Teaser Trailer Released for “The Woman in Black” Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Release Date Pushed Back (Updated with Download Links)


Apr 10, 2011

Posted by John Admin

IGN today posted a teaser trailer for the new film adaptation of “The Woman in Black”, which stars Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) as Arthur Kipps. You can watch the trailer embedded below or at this link on the IGN website. The trailer can also be seen on YouTube.

The Woman in Black was originally a 1983 novel by Susan Hill and a stage play adaptation of the thriller has been running in London’s West End since 1989. The film – directed by James Watkins and also starring Aberforth actor Ciaran Hinds – is set to be released in February of 2012 in the UK, pushed back from the original October 2011 release.

Radcliffe’s character, Arthur Kipps, is a young lawyer who glimpses a woman dressed entirely in black as he works in the isolated home of a recently
deceased client.

Thanks to HPANA for the heads up!

Update: We have now been sent some download links for the teaser trailer in a number of formats as well as an official synopsis:

Based on the classic ghost story, THE WOMAN IN BLACK tells the tale of Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), a lawyer who is forced to leave his young son and travel to a remote village to attend to the affairs of the recently deceased owner of Eel Marsh House.

Working alone in the old mansion, Kipps begins to uncover the town’s tragic and tortured secrets and his fears escalate when he discovers that local children have been dying under mysterious circumstances. When those closest to him become threatened by the vengeful woman in black, Kipps must find a way to break the cycle of terror.

THE WOMAN IN BLACK also stars Ciaran Hinds (TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY) and Janet McTeer (TUMBLEWEEDS), was adapted from Susan Hill’s novel for the screen by Jane Goldman (KICK ASS) and directed by James Watkins (EDEN LAKE).

You can also have a look at the Facebook page or official website for more information on the film.

Trailer download links:


MP4 – Quicktime

WMV – Windows Media Player

44 Responses to Teaser Trailer Released for “The Woman in Black” Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Release Date Pushed Back (Updated with Download Links)

