I’ve been dreaming of…a true love’s kiss?


May 24, 2011

Posted by John Admin

Just what was going through Voldemort’s mind at this exact moment? We’ll never know! But Leaky user Tarana had a pretty hilarious caption for us. Congratulations, Tarana! You also win 100 MyLeaky points.

As always, we had a ton of wonderful submissions and several of them will be posted on our Tumblr throughout the night. The next picture we want you to caption, featuring everyone’s favorite twins, can be seen at the top of this post. Remember, leave your captions in the comments below and check back here for our next winner. Good luck!

66 Responses to I’ve been dreaming of…a true love’s kiss?

Avatar Imagehalf-bloodprince says: (Singing) Double, double, toil and trouble....Avatar Imagetrumpetgirly545 says: Fred: "Look George, Ginny is kissing Harry again" George: "Oh my god she's doing the scoop hug again..."Avatar ImageHermione_Granger_Weasley says: "What are they doing with our stuff?" -BothAvatar Imagewizardingwheezes says: Oh my god, what Ron WEARING?Avatar Imagewizardingwheezes says: Sorry- that was supposed to say: Oh my god, what is Ron WEARING?Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: We got these suits on a bogo at Warlock-Mart!Avatar Imageamericangirlemmie says: G: Maybe that was a little... Dramatic. F: You just realized that NOW!Avatar Imagezanza10 says: Looks like the Nosebleed Nougat and Fainting Fancies weren't a very good combination...Avatar ImageTarana says: Yaaay ! I'v won. \o/ And there were so many other good ones. Anyway, thanks alot !! I haven't come up with a new caption (yet), but I'll give it some thought.Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Two are always better than one. Right Fred? Too right George. Especially when they're ginger.Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: I really love the Voldy caption. Sooo much better than mine. This caption thing is really fun! :)Avatar Imagejonk69 says: "Oh god, put down the love potion, Goyle, please" *whispering* "Ugh, please, for the good of everyone, walk away..."Avatar ImageMudblood_and_proud says: F&G: No we do not sell love potions to ugly people...It's just plain wrong...Sorry Harry Avatar ImageMudblood_and_proud says: F&G: No we do not sell love potions to ugly people...It's just plain wrong...Sorry Harry Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Congratulations to the winner! xD It's cool! (: My caption: Wow, Ron and Lavender, I don't think snogging 24/7 is the meaning of dating. . . .Avatar Image1HarryPotterFan123 says: for the life of me, i can never tell them apart (So much for #1 Harry Potter Fan XD) so... Left twin: Woah... look at all these people... Right twin: I FEEL SO POWERFUL!!! Avatar Imagehrrypttrfn328 says: Seriously... who votes on these? I am not trying to seem negative, but I just do not understand how the mediocre to slightly amusing ones are winning? The Breaking Dawn one made me laugh, but nothing since. The one in the flaming Room of Requirement I did not even understand... Sorry if this sounds negative, but it is getting really disappointing.Avatar Imagehalf-bloodprince says: If you don''t like it, then don't participate... we're just trying to have fun.Avatar Imagetrontech says: If you think that was bad, just wait until you find out what we did to your knickers!Avatar ImageOwlie says: F: Aaah, here that George? Ron's got a girlfriend! G: I KNEW you always had a thing for Moaning Myrtle!Avatar ImageMirdan says: See? When you push them off at the same time Crabb and Malfoy really do fall at the same rate.Avatar ImageDiamondWings says: OMG this is great!!! XDAvatar ImageOwlie says: Left: Yep, pygmy puffs have some creative mating rituals. Right: That's bloody twisted!Avatar Imagequeequeg says: Fred: Its your turn to clean out the pygmy puff cage! George: ...ugh.Avatar Imagejosh1210 says: Gilderoy: So, do you two have the same mother or father? Twins: (See picture)Avatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: Hahaha super funny caption!! :D Congrats Tarana!Avatar ImageMariaKeis says: Can't concentrate on this picture :) Dang .. Gimmie a little sumthin' sumthin' !Avatar ImageMariaKeis says: Oh yea, congrats Tarana :)Avatar ImageEll says: The moment of dawning realisation that polyjuice can in fact work on hags...Avatar ImagePWilly says: Singing Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time": Fred - "Once I thought my innocence was gone" George - "Now I know that happiness goes on" Avatar ImageRavenclawnian says: Both: CRABBE AND GOYLE, STEP AWAY FROM THE LOVE POTIONSAvatar