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Jan 12, 2011

Posted by John Admin

Cho Chang, just the sound of her name, had me clicking her page on the Leakypedia earlier today. Unfortunately there was not much there to see. If you want 75 more MyLeaky points or perhaps to go to the ball with Cho Chang, contribute something nice to her Leakypedia page.

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Avatar Imagechanngalambeatrice says: Oh, I'll contributing something to the Leakypedia as Cho and I share the same nationality. :)Avatar Imagechanngalambeatrice says: First to comment!!!!!!! :DDDAvatar Imagelillyjamesharry says: Maybe I will since I'm up, but shes not my favorite character. Avatar ImageEvealle says: That's all right, I'm Cho Chang y'all...Avatar Imageksddancer says: Haha. Can't wait to see what happens.Avatar ImageGryffindorGarstang says: I hate cho chang, just saying.Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Meh. She's not my favourite.Avatar Imagerstadolnik says: Y'all is a contraction of "you" and "all". If you're gonna use a southern expression, use it well. What's not to like about Cho? She's bright, brave, and athletic, and has good taste in men (all though, not the best luck with them). It's not her fault she came into the books during Harry's most akward stage. Let's hear it for one of the original H/H shippers. ;pAvatar ImageSherylyn says: Heh. I was wanting to mention the same thing Raven did, above. "Y'all" is the proper spelling, I promise ;-) (And I'm really not complaining or anything -- it's an excellent word choice! ;-)) ImageSherylyn says: Sorry for the strike through text, above. I forgot about that formatting quirk!Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: Whats the big deal about her?Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: coolAvatar ImageFresca says: Cho isn't one of my favorite characters, but then, she wa devasted after Cedric's death. I think Cho needed closure after losing Cedric, and could not achieve it for a long time. She liked Harry and went after him on the rebound, as it were. Avatar ImageGottaGetBackToHogwarts says: Egh...Cho is annoying. I'm sorry, she just is..Avatar ImageSarah Moreau says: grossAvatar ImageSarah Moreau says: grossAvatar ImageSmitch says: I just blogged about Cho the other day. Check it out - It's called "What's Yo' Name, Cho Chang?" Not really Leakypedia material, but might get someone's brain chugging along. Avatar ImageFiniteincantatum says: She's kind of annoying, you see. I wonder why Harry fell for her at the first place, but lucky Harry, he realized that she was some.. some.. you know. Sorry. She's pretty though.

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