More on Fates of Hagrid and Lupin from J. K. Rowling “Deathly Hallows: Part 2″ DVD Interview


Nov 03, 2011

Posted by EdwardTLC

As a followup to today’s earlier post, more information from author J. K. Rowling about the fates of characters from special material included on the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2″ DVD has been released care of MTV. This new information comes from a report on EW which details more from a conversation the Harry Potter author had with actor Dan Radcliffe for the DVD. Here, Ms. Rowling explains how she came to the decision of the fates of Hagrid and Lupin and how her thoughts on the characters were altered as she wrote the books. Quoteage:

Rowling tells Radcliffe that the image of Hagrid cradling “dead” Harry ” a bookend to the beginning of the series, when Hagrid brought infant Harry to the Dursleys ’ stuck with her the entire time she wrote the books and she never let it go. If she had, Rowling says Hagrid would have been a “natural” target for elimination. “That image kept him safe,” she says.

Rowling also reveals that in her original “sketch” (her word) of the series climax, one of the most beloved characters in the Potter canon survived: Remus Lupin ” tragic werewolf, former Defense Against The Dark Arts professor, and husband to the metamorphmagus and auror, Nymphadora Tonks… The seventh book tells us that before their deaths during the Battle of Hogwarts, Lupin and Tonks had a child. On the DVD, Rowling shares with Radcliffe that when she created Lupin’s character, she planned for him to survive the finale. While the author has said as much in other interviews, here, she elaborates, explaining that she changed her mind when she realized that her last Harry Potter story was really about war, and that “one of the most horrifying things about war is how it leaves children fatherless and motherless.” The most powerful way she could dramatize that idea, she says, was to kill a set of parents that were dear to readers. “I had no intention of killing [Lupin]‘ says Rowling. “But then it dawned on me he had to die.”

The full interview is set to be included as part of the special features on the Blu-ray edition of the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,” scheduled for release on November 11 in the US and December 2nd in the UK.

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Avatar Imageselenialovegood says: I wished he(and Tonks) could have survived! They where(are) amazing characters and two of my favourites. But I think it was the right decision in the end.Avatar ImageLoki328 says: It was a blow to me when Lupin was killed. He is hands down my favorite character in the series. I agree that it had to happen, but it was devastating when I first read it.Avatar ImageLoki328 says: It was a blow to me when Lupin was killed. He is hands down my favorite character in the series. I agree that it had to happen, but it was devastating when I first read it.Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: I so wish Lupin and Tonk would have survived!!! I was shattered when the were killed, poor little Teddy left without parents, just like Harry was. I understand why she did it, but I'll never be happy about it.Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Honestly, it sucks that Lupin got killed! But he have to get killed for the Resurrection Stone scene. It makes it complete. :) I'm really glad Hagrid didn't get killed! I respect all of Jo's choices, although I might not be happy with them, I still love them and her. When you actually think about it, all these deaths had to happen, it made the series what it is.Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: She killed off too many characters.Avatar ImageHermione_Granger_Weasley says: I think that what she says is absolutely correct. It is war, and she portrays it beautifully. In war people die. Children are left parent less. She showed that very well, and that alone is enough for us all to applaud her. Avatar ImageGene L. says: If Hagrid dies, HP is will not be HP anymore.Avatar Imagetonksftmemories says: Her comments on Remus and Tonks are nothing new - they are my favourite characters (and Sirius) and although I'm devastated that they all died, the reasoning and the circularity it gives the series makes sense. I'm still surprised the Hagrid was alive, everyone always thought he'd be the next to snuff it. Once again, dead or alive determined by circularity of the series; lucky for Hagrid.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Hated to see any of them die...Avatar ImageBless_the_children says: I'm glad Hagrid and McGonagall lived; I was seriously worried about both of them. I think one of the best moments in the Epilogue is when Harry tells Albus to go have tea with Hagrid, and you see that Harry's kids will have the joyful and peaceful school experience he wasn't able to have becuase of Voldemort. I love the idea of a grandfatherly Hagrid, still crazy about all of his monsters. Hagrid was there at the very beginning, and he stuck with Harry until the very end.Avatar ImageMiss Fawcett says: I'm still not over the deaths of Lupin and Tonks. I'm still really upset... It's so sad/weird to see how close we were to them surviving. But I get what Jo's talking about, I get why they "had" to die, and still... :(Avatar Imagemencia says: :'( I understand now why it happened but doesn't mean I like itAvatar ImageMad But Happy says: If they had to go, they had to go. And we all know Teddy turned out ok in the end. Harry was able to make sure that he was ok, unlike his own childhood, where he had nobody until the Hogwarts years.Avatar ImageTanderule says: If Hagrid died, Potter would bore me. Sorry, it doesn't mean I don't like it. I'm just saying without Hagrid, what's the point? Sorry, don't take it the wrong way.Avatar ImageJazzabelle508 says: I'm sooo glad hagrid survived! I was soo scared he was going to die. Noone i knew thought he would survive (myself included). I was sooo excited when he didn't die. now harry can still have a strong bond with hagrid and now his family can be close to hagrid as well. As for lupin and tonks, I do understand the idea behind why they had to die. The fact that families are torn apart in war (and in particular parents and children) is a fact of life. However, i think JK rowling has acheived that fact from the begining with harry's whole story. he as a person shows what war can do to a family and a child. so therefore i don't think she needed to do that with lupin and tonks. However, we do care about lupin and tonks more as parents and people because we have gotten to know there characters throughout the entire series and grew a bond with them (lupin in particular) so it makes sense to reintroduce that particular theme of families being torn apart. I actually did think part of the reason she killed them had to do with teddy and bring the series full circle and to provide a unique bond between harry and teddy and to signify the begining of a new life for both of them. Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: I'm really glad she kept Hagrid alive but sadly she couldn't keep Tonks and Lupin alive :'(Avatar Imagesboyer06 says: i disagree, both tonks and lupin should have survived!Avatar ImageLivi22 says: I suppose this is why we cling on to Potter for dear life isn't it! We all felt like two of our good friends had died when Remus and Tonks went, I certainly cried. Fred was the same, it was like losing somebody you love, in fact, it was losing somebody we loved. If it had been any other book it wouldn't have mattered, we wouldn't care about what the author said about why they died. Once again I am reminded how much more real Harry Potter is in comparison to my real life, which feels like a bad dream. Ramble over!Avatar Imagechrissiexoxo says: I know we all didn't want to say goodbye to those characters (urggh I cried every time I read about Severus dying!), but if Rowling had just not killed off anyone in the last book (like happy ending Meyer did in Breaking Dawn), we would probably be complaining more about that. Avatar Imagelovelle says: Truthfully, I really liked how JK wrote the books. Of course, I got upset or whatever in some parts but at the end of the day. she's the author and I respect all the decisions that she made for the book. I mean the deaths are of course painful but it was nice that she stick to being realistic.Avatar ImageAppaketoope says: why did she have to kill off lupin and tonks???it's so unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagechikitcorpuzvesterbaek says: When Umbridge and her cohorts fired at Mcgonagall (which Harry and the others witnessed from the Astronomy Tower - book 5), I was shocked. Really thought she was a goner. Then Sirius died. My reaction: "No, no, no, no - that did not happen! That CANNOT happen!" Bawled my eyes out! Avatar ImageChaserHolly108 says: As much as I understand her reasons I still hate the fact that she killed Lupin, couldn't she killed Draco's parents or something? :P And there are no words to describe how happy I am that she didn't kill Hagrid, I would never forgive her for that!Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: glad that hagrid wasn't killed but sad that lupin and tonks had to go. :(

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