ImageSilvery Doe says: Hey, look at the cauldron cakes on that one!Avatar Imagefemale-snape says: What do you mean Cedric turned into a sparkly vampire? Avatar ImageNoble Birth Descending says: G: "Ewww! The result of that potion is totally disgusting!" F: "Right! Let's make more and sell it!"Avatar ImageShelbe says: Fred: So that's what happens when you too many Puking Pastilles... George: Yeah, it's not very pretty.Avatar ImageShelbe says: Fred: So that’s what happens when you eat too many Puking Pastilles… George: Yeah, it’s not very pretty. Avatar Imagesuzyweasley says: Fred:seriously, you're trying to steal from us? George:set the dogs on them!Avatar Imagevikehi says: Fred: So George, do you think Harry would look better with as a donkey or a frog? George: Better make it a donkey, Ginny might try and make a prince out of Harry if we make him into a frog.Avatar ImageMiss.Weasley says: oh my woed..haha Caption: Fred: WHAT? George marries Angelina when I die?Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: We're the rich one's in the family now!Avatar ImageFresca says: Fred: "Oh nuts. Mom's got Celestina on the wireless again!" George: "Don't worry! I charmed the extensible ears so we don't have to hear the weird warbler tonight. Just tuck the string down the front of your shirt."Avatar ImageExpectoPatronum512 says: Fred: Oh dear God, what is that?! George: THAT my brother, would be ickle Ronniekins snogging the daylights out of Lavender Brown. Fred: I told you not to let her buy a love potion!Avatar ImageExpectoPatronum512 says: Fred: the fanfiction authors make us do WHAT?! George: I told you not to use Hermione's laptop!Avatar Imagebookworm1118 says: What are THEY doing here?Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Haha! Great caption!Avatar ImageDirectorbeme says: Fred: "What are you looking at, George?" George:"Snape's hair. I think it moved! I CAN'T LOOK AWAY!"Avatar ImageAbbyWeasley says: Neville does WHAT for a living?????????Avatar ImageLove is the greatest magic says: F: What do you mean I DIE??? G: Sorry bro. How about I marry your girlfriend and we name our son after you? Will that ease the pain?Avatar ImageLove is the greatest magic says: Left twin: Here is the prototype I was telling you about. A dancing Umbridge hula girl doll complete with bikini. Right twin: AH!!! MY EYES!!!Avatar Imagehermioneginnyluna says: Ewww.... we seriously invented THAT?Avatar ImageMiss.Bellatrix says: George- Oh...my...God... Fred- That is one serious ladybug.Avatar Imagegryffindor31 says: You were right, Fred...Snape really can run fast when confronted with shampoo.Avatar ImageLovelyLilly says: Twin on the Left: I have a secret... I'm not really a ginger. Twin on the Right: Ah ha! I told you I'm better lookin'Avatar Imageiloveronweasley16 says: Well the Puking Pastilles work..Avatar ImageGanduean-Vampiress says: is that SNAPE hermione's snogging? Because that is just wrong sorry couldn't resist =DAvatar ImageLoopeyLooneyLuna says: You weren't supposed to take U-No-Poo IN the store, Harry!Avatar Imageoipeabrain says: ^ LOL. Also loved Silvery Doe's caption and Madira Ulthar's :D Great work, guys! My caption: Malfoy really does make a horrible ferret, doesn't he? Avatar Imagehrrypttrfn328 says: To half-bloodprince and trontech. I know neither will read, but I would still like to apologize profusely for expressing an opinion in a non-confrontational and non-hostile way. Sorry you took offense to the opinions of someone you do not know, will never meet, and have no contact with. (as an aside: I actually do not participate, but this is on the front page and very difficult to miss)Avatar Imagelordy says: Fred:"Look George!!!Harry's aunt marge is really fat i wonder who did that to her. George:ahhhhhhh...Nice trick HarryAvatar ImageSilvery Doe says: Thanks for the nod, oipeabrain! :) This caption contest is fun. Tons of funny captions.Avatar ImageNiceOneJames says: Left twin: So *that's* what you get when you give a pygmy puff U-No-Poo! Right twin: Ugh!Avatar Imagealexweasley12 says: "for the last time, he's fred and im george !" "honestly do we need to wear those sweaters mum made for us ?!"Avatar Imagealexweasley12 says: i love love is the greatest magic's caption !!!Avatar ImageRubeusHagrid says: Fred: Oh no..The pygmy puffs are eating each other-- George: --Again.. =(Avatar ImageLily Chuang says: Fred: Hey, Cedric just walked in. George: Why is he sparkling?Avatar ImageAndrea.akafred says: "no, we're not twins" "yeah what would have given you that idea?"

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