Pottermore Extends Beta Test Period, Answers October Launch Questions and More


Sep 30, 2011

Posted by EdwardTLC

The Pottermore Insider Blog was updated this morning to share news about the next steps for the Pottermore launch, following the completion of early beta access a few days ago. In the blog post, Pottermore tells of the decision to extend the beta access period beyond September, but will continue on its plan to begin regular registration to all at the end of October. However, the regular registration will now begin in “phases.” The Insider explains:

Since the launch of the Beta, we’ve seen really high levels of activity, and interaction with the site has been phenomenal. This affects how quickly we can give everyone access. As a result, we’ve decided to extend the Beta period beyond September and take a different approach to the way new users are brought onto the site.

From the end of October, registration will be opened to everyone and we’ll be giving access to registered users in phases. Access may be granted quickly, but please note it could also take some weeks or months, depending on demand.

We are also making a number of enhancements and simplifications to Pottermore, in order to make the site smoother and more enjoyable – so existing Beta users will likely experience some changes when new users begin to join.

Finally, the Pottermore Shop, which will sell the Harry Potter eBooks and digital audio books, will now open in the first half of 2012, in order to allow us to focus on our first priority: opening Pottermore to as many people as possible and making the experience as good as it can be.

In addition to this news, the blog post answered a number of new user questions regarding the overall functionality of the site, when certian areas such as dueling will be back online, and more. To read the full post, click here!

24 Responses to Pottermore Extends Beta Test Period, Answers October Launch Questions and More

Avatar ImageLivi22 says: That's great for us beta testers but for everyone who now has to wait another month, that's not so good.Avatar ImageDoxie2962 says: I made it back on!! I was begining to think Leaky would never get back online. Avatar Imageemmawatsonfan13 says: oh, I had the same problem - no acess to leaky! Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: No surprises here.... Pottermore has bitten off much more than it can currently chew... I for one will be curious to see how they handle all the mess...Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Can't wait till end of Oct!Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Glad to be back on Leaky! @Won_Two - I agree with you. I think they'll continue to push things back (such as dueling, the store, and book 2) just so they can add more people to the site. Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: I'm glad to finally get back on Leaky Cauldron!! I've been trying for days but was unable to. How are you beta's enjoying PM? I've been trying to do potions and practice spells but I always get logged off. It seems like they haven't really fixed the major server problem. Are they hoping we'd get tired of constantly going on PM, wait til traffic slows, and then add more people?? ..or are they working on getting larger server capacities? Even though everyone else could register in late October, they may still have to wait weeks or months to get on!! It's the whole waiting period all over again. :/Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: I'd rather they fix all their problems first before adding in a larger amount of people. Part of the enjoyment is being able to duel, and log on..and they haven't even fixed that. Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Good to see everyone again! The reason Leaky broke down is because I finally got sorted and could pick a house on here - naturally the internet gods weren't going to let me have my fun ;) I got Ravenclaw! I love my blue! Brief twinge at not being a 'Puff, but I was torn between that and the Claws anyway. And after reading the welcome letter and seeing our light and airy common room, I *love* my house! Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Pretty much agree with everyone so far. Though I haven't been getting the Pink Screen of Death nearly as much the past few days. I don't know if it's because people gave up (so not as many on the site at once) or if they've upped their server capacity. And since I haven't yet had the pleasure of doing this, the house count is 620,164 :)Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: Argh this annoys me. They really need to get themselves sorted out!Avatar Imagefawkes4444 says: I was wondering what happen to LC. Glad it's back up and running. I been spending alot of time on PM. Still lousy at potions but working on it. Avatar ImageCrimsonOwl says: Finally Leaky is back !! I think PM has been a little less glitcy these last couple of days, at least I can now finish brewing my potions without geting the pink screen. Maybe they are fixing things...Avatar Imagetjerriam says: thats verry cool!!Avatar Imageroonwit says: MagicBclPlyr: The problem will be peak loads, and at this stage there will a much more even loads (new people joining more gradually rather than lots trying to access the site at once) so they need a lot less computing power to run it at the moment.Avatar Imagesnapegal27 says: So glad Leaky is back up... I have been finding it very easy to log onto pottermore this week. I have not been kicked off at all this week. I think this is a sign that things are improving :-). Meanwhile... doing potions with a mouse it proving more difficult than I anticipated. I find stirring and moving bottles that need to be poured the most difficult... but working on my skills so I can win more house points for Ravenclaw... Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Yes! MyLeaky AND Pottermore are up and running! It's a great day for the Harry Potter sites! :DAvatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: Potions def requires practice. I'm having a little trouble mastering the Herbicide potion. Hopefully it works this time :PAvatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: MagicalMe, what part of Herbicide is giving you trouble? I finally mastered it! (Brewed a second one today just to make sure ;) StormChestnut89 on YouTube has good videos of the process for each potion.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: I would think they would have to get server issues and dueling fixed before allowing more people to join. Understanding the problems the site has had and only being granted limited access into the site is something BETAS work through. They can't make everyone beta testers, so they should have to fix everything before they let everyone on.Avatar Imagecb160 says: Glad to see you all again, guys! Missed you a LOT the week without LC!!!Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: MagicBclPlyr, I figured it out. I was confused about adding an ingredient while the potion was under heat. I was able to get it to work. Most of my trouble is that I sometimes end up adding extra ingredients. I'm getting better though!Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: MagicalMe, that's what my trouble was, too! And then I just got cocky this last time around - went for my wand instead of stirring. Oops! But at least the cauldron didn't melt ;)Avatar ImageCelticenchantress says: Hi all! I have some questions to all those people that got past the chapter "Harry's first potion lesson" I have been stuck there and I need help. The first question is where is the 250 temperature? do I click on the reddish button and then the second button then the blue one? Also, my cauldron keeps on melting and when I try to get it right I keep on running out of time. please help me!Avatar ImageAurorPhoenix aka Phoenix says: Red Button: High Heat. Orange Button: Medium Heat. Blue Button: No Heat. Use red until the gauge turns green, then orange. Wand at the end of the 10 seconds.

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