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Leaky's Dear Mr Potter Daily Giveaway

Posted by: Rosi
June 21, 2011, 04:01 PM

Announcing Leaky's Dear Mr Potter Giveaway! Over the next five days we'll be giving away one copy of Dear Mr. Potter: Letters of Love, Loss, and Magic each day to a lucky commenter. This contest is open to registered Leaky members who can be contacted via their MyLeaky profiles, are over age of 13, and who are resident in the United States. Today's commenters who would like to be in with a chance should answer the question: what is your first memory of reading Harry Potter? Leave your answers below, and good luck!

Dear Mr. Potter will be released on the 1st July and features nearly 200 pages worth of letters and pictures from Harry Potter fans including:

Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood), New York Times-bestselling author John Green, Leaky Cauldron webmistress and author of New York Times-bestseller “Harry, A History” Melissa Anelli, Andrew Slack of the Harry Potter Alliance, Paul DeGeorge of Harry and the Potters, Andrew Sims and Eric Scull of MuggleNet, and Esther Earl’s mom, Lori.
Find out more information about the book, including where to pre-order, on the official website.

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My first memory of reading Harry Potter was me being on the school bus in middle school reading a Harry Potter book and finishing it. Knowing that my friends were reading the series as well I pleaded with them to get them to give me the next book in the series. I remember wanting to read them so bad. From then I have loved to read, most of all Harry Potter books, and haven’t stopped since.

Posted by hank.washer on June 21, 2011, 09:08 PM report to moderator

I joined millions of dedicated fans, wizards and muggles alike, at the young age of 7. I remember the moment so clearly. It was a cold winter day and I remember walking into the library with my mum. I walked into the smell of books. I looked around on the “recently returned” book cart. I saw a book that really caught my eye. It just happened to be Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Looking at the size of the book, I felt a like I would never finish it. I took it anyways and sat down on the nearest chair waiting for my mother to return. I opened the book and read the very first words of what would become a beautiful, magical world. I finished the book in about 10 days. I kept wanting to go back to the library to get the other books. And from that moment on began a beautiful friendship. I was strong with Harry, I found humor in the little things with Ron, read books with Hermione, found friends with Luna, pulled pranks with the Twins, and been brave with Neville. I have read all the way from Mr. and Mrs. Dursley to All was well. I have stuck with Harry until the very end.

Posted by Imperiused on June 21, 2011, 09:11 PM report to moderator
31 Points

I was 5 years old when the first book came out and my mom bought it almost immediately. After getting herself hooked on it, she gave it to my brother, who was 8 at the time. He would come into my room every night and read it to me before we went to sleep, and we fell in love with it so much that I would not go to sleep without it. Those nights are still some of the best memories I have shared with my brother, who I am very close to, although by the time the second book came out, I was determined to read it by myself. After that, I became one of those very devoted fans (more so than my mom or brother) who went to every midnight release for the books and movies, which has created many more awesome memories. I could never wait to find out what happened next. It started as an interest and grew into a passion (my friends would call it an obsession, and they may be right.) All I know is when I look back on my childhood, the first thing that comes to mind is Harry Potter. Some days I feel like I just live and breathe this series, and I’m as thankful to be a part of the tight-knit community that it has created as I am for the books themselves (and between you and me, that IS saying something.)

Posted by ilovesirius5 on June 21, 2011, 09:12 PM report to moderator

My first memory is back when Sorcerer’s Stone came out. My brother and I were really little. So little that we couldn’t really read it by ourselves. So my dad read the book to us. I remember thinking how this stuff sounded like a fairy tale. It sounded so real at the same time though. A couple years later, when I was old enough to read the books by myself, I picked it up and I couldn’t put it down. And ever since then, I’ve been hooked to the point of obsession. I know my brother and parents don’t understand why I love the series so much, but when they watch the movies with me, the looks on their faces are ones of wonder and amazement.

Posted by gls94 on June 21, 2011, 09:16 PM report to moderator
27 Points

My first memory of reading Harry Potter was when I had just learned to read, but my brothers still couldn’t, so I was probably 6 or 7 years old. My dad would sit on my bed with my brothers and I and read to us. Usually it was picture books or short chapter books because my brothers were only 4 or 5, and didn’t have much of an attention span yet. However, for some reason we got the box set of books 1-4, so my dad began reading us Sorcerer’s Stone. At one chapter a night it was slow going, so by the time Harry found out he was a wizard my brothers had already begun to lose interest. Despite their disinterest, I was enthralled. It was just believable enough for me to entertain the notion that an owl could one day bring me an invitation to go learn magic far away. My dad tried to continue to read to me, but as I was already able to read on my own, my brothers had to take precedence. The unfamiliar words like Hermione and Hogwarts kept me from continuing on my own until at least after the first film, and maybe even after the second. Because I was so young I don’t remember very well, but I certainly remember reading Harry Potter as a child more than I remember reading anything else.

Posted by FocusPlease on June 21, 2011, 09:24 PM report to moderator

I was in my mid thirties and my son was reading The Order of The Phoenix, after standing in a bookstore for 6 hrs. I had seen the first three movies and he tell me if I want to read one start with The goblet of fire. I read it and loved it! i have since read them all numerous times and have them all on audio book.

