New Trailer for “The Woman in Black”


Oct 16, 2011

Posted by Mel

A new trailer for Dan Radcliffe’s upcoming film, “The Woman in Black,” has been released and can be seen here or below. This trailer also features Ciaran Hinds, who portrayed Aberforth Dumbledore in “Deathly Hallows: Part 2.”

Will you be going to see this film when it comes out in February? Or will the creepy content in the film keep you away?

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Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: It's terrifying! That's probably the only thing that's keeping me away from watching it! >.< But it is rather captivating! :)Avatar Imageamelia 1-2-3- says: looks amazing! ill get my parents to see it for me:)Avatar Imagehewy says: Looks frightening and since I do not due scary will have to pass on this one! Looks like Dans portrayal is quite amazing.Avatar ImageG.Weasley says: At first it sounds like the Hogwarts Express and you immediately think of Hogwarts. But I am so going to see this scary or not, even if I have to drag my best friend by her hair to the movie I will freaking watch it! She'll be terrified and lose nights of sleep but eh it's her duty as a best friend to man up and go see the movie with me. Of course I wouldn't go alone I'm not quite that insane yet.Avatar Imagehogwartslionchaser says: id love to see it! love to see dan just being totally wicked! but... im afraid not... it looks amazing though! i wish i had the guts to watch it!Avatar ImageMatea says: This is going to be my 1st movie in the cinema THAT scary. I already have a deal with a friend of mine. Definitely going! (if it comes to Croatia, I hope it's worldwide). Also, I'm going to keep up with Dan's career, I like the parts he chooses.Avatar ImageHogwartsForever says: *grumbles* "Momentum Pictures have blokced this video in your country" *continues to grumble*Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: I would like to see it, but i hate scary movies! So sadly I'll pass. Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Scary or not, (and dont do scary well ming you, I once fell off my couch because I got so scared during a movie once, all because of a stupid bird!) I'll be seeing it in theaters! With someone so I can squeeze and poke them when I get freaked. =9Avatar ImageHalfbloodPrince08 says: cool! wanna see itAvatar Imagebeewell says: Can't wait to go and see this movie! I'm not into scary but it doesn't look that bad. Even my husband just said he would go with me to see this..and that is saying something! Avatar Imagehermy007 says: seeing it!! :D looks very very creepy though. D:Avatar Imagephoenixphire24 says: I can't wait to see this! These are the sorts of scary movies that I love, where it's all about mood and not gore. Avatar ImageAsria says: I'm definitely going to see it, just hope it isn't quite s scary as it looks... Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: The movie looks good!Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: Damn wouldn't let me watch it but I'm pretty sure I've seen it on youtube somewhere and it's quite good :DAvatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: Aww I can't see it :(Avatar ImageChaserHolly108 says: I'm soooo not a fan of scary horror movies but I gotta see this one! :) Trailer is so scary and I know the movie will be even scarier but just from looking at the trailer you can see how amazing Dan performance is and I just have to go and see him in his all glory. ;)Avatar Imagef-uhura says: No don't like it, If Emma or Rupert were in it I would love it.Avatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: Oh yeah of course I'm gonna watch it!! It looks really interesting ( and I like horror movies quite a lot!) ! :DAvatar ImageWON_TWO says: Looks like a fun ride!Avatar Imageharrypotter4258 says: cant watch it for fear of my sanity.Avatar ImageBShrib says: I don't handle scary very well so I'm not sure. It looks really good, so it's definitely something I'm going to have to think about. Not sure I have the guts to sit through it though. :/Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Looks great!Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Scary -- but where have I seen that train ride before?Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: totally gonna go see this!Avatar ImageNoble Birth Descending says: I will go see it if I can read a detailed plot synopsis before then and prepare myself. Otherwise, it will be way to scary for me.Avatar ImageNoble Birth Descending says: I will go see it if I can read a detailed plot synopsis before then and prepare myself. Otherwise, it will be way too scary for me.Avatar Imagemencia says: the creepy content will def keep me away, I hate horror films although I am sure Dan did an awesome job, too bad I won't see it...Avatar ImageXyra44 says: I so want to see this, but the antique toys really creep me out. So I'm on the fence as to whether to see it in the theater or wait until DVD. Looks fabulous though.Avatar ImageLemonFaerie says: Oh, man! I hate, hate, hate scary movies, and my husband hates the nightmares they give me since I end up screaming and beating him around the head during them, LOL, but how can I pass up a movie of Dan's? And it looks amazingly well done, not like a standard horror flick. (No surprise, since Dan decided to do it in the first place, but you never know with scary movies.) I already know the story and how it ends, though, so maybe it won't be too bad... *shiver*Avatar Imagefloridianhp says: im not a fan of scary movies. but dans in it !

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