“Into the White” (“Comrade”) Trailer


Dec 05, 2011

Posted by Mel

The trailer for Rupert Grint’s upcoming movie, “Into the White,” previously named “Comrade,” is now online. You can watch the trailer here or below. The film will be released spring 2012.

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Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: How very nice...Avatar Imagejacket says: Oooh! This looks really good! I can't wait!Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: I think Comrade would have been the better of the two names.Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: How very nice!Avatar Imageselenialovegood says: *scremming like hell and cure the hell out of people* Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imageselenialovegood says: *curseAvatar ImageVerdande says: Oh, it's so fun to see norwegian on Leaky, haha.Avatar ImageMatea says: It's so weird to see Rupert in such a different role, but I'm totally looking forward to it. I love war films and this one looks really interesting. Trailer went a bit to fast, the dialogues especially. Avatar Imageharrypotter4258 says: hah! xD Please vote for me 3 times: http://www.myhogwarts.co.uk/honeydukes/2309 Thanks! :)Avatar Imagechikitcorpuzvesterbaek says: Since I live in Denmark and Zentropa is a Danish film company I am more than positive that I will see Into the White on the big screen! Finally, a plus for being a Scandinavian fan. Avatar Image1HarryPotterFan123 says: So cool! Congrats Rupert! Just one question... is this film in English or German?Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Very interesting! I also have the same question as #1HarryPotterFan123[ROAR!]. Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll be watching this movie, it's not really my genre, but you know what? I'll make an exception for Rupert. :DAvatar ImageEliza Lovegood says: I am just SO exited!!! Its realy cool to see a Norwegian movie on leaky, epecially when I`m from Norway. Also, its realy cool that they shot it not far from my familys hut! When we went there in easter last year we skied out to the place to look at the set. Sadly, they had left a few days earlier, so that all that was left was some planks, and a burned-out plane (which I of course touched.)Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: If I'm honest the film doesn't look like it would interest me :(Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: I think it looks quite exciting. I hope we can see it here.Avatar ImageBless_the_children says: Wow - looks amazing! I'm interested to see how it does, being a film that is going back and forth between German and English.Avatar Imageeikind says: Alrightie! As a native Norwegian (currently living in Finland) I must say that this came as a positive surprise! I was born not far away from Grotli, where this story takes place. :) Heia Norge, Heia Skjåk, Heia Rupert!

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