Posted by tammkev69 on June 21, 2011, 09:31 PM report to moderator
8069 Points

My first memory is getting to read Sorcerers Stone to my son and hearing him keep asking me to read more and not stop when I would finish a chapter. Priceless!

Posted by Melinae ♥Squee♥/Professor Truffle on June 21, 2011, 09:35 PM report to moderator
60 Points

As much as I hate to admit this. . . . I didn’t like Harry Potter the first time i read it! I was caught up completly in another series and I was reading them over and over again and I was kinda forced to give it a try. I read the first chapter of the Sorcerer’s Stone and I put it back down, and kept on reading the other series. But then I got bored and went back. Needless to say, I fell in love <3 (You should know that I havent stopped reading my Harry Potter books since the second time I picked them up :] )

Posted by VerityDarling on June 21, 2011, 09:38 PM report to moderator
519 Points

The day that DH7 was due to come out I decided to read Sorcerer’s Stone. My mom was a huge fan and she let me borrow her copy. I remember laying down on my bed carefully turning each page and making sure to read and reread each and every word. I remember starting it and thinking about how odd Mr. Dursley was- he was so normal that it was abnormal. That day was the start of my Harry Potter fandom.

Posted by RavenclawGirl13 on June 21, 2011, 09:43 PM report to moderator
519 Points

The day that DH7 was due to come out I decided to read Sorcerer’s Stone. My mom was a huge fan and she let me borrow her copy. I remember laying down on my bed carefully turning each page and making sure to read and reread each and every word. I remember starting it and thinking about how odd Mr. Dursley was- he was so normal that it was abnormal. That day was the start of my Harry Potter fandom.

Posted by RavenclawGirl13 on June 21, 2011, 09:43 PM report to moderator
689 Points

Oh goodness, okay this is my first memory of reading Harry Potter. The first book had come out and my grandmother went out to the stores early to purchase me a copy. However, I was in kindergarten and while I was capable of reading, this was too far advanced for me and thus it sat on the shelf for 4 years. Then, in third grade, my teacher introduced me to the magical world when we took a field trip to go see Sorcerer’s Stone in theaters. Immediately when I got home from school i went to the bookshelf, literally dusted off the book and read throughout the night. While I was groggy for school the next day, it was completely worth it. And now, 10 years later, I am part of a truly great fandom and pass on my love of the series to the kids I babysit for because no one should not know the amazing story of Harry Potter!

Posted by HPandtheDA007 on June 21, 2011, 09:45 PM report to moderator
27 Points

I started reading the books in 2005. Unfortunately, I started with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I had no idea what was going on in the book, or what anyone was talking about. It took me over six months to read it because I was so confused. I had gotten the book for my birthday that year from my grandmother. My mother said I couldn’t go see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in theaters until I finished the book. Fortunately, my mother gave in and let me see the newest Harry Potter movie a month after it was released to theaters. It was released into theaters on November 18, 2005, and I saw it on December 15, 2005. I finished the book in mid-January. I realized that I needed to read the others before I could understand it. So, I started collecting the books. Now, I have at least one copy of every book. I have four copies of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which is my favorite book.

Posted by accioglasses on June 21, 2011, 09:54 PM report to moderator
36 Points

I was in first grade when the first movie came out. Before the release it was being hyped all over the place and all the kids at school were excited for it. Finally I asked my mom what all this Harry Potter stuff all over the place was, so she read the books aloud to me and my brother. The moment of really falling in love with Harry Potter wasn’t as big a thing for me as it was for some – I just loved it from the start. We read all the Harry Potter books aloud, even when I was old enough that I’d just whip them off to my room to read on my own. The way my mom pronounced all the names and spells is still the way that I read them, and I’m definitely grateful that she was the one to first read Harry Potter to me.

Posted by elvendork64 on June 21, 2011, 10:06 PM report to moderator

I was in middle school and a friend recommended it to me…apparently I was weird for having never heard of Harry Potter. I started reading them straight through. I think it was only up to the 3rd or 4th book at the time. These books just can’t be put down once you’ve started!

Anyways, I ended up spending too much of my time reading and made myself sick.

That was the first time I got grounded from reading :P

Posted by Megalopsycha on June 21, 2011, 10:21 PM report to moderator
27 Points

My family had recently fallen apart and I was 15 and all alone 4-5 days a week. My dad could barely bring in enough money for food so a lot of my meals consisted of things like crackers etc. My sister-in-law insisted that I would enjoy the books and lent me a copy of Sorcerer’s Stone. I read all four books (this was before the release of Order of the Phoenix) within 5 days. I related so much to Harry’s life at the Dursley’s and reading about him gave me hope that things would get better. Over the 3 years that I was in that house alone and neglected I read those books more times than I could count. Since then I’ve had a love for Harry that cannot be put into words. Things got better for me just like they did for Harry… and, like Harry, I have such an appreciation for the people in my life who can rely on. Though he is still my most loyal friend.

Posted by m-chele on June 21, 2011, 10:28 PM report to moderator
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