LeakyTV – Feb 21, 2011

Feb 21, 2011

Posted by John Admin

LeakyTV Topic of the week! “What would you add to the Universal Wizarding World Park” if you were in charge of expanding it?

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Avatar ImageSorceress25 says: I would totally add a shrieking shack walk through of some sort or an azkaban prison ride. Both of these played big parts in the books and I think they should be incorporated some how!!!Avatar Imagetherealr.a.b. says: Really John? Now I have to go the rest of my days (unless they actually do build your D.A. ride) with the wanting and needing to defend Hogwarts against the Death Eaters in a D.A.tastic ride at WWOHP....Pretty cool idea. I think I would want a Gringotts ride in the vain of the Indiana Jones ride at DLand where you fly through the tunnels and something goes inevitably wrong and your Goblin has to navigate you through the tunnels where you encounter the dragon, death eaters, the disillusionment waterfall, and whatever other curses the Goblins may have set up, until you finally reach the surface safe and sound.Avatar Imagegurps says: I wouldn't mind a Gringots ride tbh But i still haven't gone to the theme park; they really need one here in the UK!!Avatar Imagetrontech says: I'm a bit old and I wish there was a ride from the entrance to Hogsmead (and back). Bush Gardens has a train AND cable cars. Disney has the monorail. Hogsmead has a 30 minute walk back to the entrance when you're tired and too full of butterbeer and trifle.Avatar ImageFiniteincantatum says: I really hope they add broomstick ride photobooths, hmm too bad I cant give it a visit. :(Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: the burrow! Slytherin common room! the tent from goblet of fire and deathly hallows... and... diagon alley. exact remakes....Avatar Imagehoshikogen says: I would like the rumours of taking out that Island next door (not Jurassic Park) and filling it with more WWoHP! I'd like to see the shops expand and become exhibitions rather than just peeking in the windows, maybe make an extra line for people going on the Hogwarts ride to linger on and enjoy everything in the castle... There are almost an infinite amount of things they could add!Avatar Imagekiwimci says: Building one in the highlands of ScotlandAvatar Imagemaanit says: I always thought it would be cool to have a Flying Ford Anglia ride, it would be a rollercoaster and each carriage looked like the Anglia and it went around the Womping Willow and stuff. Ooh and then you should be able to go through the womping willow and come out into the shreiking shack. Really live the books. Or a trail through the Forbidden Forest woulf be kinda awesome too. And after expanding that I would build an exact replica in England!!!!Avatar ImageGene L. says: Oh My Gosh, why have we never think of Gingots ride, it is like the best roller coaster in wizarding world!!! There can be dragon and strange creatures guarding the vaults, just full of potential.Avatar Imageogdensnut says: I came on to write "Gringott's ride" but I can see I'm not the only one who thinks one would be great - seems a natural choice for subterranean roller coaster shenanigans!! To waterfalls etc could also be added giant ball pits inside the vaults where instead of balls there are 'treasures' and you have to find the right one (as per the horcrux hunt - but without genuine possibility of death-upon-failure, lol - perhaps just a reward for succeeding).Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Hmmmm I don't know if I'd add anything but maybe just expand the street because it gets SO CROWDED!!!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Hmmmm I don't know if I'd add anything but maybe just expand the street because it gets SO CROWDED!!!Avatar Image9em says: I would love to have that! Avatar Imageyellowstipes says: Well, I have a few ideas. First, a quidditch patch would be awesome. Grimmauld place, The Burrow would be nice additions. For a ride, Gringotts definitely. Maybe The Black Lake or the Forbidden Forest, maybe even the Whomping Willow. They could also add Diagon Alley I would love to go to Fortescue's! Avatar ImageSrose says: They should make they streets wider, have more shops you can go in instead of just store fronts, an awesome gringotts ride with the line through the lobby and then through some of the cells, and then a burrow with a ford anglia car ride coming out of it. It's all ready amazing, but additions would be amazing!Avatar Imagesavvysavino says: Here is my mental plan for the expansion - some i think will happen - so I KNOW will not! The area known as Sinbad's Village because a middle area to give distance between Hogsmead attractions and the eventual Diagon Alley. The area should include things like the Burrow and/or Godric's Hollow. a large world cup like Quidditch Pitch is placed where the Sinbad show is. from the outside it looks open air but it is closed to house an apparatus to make it look like brooms flying. An ambitious stunt show is housed there with many tents around the structure house stores that are large in the inside but appear small from the outside. I think much of this will happen. I would love to flight simulator type ride connected to the train so it feels like you are boarding and you arrive near the engine - They cant build track so it needs to be something like Star tours or that Seaworld Artic adventure ride. They WONT do this sadly. This will be ( in my mind) expansion 1. One new show and lost of things to see and even more shopping. Then at the next bridge that takes you into the old greek area. This will house a diagon alley and nocturn alley using much of the real estate in front of Posieden's Fury. Behind that in indoor coaster based on book 7 , gringots bank scene. ( it writes itself and we all know it ). Here is my only problem. Mythos. It's Universal's award winning flagship restaurant. If they retheme it they lose years of boasting rights with a new name. I have NO GUESS or suggestion how to handle that. I ALSO dream of a new hotel by lowes next to the Royal Pacific that looks from the inside like the Ministry of Magic - think of that lovely Black tile in the tall lobby! WOW! OK Now I just hope Universal does it all! Avatar ImageMaestra2 says: I haven't been yet, so I'm not sure they have this, but I think that the Owl post office ought to have the capacity to accept letters from anywhere in the US with another letter inside and then have that inside letter forwarded to a destination with the Hogsmeade postal stamp on it, like they do for Valentine's Day at the different post offices like Loving, Texas. How cool to send your kid an acceptance letter from Hogwarts postmarked Hogsmeade ( even if it is Muggle post!).Avatar Imagespelljinxcursehexcharm says: I'd add house common rooms. A flying ford anglia would be awesome but would be hard to make look like the inside of a car. I think that they should stop insisting that ravenclaw's colors are blue and silver, though. An azkaban would be so cool. (But since when was it a huge tall triangular prism? Movie makers...)Avatar Imagemolly43 says: I'd add a Hogwarts express train that would go from one end of the park to the next with special stops to different areas of the park. The inside would be just like the Hogwarts express train - the seats and compartments would be closed off and the trolley would not only sell snacks but with different things from other shops. The horn would sound and the steam could be seen.

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