Pottermore Insider Updates with Harry Potter Reading Survey


Dec 09, 2011

Posted by Mel

The Pottermore Insider has updated its site with a reading survey – which can be taken by anyone, not just those in Pottermore Beta:

While many of you are aware that we’re busy improving and developing the
Pottermore experience, you might also be interested to know that we’re
hard at work preparing the Pottermore Shop, too.

We know that a lot of people are excited about being able to buy the
Harry Potter eBooks for the first time. If you’re a Harry Potter fan or
reader who is interested in buying eBooks either for yourself or someone
else, we’d really appreciate you taking part in our reading survey. You
don’t have to be a Pottermore Beta user but if you’re interested in
Harry Potter, reading or eBooks in general, we’d really like your

Take the survey here.

14 Responses to Pottermore Insider Updates with Harry Potter Reading Survey

Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: I SHALL TAKE THAT NOW. But I request for Jo read my survey personally. :DD Haha!Avatar Imagesumm3rjammx3 says: The link doesn't workAvatar Imageamelia 1-2-3- says: yay!!!! i took it!!!! @summ3rjammx3: just click pottermore insider and the click the link that they give u!!Avatar Imageamelia 1-2-3- says: o and i am third to post!!:)Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: The link to the Pottermore survey does not work... Now, why am I not surprised by that? I mean really... :+/Avatar ImageHedwig2751 says: I'm taking the survey right now! I didn't even try the link in here!Avatar ImageHedwig2751 says: I just noticed that the link doesn't work because there's an extra '.' at the end of it. You just need to delete it and you'll go to the survey straight away.Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: So wait the Pottermore shop only sells ereader versions of the Harry potter books and nothing else???Avatar ImageHedwig2751 says: I think that might be its main purpose, but it'll probably be selling other items. Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: still wait the Pottermore to open!Avatar Imagemlopez says: If I don't have a nook book, can I buy an eBook? What is needed to access an eBook? Is there going to be extra information never seen before available in these eBooks? (Sorry, I live in the time of dinosaurs and don't know these things)Avatar Imagelovelle says: the survey's busted.... maybe the link is wrong... Anyway, I'm just hoping that Pottermore will be a better place! LOL!Avatar ImageHedwig2751 says: Guys read the comments before you do. The link just has an excess '.' delete it and it'll work just fine! @Shining Lynx: An eBook is usually in PDF format so you can read it on a computer. I read on my phone because I have an Adobe Reader. I don't think there will be any extra info in them, they'll be the same books written on a computer.Avatar ImageLivi22 says: Taken!! There's a better, working link on the Pottermore Insider!

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