“Prisoner of Azkaban” Wins First Light Film of the Decade Award


Mar 15, 2011

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“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” was named the First Light Film of the Decade, it was announced this afternoon at the First Light Awards in London.

The First Light Film of the Decade was voted on by the public, in association with the BAFTA Kids’ Vote. “Prisoner of Azkaban” was up against films such as “Shrek,” “Whale Rider,” “Happy Feet,” and “Up.”

Actress Clemence Poesy (Fleur Delacour) was in attendance at the ceremony in London. Photos of her can be seen via Getty Images.

Update: The BBC reported that Ms Poesy presented the award to producer David Heyman at the ceremony. In his acceptance speech, he is quoted as saying:

“It’s especially exciting and moving to be voted Film of the Decade by children aged five to 15.

“We made the film for children of all ages to 105
really, but clearly a core part of our audience is young people and to
be honoured is a privilege.”

39 Responses to “Prisoner of Azkaban” Wins First Light Film of the Decade Award

Avatar ImageSlytherin Princess101 says: They voted PoA as the first light film of the decade???Wow!!!NICE!!Congrats!!Avatar ImageCDR says: I had voted!!!Hehehe,it's GREAT!!!!Congratulations!!!!Avatar ImageA Chocolate Frog says: For real? As a standalone movie, I suppose PoA is well-crafted or whatever. But as a movie based on the novel _Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban_, I absolutely can't stand it. The very worst of the Potter films, in my opinion.Avatar Imagelisamiamoore says: Sweet. It's my favorite film. Avatar ImageChocolatefrog 95 says: Cool :) I like the film. @RavenclawDancer: Sorry to disagree, but in my opinion HP and the Halfbloodprince was the worst movie, they left out so much stuff from the books...Avatar Imagecloethebelatrixlover says: Nice job to the film people, as usual!Avatar Imagehermioneginnyluna says: That's pretty cool! Just goes to prove Harry Potter is the awesomest series evah!Avatar ImageAnnaGrace says: Yeah PoA! Congratulations to everyone who worked on the movie. :)Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Yay!!! Congratulations!!!!!!Avatar Imagehalfbloodprincesss says: Congrats, I agree with @RavenclawDancer, it's good as a single film, but it definitely wasn't my favorite...Avatar ImageFresca says: Since the First Light Award is to showcase the talents of young actors, I'd have to say the film was a great choice. Rupert, Dan and Emma, plus all the young extras in that movie di a great job of acting. Avatar ImageGryffindor Lioness101 says: Wow thats awsome :) It is definitly one of my favorite books :) :)Avatar Imagekiwimci says: One of my favourite books and the best film of the bunch. Let it go people, it's an adaptation. Enjoy the book, enjoy this, the differences change nothing of the book. It's still on your shelf, there's enough for everyoneAvatar ImageWant to be a Weasley says: I agree with KiwiMcl, this was actually the first HP movie I saw. After I watched PoA, I immediately went out and got all of the books that were available at the time and started reading. Congratulations to all involved, each HP movie has its good and its bad, let us just celebrate another award for the HP world!Avatar ImageExpectoPatronum512 says: Intense! XD It's definitely one of my favourites of the movies! Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: Thats coolAvatar Imageladydars says: Wow! How amazing... I think that movie was actually really good - apart from the bit where they do not explain the Marauder's Map's Creators at all... But YAY!Avatar ImageLoopeyLooneyLuna says: YAY! that's awesome, I love seeing HP win awards. :)Avatar ImageRosie016 says: Way to go!!! That is my favorite movie :o)Avatar ImageMiss.Weasley says: Ohhh, Merlin's pant I'm so happy! Harry Potter deserves to win all the awards in the world ;DAvatar Imageigo2pigfarts says: YES! The best movie in the series in my opinion.Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: Great! Another deserving win. Avatar Imagebudgie says: That is one of my favorites in the series.Avatar Imagered bull hats says: Nice post.Thank you for taking the time to publish this information very useful!red bull hatsAvatar Imagered bull hats says: good blogs .it's amazing.Avatar ImageGene L. says: The DECADE?! wow...Avatar ImageGene L. says: The DECADE?! wow...Avatar Imageagarwalsonika7 says: That's great. I knew it.Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: That's cool!Avatar ImageLunaHermione says: Just about time someone acknowledged the epicness of this film! Avatar Imageariadne_29 says: cool...Avatar ImageNight Zephyr says: Excellent that HP got the win for the decade! That said, er...better choice of HP movies perhaps? One with at least the same characters as the books?Avatar Imagekbicprez says: I loved DH1, but POA is still my favorite HP film. I expect it always will be.Avatar ImageHalfbloodPrince08 says: I think is the best or almost of the saga... great director involvedAvatar Imageilovequiddichsofi says: Congratulations!!!!!!! My favorite movie, i remember that it was the only thing me sister, brother would watch for over a moth!!!!! I love it, it deserves it!!!!! <3 Avatar Imagefrodobagginssp says: totally deserved and well earnedAvatar ImageFiniteincantatum says: Cool! I like that very much!Avatar Imagehewy says: Well, it's great to see the children of the UK have good taste!!!! It's better than the idiots in Hollywood who run the oscars!Avatar ImageFarahey Sama Kabir says: AWESOME!

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