Avatar ImageGloria says: This film looks a-ma-zing. Can't wait!!!!!!! It's a wonderful story, and it can be quite scary. I've seen the theatre play five times. Our Daniel is going to be the PERFECT Arthur Kipps. Maybe we can convince him to play this part on stage at the Fortune one day...?Avatar ImageSilvery Doe says: This teaser doesn't really show much and I'm not to sure about Dan's acting in this new movie. Though, I am encouraged by Gloria's enthusiasm. :)Avatar ImageMalbeth says: Can't really tell much from the teaser. I certainly hope it's good. Avatar Imagegreenfinch says: i hope it's good :) Avatar ImageXNymphadoraX says: I've been waiting for more news on this for ages! I really want to see this film, it looks good from what i've seen in other trailers and interviews.Avatar ImageCDR says: GREAT!!! i do hope i'll see it!!!Avatar ImageLucypotts says: I saw the Woman in Black at the theatre 16 years ago, I was so terrified after seeing it that I had nightmares for weeks afterwards. The older version of this movie is also on YouTube and pretty scary too! I can't wait to see the new version.Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: GREAT!!! i do hope i’ll see it!!!Avatar Imageallprostar31 says: GREAT!!! i do hope i’ll see it!!! Avatar ImageNatalie says: It looks great! And Dan is soooooo handsome with this haircut!!Avatar ImageAsria says: Whoa, I'm really looking forward to this! Anything with Dan in it must be good, and this also seems like a really good story :)Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: I would love to see him in a different role but this looks a little scary :S! But I have to see it no matter what!Avatar ImageMySongIsLaughter says: I studied the book and script in school a few years ago and went to see the play... terrifying! not sure whether I'm brave enough to see it!Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: It sounds interesting all ready. I can't wait to see the actual movie. I like the suspense in it.........It reminds me of Hot Fuzz for some reason....Avatar ImageLauraKeaton says: Will it play in the US? This looks superbly creepy, which means I probably wouldn't go see it. I'm a total wuss when it comes to scary movies. My imagination runs away with me once I get home.Avatar ImageGryffindor Lioness101 says: Really cool, it looks like something my Mum and brother would like.Avatar ImageWinkyxx says: cool=]Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: The teaser has peaked my curiousity but not sure whether I would actually see as with December Boys and My Boy Jack I was interested in seeing the movie but ended up just looking up some youtube clips so hopefully this will motivate me more to see it.Avatar Imagebellatrix15101 says: Well that was definitely a TEASER trailer. It didn't give ANYTHING away, which I like. Dan's got some smexy sideburns lol.... Apparently my mom's getting the book for me from the library so I suppose once I've read it I'll be able to decide if I actually want to see this.... I honestly don't know if I'll be able to withstand a scary ghost movie........ I'm a wimp lol.Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: This sounds amazing! I will def. see it as soon as its out in the US. I bet Dan will be great. :)Avatar Imagejillians642 says: It looks amazing and I'd love to go but like a lot of commenters, I get way too scared by scary movies. I did like Let the Right One In, though, so maybe if it's just sort of scary, it would be OK?Avatar ImageRinny says: i don't even like scary movies that much, but for daniel, i just might have to check it out. i love the variety of things he's been doing so far.Avatar Imagemoglet says: I'm looking forward to seeing this, I don't mind scary, it's gory I can't stand, so if it's an old school sort of film which builds up the tension then scares the life out of you without resorting to shocking you with nasty gore filled images, I'll enjoy it (then probably have nightmares!)Avatar ImageI-MustNotTellLies says: Cool , I want to see this! But it looks scary .Avatar Imagesnowyowl77 says: The trailer doesn't give many clues...I read the book though and liked it, so will watch the movie no doubt.Avatar ImageFresca says: This sounds like a really scary, and spooky story. I hope to see it! Avatar ImageDespina says: Horror stories are just not my cup of tea... I get scared very easily and I'm definiterly NOT going to see this... I hope it's good though!Avatar Imagecloethebelatrixlover says: That looks really cool... but i prob wont see it :(Avatar ImageBeckster235 says: only 47 seconds, but looks intense! Storyline sounds interesting...It doesnt say anything about being released in the US.... : ( I hope it gets released here Avatar ImageEve13 says: Looks creepy!Avatar ImageEve13 says: Looks creepy!Avatar ImageXyra44 says: I don't usually like horror movies, but I just might give this one a try. :) Daniel looks fabulous and the teaser does it's job well - it's peaked my interest.Avatar ImagemaatjeHP says: Wow, I saw a preview in a movie magazine a while ago but didn't expect much... but after seeing the clip, just wow... And Daniel indeed looks hot in that clip... too bad the release date is pushed back because I'm defenitely going to watch that movieAvatar Imagesnunkiebrian says: Oh my god it looks like they have done it good.... I LOVED the play when i saw it 10 years ago in London, it captured me and since i have read the book and watched the BBC adaptation a zillion times... I can not wait for this Film to come out I'm really excited!!!Avatar ImageRosie016 says: I am so afraid of scary movies I couldn't even watch the trailer :-Z Avatar Imageanne1 says: It's not really horror, it's more a ghost story. It is creepy though especially when you learn that there's a real effect of the woman's appearances on people who see her. The play was fantastic, very memorable and very simply staged, being a one man show with very little in the way of props or scenery. Is anyone else having problems getting onto danradcliffe.com??Avatar Imagehermioneweasley17 says: I love horror movies and good lord Dan looks so hot in this movie. So stoked.Avatar Imagehermioneweasley17 says: I love horror movies and good lord Dan looks so hot in this movie. So stoked.Avatar Imagejessyginny says: OMG it looks amazing and so scary....! Go Dan!:) I can´t wait to see it, I just hope it´s not too scary...well, I guess I´ll see it anyway lol!:)Avatar ImageLoki328 says: I was a little nervous about Daniel in any other movie, but this looks fantastic.Avatar ImageImmortal Phoenix says: I don't normally like scary movies. Will I make an exception for Dan? Hopefully.Avatar ImageMiss.Weasley says: I might be a brave Gryffindor...but I have a faint heart for horror movies. The trailer itself was enough to give me a heart attack ;P Avatar Imagesessionka says: The trailer looks very scary.... I don't do scary... :-) Sorry Dan. I'm going to have to sit this one out (like it will matter to him).Avatar Imagesuzyweasley says: Will be deffo going to see that, can't wait to see it

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