the dreaded pink screen of doom) That was 3 hours ago and still cant get back in. Avatar ImageEmilyDeibert says: Er...a friend of mine still didn't get hers. Weird! Because she got all the confirmations and stuff before.... And yeah, I agree, I knew this would happen. I'm glad I was sent mine so early--the site has been down so much lately. I'm scared to see how it goes in October!Avatar ImageCatSpirit93 says: I received my email on Friday night but since I don't own a computer (I use my local library's computer lab) I didn't have a chance to get on until Sunday. I did get sorted earlier today but it didn't work for long before I was kicked off again. Don't stop to read anything very long. Go Ravenclaw.Avatar Imagekbicprez says: All I can do is laugh about this: I finally got my email on Sunday. Waiting for it seemed interminable. It reminded me of when I was little and couldn't wait for Christmas. Now that I'm "legit", the site is so busy, it's hard to get logged in. I've seen the "Overwhelming Demand" screen more than anything else. OH WELL. But I'm still excited about Pottermore!Avatar ImageCorruptedNethicite says: Thank You!!!Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: Wow..they made a scroll now that says "Due to high levels of demand, we are currently restricting access to Pottermore. Please come back and try again later." in addition to the pink screen of death.. we get this too. I guess they sent out the 1 millionth email..and then possibly knowing that their site could not handle this, they prepared a page to let us know they are restricting access... Even though we all got our emails, now its another wait to get on. Please fix this PM!! Avatar ImageCrimsonOwl says: Keep geting the pink screen of dreadfullness......this is becoming very anoying. Well there goes my potion brewing....Avatar ImageAurorPhoenix aka Phoenix says: And then there are a group that got their letters, got in and hit the Bank Robbery Glitch in chapter 5. They went to Gringotts for some Gold to buy books, equipment and supplies. They opened their vault and had 500 Galleons for a second, then it was GONE! Balance ZERO. Without Gold in Gringotts, you can't fill the shopping list and can't move beyond Diagon Alley. They are quite litterally TRAPPED in Diagon Alley. This has been reported to Pottermore Support and they "are working on it". It's been 3 days since these people hit the Glitch, and they are still stuck. Pottermore, a suggestion! Ever Pottermore ID has 3 parts. Two names and a number. Keep the two names and change the number to one yet unassigned. Assign this new ID and a new account to the trapped Betas, reassign the "Trapped ID" to Engineering to find out how it happened and how to fix it. In the meantime, these Betas can go explore and enjoy Pottermore instead of being stuck in Limbo. Where they are. they can't look forward to ANYTHING!!Avatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: I feel for all those trapped in Diagon Alley. To be so close to the two best parts (sorting and wands) and just stuck. I wish Pottermore would get those big glitches figured out. Avatar ImageCrimsonOwl says: @AurorPhoenix You would think that by now PM would have fixed these problems and glichts, i mean, what have they been doing all this time ? Just sending emails ?Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Definitely sorry for those with the "Bank Robbery Glitch" (but have to LOL at the name!) I still don't understand how they just can't seem to figure out the capacity issue. Especially when they made the conscious decision to send out hundreds of thousands of emails at once. I don't buy that we'll have issues only for "the next 24 hours". And they said last Friday that site capacity was the primary thing they were fixing... Apparently they didn't fix it enough. I managed to get through chapter 4 last night and add friends, but I haven't had much luck so far today (but I'm also at work, so can't check on it nearly as often as I'd like ;)Avatar ImageKris75 says: I got my email a few days ago....have tried one potion and it magically disappeared when PM went down. haven't tried since. Wish they'd get the servers up and running and the site would be a bit more interactive than it is currently. I'm in Ravenclaw (ScarletRose61) and my daughter is in Slytherin (OwlCat30) if you can manage to get on, get sorted, and send a friend request all before the site crashes again. ;) Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: I wouldn't be surprised if the October date was pushed back because of the much needed improvements.Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: They haven't set a specific date in October so they could go up until October 31st to let more people register. I hope it doesn't take them that long to fix all the problems. I thought they were fixing these problems when they were initially only allowing a small number of people in at a time. Avatar ImageEeyore says: I've been in Pottermore for about a month. I'm glad that I got in when it wasn't quite so overwhelmed. But during the first two weeks I was in, there were all kinds of annoying potion glitches - I lost several cauldrons through no fault of my own, but the points were still taken and I had to spend galleons to replace them. That, however, was nothing compared to not being able to get on at all. I've gotten the "too busy" message all day, so I'm trying to stay off so people who just got their email can have a chance. For a while, even after the numbers were over 600,000 it seemed to be working all right. One thing I've found with potion brewing is to leave that window alone until it's done. You can open another tab (when you can get in) and explore everything else. Then even if it says the site is overwhelmed, leave it and come back later to finish your potion. For the most part, it has been remembering where you were (something that wasn't happening a month ago). Good luck to everyone, and be patient and persistent. I love the site, and hope they will add some more things later. On some of the pages, it looks like there are more things that could be things to find and I hope they are going to add those once they work out the current glitches. I would be bery surprised if they actually open the site to everyone any time in October. I heard somewhere that JKR told them they needed a larger server because the site would be huge but the site makers didn't listen. Hmph, we all know that hasn't worked well. ;-)Avatar Imageharrypotter4258 says: I think it's pretty good, but there are still some things that are really messed up. :( But it's good though. Anyways, hooray for finally sending out all of them. Lol. I'm gonna back off and let everyone use it now. :)Avatar ImageChaserHolly108 says: I got my email last week and I'm soooooo happy that I'm finally on Pottermore! :D I actually got sorted into Hufflepuff there so I made a new profile here to match my Pottermore account. :) My profile name on Pottermore is ChaserHolly108 like here so be sure to add me! ;)Avatar ImageLuna_lovegood17 says: I cannot figure out how PM works HELP!!!Avatar ImageLuna_lovegood17 says: I cannot figure out how PM works HELP!!!Avatar ImageLuna_lovegood17 says: I cannot figure out how PM works HELP!!!Avatar ImageLuna_lovegood17 says: I cannot figure out how PM works HELP!!!Avatar ImageLuna_lovegood17 says: I cannot figure out how PM works HELP!!!Avatar ImageLuna_lovegood17 says: I cannot figure out how PM works HELP!!!Avatar ImageLuna_lovegood17 says: I cannot figure out how PM works HELP!!!Avatar ImageLuna_lovegood17 says: I cannot figure out how PM works HELP!!!Avatar ImageLuna_lovegood17 says: I cannot figure out how PM works HELP!!!Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: I am sorry but the whole experience is rather disappointing. There are so many glitches in brewing potions, that i gave up after a couple of tries and trust me, everyone else in there is pretty much doing the same. You just cannot be excpected to spent 100 minutes waiting for a virtual potion to brew only for it to fail becuse of the site crashing or because a glitch won't let you grab the flobberworm mucus bottle. Not to mention that the sorting seems completely random, especially since each time other questions appear. Furthermore, commenting or discussing with other members is so frustrating! Everything is practically under moderation, but our Hufflepuff pet troll that keeps swearing is not being banned!Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: Plus, the site is down two days now! Imagine what is going to happen during October!Avatar Imagehermioneginnyluna says: I got my letter a few weeks ago, but honestly, I'm extremely disappointed with the site. To me, it just seems like a whole bunch of zoomable artwork. I was hoping for something more interactive, and I didn't get it. not to mention I was sorted wrongly into Hufflepuff....Avatar ImageWeasleyWonder says: Congrats to everyone that got their welcome email!! :DAvatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Whew! I thought I might have gotten the Bank Robbery Glitch (that's what I get for laughing at the name)! I was able to unlock the vault, but the ONLY thing I saw after that was "Gringott's Wizarding Bank, PumpkinCloak111's vault" - absolutely nothing else. Eventually with some refreshing, it went back to the page being locked. So I entered again and everything showed up. Whew!Avatar ImageEmerson Nidigith says: I done got locked out of my Common room after being sorted, so I've no idea what's going on. I'm going to assume a major revamping of Pottermore eventually. Eventually I think they just need to make it something more interactive, where we can actually have conversations and stuff, cause at this point I don't understand the need for "friends" on the site as there is very little gaming that would involve anyone else.Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Can't wait for October!Avatar ImageDoxie2962 says: Hufflepuff!!! Avatar ImageDoxie2962 says: Hufflepuff!! Avatar Imageweaseleygirl says: i just got my email on saturday. i was so excited and now i am officially a gryffindor. i thought that more of the books would be open to be explored. a little disappointed with the lack of interaction in some chapters but still a great experience. add me: FeatherCharm79Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: Thanks feathercharm! I'll def ask you to be my friend. I'm HowlOwl165. I haven't been able to get on yet today. Avatar ImageDoxie2962 says: I finally got sorted.......Hufflepuff!!!!! Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: Congrats Doxie!! Avatar ImageHBPFan says: The site still really needs a lot of work, but as for potions, I think I've figured out how to brew them, have done the Cure for Boils twice now with success, so I think I'll try to proper ones now. Who knows how that'll go..Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: I've noticed the site was acting better today. That's good news! I'm also glad all betas have finally been sent their long awaited Welcome Emails.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Current student enrollment is only 506,349 though. I find that interesting.Avatar ImageHBPFan says: And also some brews take 95 mins to brew - why is that? definitely not too happy about that..Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: @purplehogwarts. I think that low number is due to the fact that they recently just activated the rest of the accounts (maybe around 600,000) and the site can't handle that many a lot of people are unable to get sorted or get their wand even. I heard some people are stuck at Gringots because their account is at 0 Galleons. I hope everyone gets sorted soon!!Avatar Imageginny_weasley1998 says: ya!!! i got mine today and just bought my wand! before the shopping it was kinda boring with not much activity...but hopefully it improvesAvatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: @luna_lovegood17 I sent you an owl I hope that helps you. Avatar Imagekandeeland says: i love it! on thing though it needs music/sounds!! also i think there should be a way to contact other students like there is in leaky.Avatar Imagemlopez says: I request artists out there to use the time that Pottermore is unavailable to draw some pictures of Crabbe and Goyle. Yes, they are very obviously not very popular. I think there were only two pictures of each drawn on Pottermore. Every other character had lots of awesome pictures to look at. (The drawings of Ron were particulary excellent.) Anyone up for the challenge?Avatar ImageCelticenchantress says: hey I have a question for those who have gone through chapter one of the first book um I was trying to find the hidden object that is supposed to be in the lampost next to Dumbledore but when I zoomed in around the lampost and in it nothing happened was doing it it wrong? Or was I supposed to do something else?Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Well, I managed to buy a brown owl before getting kicked out again. Wanted to get my wand but I think that will have to wait until after band rehearsal.Avatar Imagemlopez says: It's unlocking measurements. I believe you get it by clicking on the lampost while it's zoomed out. I have heard that some people are unable to unlock it sometimes. Some say it's a browser problem. I'm just going from what I heard though. I didn't have a problem myself. Avatar ImageLegoharryiscool says: I still h\ave not got a welcome email and I am on day 12Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: That's amazing!!! And for those who say that there is a lot of work to be done, appreciate what there is first. They will improve it, stop criticizing the site, it's done a wonderful job!Avatar Imagehogwartslionchaser says: LOve Pottermore in general, but there are many ways to improve and i realllu hope it gets MUCH better...Avatar Imageginnygirl423 says: I'm one of those million!! :)Avatar Imageginnygirl423 says: I'm one of those million!! :)Avatar Imageginnygirl423 says: I'm one of those million!! :)Avatar Imageginnygirl423 says: I'm one of those million!! :)Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Celticenchantress&Shining Lynx The lamppost has a glitch, I tried to unlock it with 3 different browsers and reported to PM. They got back in touch with me (you can require that) and said they'll try to fix it and that I should keep checking it. They made some progress - it was glitching worse yesterday - but still not functional. Keep pressing Feedback when you're there!Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @kandeeland - I would enjoy soft background music tooAvatar Imagecb160 says: And it's true, PM still needs a lot to improve, but that's why we are there, we're Betas, so do not complain so much here, but try to get in touch with PM team and make suggestions, or at least use Feedback. Even with PM so misbehaving now, I still managed to brew Herbicide from only 2 attempts today. It's not like "what posessed me to try it when the site's so upside down", it's to test it also in the worst conditions. And I never tried to brew it till now!Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ purplehogwarts Glad to see you, long time no see!Avatar ImageHalfbloodPrince08 says: wowAvatar ImageHalfbloodPrince08 says: wowAvatar Imagecb160 says: The count shows 511,091 now. I still believe we're seeing only the English version Betas, too bad I can't access another language version... but maybe I'm wrong. See you did some Antidote, purplehogwarts!Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @cb160 - thanks! Had in-laws in town so I've been busy. They left yesterday though, so now I am free to be back on the computer. Congrats on the potion brewing! Seems like you have a knack for it.Avatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: How do you look at people's drawings?Avatar Imagecb160 says: @purplehogwarts On the contrary! This morning I've needed 5 attempts to do Forgetfulness - first 2 times I was staring at instructions and adding in cauldron, instead of mortar, and still being amazed why instructions weren't crossing themselves! Though, meantime I managed to do and upload my first drawing...Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ wildpumpkin Either at ppl profile or when reading info about characters you find at the bottom of the page the drawings.Avatar ImageHermione Granger 12353 says: "Due to high levels of demand, we are currently restricting access to Pottermore."Please come back and try again later." I CAN'T GET IN! Getting super annoyed... Avatar Imagevale56796 says: FINALLLLYY! Got my email!!! Sadly though, i cant go on :( Avatar ImageTazziegirly says: I got my email on Friday and was able to get in, have fun with no problem. I wish it had music, but also my adobe flash would crash over and over and I have a brand new laptop. As of Sunday though I have yet to be able to get in, even in the middle of the night for me i am in California, and I try all day long with no luck. I think they need to get more servers and let it be enjoyed by everyone. I also noticed you can only do book one at this point. Oh and don't brew any potions right now, because when you go back to finish it, you will more then likely get kicked out and not be able to get back in. =( Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Hedwig1994 If you keep trying, you'll get in. I alternated my 3 browsers today, bcs PM's hiccups, you can find this way a moment when one of them makes access easier.Avatar ImageHermione Granger 12353 says: Thanks @cb160. I've gotten in since my post.. but that lasted a matter of five minutes until I was kicked off again. What is going to happen when the welcome the world to join? :/Avatar Imagecb160 says: Well, I've got enough of being kicked out from PM for today, still brewed 2 potions for the first time on PM and uploaded a drawing... guess it'll be enough Beta work for now, I'm going to sleep, it's late in the night already. See you tomorrow!Avatar ImageForTheGreaterGood says: i am soooosososo SO EXCITED! i got my email. i feel like i have finally gotten my hogwarts letter!Avatar Imagecritterfur says: Well, I finally got my welcome e-mail yesterday (yay, less than a week before the site opens anyway!). I logged onto the site, excited, only to have everything freeze up on me as I barely began to explore Chapter One. I went and did some other things for a while, checked back in, and this time the site wouldn't even let me in, and hasn't since then (messages about too much demand right now, etc). It's understandable, and I'm willing to be patient (I waited this long, didn't I?). Hopefully they get things sorted out as best they can (it's not a bad problem to have, so many fans wanting to experience the site that it's crashing). Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @cb160 - How do you upload a drawing? I haven't figured that out yetAvatar Imagenealiezealbie says: its hard to give much of a review as ive only been in for two days and therefore not had much time to experience much yet. for starters, they need a load more servers or what have you to keep the site working properly...if the site was up and easy to sign in to every time id really have no complaints. i (and my sister as well) both recommend background music and little noises and sound effects when you click on things (the suits of armor should creak and clang, the potions should bubble, doors should creak, perhaps every time you collect a chocolate frog card it should chime or something...etc) im loving all of the artists renderings, the interactive-ness and the little puzzles. im sure ill have more comments the more i get to use the site.Avatar ImageDoxie2962 says: I've been kick out more than I've been on but still having fun. Anyone know how you unlock Professor McGonagall? I have tried and tried cant find what to do? Avatar Imagesnapegal27 says: For anyone that has a smart phone... I have found I can get onto the site much more often and more quickly on my phone. While I don't do potions on my phone, I can look at chapters and see what's going on in the Ravenclaw common room and the Great Hall... Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Doxie Click on herAvatar Imagevespasian68967 says: Finally, finally got in!!! Wand: Alder with unicorn core, 10 & 3/4", surprisingly swishy. House: RAVENCLAW!!!!Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: I've had my email for a few weeks know but I either dont have the time to devote to it or when I do the site is too busy and wont let me in. :/Avatar ImageDoxie2962 says: @cb160 thanks, I'll try if I ever get back in....Avatar ImageLunaLovegood1234002 says: umm... exacty how do you get on to Pottermore? Other than in October?Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @Luna - did you do the quill quest?Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: @Luna: unless you participated in the magical quill challenge, you'll need to wait for sometime in October to register. The quill challenge started on July 31 to August 6 where 1 million people were granted "early" access..I'd say it was "early" access for a few and later access for the majority of the quill challenge winners. I know someone in another feed had multiple accounts and he gave his other accounts out to people who wanted them and just kept one. ..maybe if you know someone that happens to have two accounts or doesn't want theirs anymore, you could get on. I would personally wait so that you could enjoy the whole experience with getting your wand, being sorted, and discovering the site. Hopefully all the bugs will be fixed by then.Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Got my wand! Alder with phoenix feather core, 10 3/4 inches, surprisingly swishy :) I loved the wand quiz - had a close choice on the "pride" question and a slight hesitation on the "fear" question.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: My password stopped working?? Anyone else have that problem?Avatar Imagejadejazzkayla says: i found the quill on day 5. i received my validation email within an hour and chose my username. I never received my welcome email. I'm not feeling very magical right now. anyone else slated to get a welcome email but didn't?Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: coolAvatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @jade - did you ever receive a "Congratulations" email from Pottermore at the end of August?Avatar Imageroonwit says: jadejazzkayla: They have sent out all the emails but that doesn't mean everyone received them - it might have ended up in your spam folder, still be making its way through the various email systems, or discarded if one of the email systems it went through decided it was spam. However as all the beta accounts have now been enabled you should be able to log in anyway - the Welcome email is just informative, you don't need it to get onto the site.Avatar ImageMudblood29 says: I wasn't able to get on the Beta version because I was on vacation for the whole of July and half of August :'(. oh well, i'll get on eventually... does anyone know when it opens to the public? like when in October?Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Mudblood29 I very much doubt that even PM team knows the answer at your question! Duel is still down ans today's Sept 28th!Avatar Imagecb160 says: And I can tell you lamppost's still glitching and, since yesterday, I noticed you're unable to buy a pewter cauldron - don't ask me why, the other kind can be buyed by selecting "Buy". Don't know if it's only me or everyone have this problems.Avatar Imageroonwit says: Mudblood29: They say the site will open to the public at the beginning of October on one of the Magic Quill help pages, though that was written some time ago, so I have no idea is that is still the plan. cb160: You can only buy one cauldron of each type, so if you already have a pewter cauldron you can't buy another until you have blown up the first one.Avatar ImageAurorPhoenix aka Phoenix says: cb160 if you already have a pewter cauldron, you can't buy another. Blow it up and you can buy one.Avatar Imagecb160 says: So that was the mystery, guys! Thanks @roonwit and Phoenix for tip, and I have to thank Phoenix also for, used it this evening to save my SleepingDraught, I tried it first time succesfully from first attempt, but after 100' it was a loop that nearly drove me insane. Fortunately, it didn't blow up and after long strugglings I could do part 2. I can say PM is definitely a virtual world, in the real one never had so much luck like these days with brewing potions and getting away with it between glitches, support messages and being kicked out! Avatar ImageAvanelleWood says: I never did receive my email, but I was able to sign on anyway. I haven't got to do much on the site- I kept getting error messages. But it looks spectacular. I agree with others that some background music would really add to the experience.Avatar ImageDoxie2962 says: Hi everyone!! I still cant unlock McGonagall - I've never seen her to click on her. Also, not getting the lamp post either so no measurements :o( I have however blew up 3 cauldrons. Thank goodness it was just practice. I also can Alamora but that took me a bit to master. I've been "pinked" all day. I just keep hitting refresh........Hufflepuff rules!!!Avatar Imagesnapegal27 says: @Doxie2962... McGonagall is next to the entrance to the great hall, just before the sorting ceremony section. She is hidden in the shadows a bit, but she is on the left side of the entrance.Avatar ImageDoxie2962 says: @Snapegal127 I'll try if I ever get back on.. I've been back there a few times and never saw her. Thank you for the help :o)Avatar ImagePhoenix1946 says: LEAKY CAULDRON is BACK!!!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Lucky ppl!

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