First Pictures of Emma Watson in Costume for “Perks of Being a Wallflower” Released


May 21, 2011

Posted by John Admin

The first photographs of Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) in costume as Sam from the filming of “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” have been released. These photos can be seen in the image galleries of our Order Partner and will be up in the Leaky Galleries shortly.

“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” is due to be released in 2012.

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28 Responses to First Pictures of Emma Watson in Costume for “Perks of Being a Wallflower” Released

Avatar Imageultraviolet says: she needs to stop being so pretty!!!!!Avatar Imageemmawatsonfan13 says: yay for Emma!!! I bet she is enjoying it!!! Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: She looks so pretty in it!!Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: That's so cool! Emma is a beautiful role model that keeps on getting prettier! =]Avatar Imagehermioneginnyluna says: Can't wait for the movie! I <3 her hair this length!Avatar ImageFirebolt99 says: i caint wait 2 see her and logan in the movie!!!!!!!!!!! Avatar ImageMariaKeis says: Aww ain't she pretty :)Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Emma looks wonderful as always. And her hair looks so cute styled like that. I cant want to see her in this. :)Avatar Image1HarryPotterFan123 says: Love ya Emma! Anyone know what the movie is about?Avatar Imagejacket says: She looks co cute! I love her hair! So many things are coming out right now and in 2012! I'm really excited!Avatar ImageLivi22 says: Ooh, I can't wait to see it, she looks so lovely in the pictures.Avatar Imagehrrypttrfn328 says: Um, ok, she looks cute I guess. So a still frame gets on the main page of Leaky, but two videos of Dan performing on television do not? THAT makes sense.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Did they Botox her eyebrows?Avatar Imagemlwl says: One of my absolute favorite books... I hope they do a great job! I can't really see her as Sam, so I hope she proves me terribly wrong.Avatar ImageYodatheHobbit says: Correct. That does makes sense, because the photos were published before Dan performed on The View and Letterman. One thing happened first, the second thing happened after, as is the normal way of things. That causes one story to be posted first, then the second will be posted after the first story. It's not complicated.Avatar ImageHalfbloodPrince08 says: love ´er Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: she looks so lovely in the pictures.Avatar Imageamericangirlemmie says: Emma is so beautiful!Avatar ImageAbbyWeasley says: Great pictures!Avatar Imagesuzyweasley says: She's looking good, her hair is growing back quite quicklyAvatar Imageeliselestrange says: I like this! Can't wait for the film :)Avatar ImageDavidTheUnready says: Can't wait to see it, she is so pretty, Nice the way they all turned out so well :) Avatar Imagecloethebelatrixlover says: cool, she looks great :)Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: Awww she looks damn cute.Avatar Imagebellatrix1994 says: OMG MORE PHOTOS GUYS: AHHH FREAKING OUT!Avatar Imagebellatrix1994 says: OMG MORE PHOTOS GUYS: AHHH FREAKING OUT!Avatar ImageMiss.Weasley says: she's so pretty! Doesn't she look stunning?Avatar Imagekiwimci says: Is the book any good? Worth a read?

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