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Leaky's Dear Mr Potter Daily Giveaway: Day Three

Posted by: Rosi
June 24, 2011, 06:09 PM

Allowing a day off for the Pottermore news, we now are on to day three of Leaky's Dear Mr. Potter Daily Giveaway. To take part, leave the answer to the following question in the comments: where would you sort yourself and how has that changed? A quick reminder that this contest is open to registered Leaky members who can be contacted via their MyLeaky profiles, are over age of 13, and who are resident in the United States. Over the next three days we'll be giving away one copy of Dear Mr. Potter: Letters of Love, Loss, and Magic each day to a lucky commenter.

Leave your answers below, and good luck!

Dear Mr. Potter will be released on the 1st July -- find out more information about the book, including where to pre-order, on the official website.

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I never identified strongly with any of the houses. It’s weird, but even as a kid, I don’t remember ever really taking on a house to call home. As a result, I consider myself a member of the House of Awesome. It’s a place for anyone without a home, and I’ve never found a home anywhere else at Hogwarts. Technically, I’d almost certainly be a Ravenclaw, because my intelligence is one thing that has remained constant throughout my life. It is not, however, the quality that I’m most proud of, so even though I’ve pretty much always known that I fit best in Ravenclaw, I’ve never felt any loyalty to it. As for the other houses, I think we’ve probably all wanted to be in Gryffindor at some point or another because that’s where most of the action in the books takes place, but I really don’t fit the criteria of any of the other houses. So it’s the House of Awesome for me. I’m really happy Whompy saw fit to create it because I really do feel like that’s where I fit. I pledge my allegence to the polar bear on the purple and white banner (which I think should be the colors and symbol of the House of Awesome) =)

Posted by j.a.m. on June 24, 2011, 07:51 PM report to moderator

i would say i would be in Gryfindor because i work very hard. this has changed over the years because as a kid i was very rude and figured that i would be in slytherin but have changed my ways .

Posted by TurkishDelight on June 24, 2011, 07:55 PM report to moderator
135 Points

This is one of the hardest questions! I am always asked this and I can’t choose between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. I am very booking and I always eager to learn, but I stand up for my friends. This is why I think of myself as a Gryffinclaw!

Posted by xanzibar on June 24, 2011, 07:58 PM report to moderator
749 Points

I think, like most readers at first, I wanted to be in Gryffindor. However, as the years went by and I delved further into the characters I discovered that I was more of a cross between a Ravenclaw and a Slytherin. I certainly have the intelligence of a Ravenclaw but also the sarcastic wit and the ability to sit back, eat my popcorn and watch the world act like idiots like a Slytherin. For clarity’s sake, I declare for Slytherin these days – but really I’m probably a Slytherclaw. Of course, being a declared Slytherin does not mean I’m a dark witch sympathizer either. It is just that the house mentality overall seems to fit me better.

Posted by TarsieS (FTC) on June 24, 2011, 07:58 PM report to moderator
29 Points

I think I always wanted to be in Gryffindor when I first started getting into Harry Potter. But the older I got and the more I read I really started realizing how well I fit into Hufflepuff and despite the fact that we get a little bit of a bad rap. I’ve embraced the fact that I am a hard worker and loyal (almost to a fault). I do think we have all the houses in us, but some personalities shine stronger than others. Mine is Hufflepuff. :-)

Posted by hufflesarah on June 24, 2011, 08:03 PM report to moderator

My name called I walk up to the shorting hat and before shorting had is put on my head all they way I hear the words Gryffindor, I will always be true to Gryffindor.

Posted by snowangle172002 on June 24, 2011, 08:12 PM report to moderator
40 Points

I would wholeheartedly say Ravenclaw. I’m very analytical, bookish, and intelligent. I enjoy learning, and reading is my all-time favorite pasttime. I enjoy showing off my wit and smarts, and can often become competetive about it. I like a good mental challnege. When I was younger, I used to think (or perhaps hope!) that I was a Slytherin. Then again, I was in that awkward ‘rebel against the norm’ stage, and I was under that silly misconception that all Slytherins were evil and hardcore, ha ha! Nowadays I have a great sense of pride for my house—Ravenclaw is the only house for me, really, all it took was a little self-discovery to realize it!

Posted by RinaPeverell on June 24, 2011, 08:13 PM report to moderator
27 Points

I would sort myself into Hufflepuff, but that was certainly not always the case. At first, I was quite sure I’d be Ravenclaw; I think I’m smart and I value knowledge. And, of course, Slytherin and Gryffindor crossed my mind. I’ve stood up to one too many people in my life and I can be especially determined when its something I want. And I never considered Hufflepuff, because, well… as all us fans know… Hufflepuff is often seen as the house of dorks. Not nerds or geeks, but just dorks… just big losers.

But, thats exactly why I’m Hufflepuff. I’ve been bullied my entire life, its something that has molded me into the person I am; I do believe I’m brave and intelligent and able, but more than anything… I am so ready to fight for other people. To stand by people like me. I don’t know if thats loyalty and I might be so wrong about what house I really belong in, but if it was up to me, it’ll be Hufflepuff. And, after all, it is our choices that make us who we are, right? :)

Posted by kelseymccracken on June 24, 2011, 08:15 PM report to moderator
27 Points

Hufflepuff then and now. I am happy and comfortable with that, too.

Posted by azryal on June 24, 2011, 08:17 PM report to moderator
799 Points

At first I certainly wanted to be a Gryffindor. How could I not, Harry being my favorite character and all? After a little while, though, I sat myself down and looked at myself honestly and realistically. I knew that, while a big part of me reeks of Gryffindor, my true soul is that of a Hufflepuff. If we could be sorted properly and truthfully, I would be a Gryffinpuff. Alas, that is not so but I stand tall as a proud member of HUFFLEPUFF!

Posted by DeliaDee on June 24, 2011, 08:26 PM report to moderator
135 Points

This is one of the hardest questions! I am always asked this and I can’t choose between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. I am very booking and I always eager to learn, but I stand up for my friends. This is why I think of myself as a Gryffinclaw!

Posted by xanzibar on June 24, 2011, 08:34 PM report to moderator
135 Points

This is one of the hardest questions! I am always asked this and I can’t choose between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. I am very booking and I always eager to learn, but I stand up for my friends. This is why I think of myself as a Gryffinclaw!

Posted by xanzibar on June 24, 2011, 08:34 PM report to moderator
65 Points

Hufflepuff house has never been enthusiastically embraced by the Harry Potter community. The most notable Hufflepuff, Cedric Diggory, and his heroic qualities weren’t appreciated as much as he deserves. Maybe it’s because he was the boyfriend of Harry’s crush and portrayed in the movies by an actor who also plays a certain sparkly vampire from a rival series. A Very Potter Musical, staring the Potter Community’s sweetheart Darren Criss, doesn’t help much either: “What the hell is a Hufflepuff?” asks Dumbledore in the musical, while Cedric states that Hufflepuffs are good finders. What the musical failed to include were the other enduring characteristic’s Hufflepuffs harbor: loyalty, patience, and fearlessness in the face of struggle.
But back to the “good finders” part.
Harry, a Gryffindor through it all, was also a good finder. He found friends, he found love, he found a way to destroy the most evil sorcerer the world had ever encountered, and finally through it all, he found family.
I may not possess enough cunning or ambition to be placed in prestigious Slytherin house. I may not have the wisdom or brains to become an intelligent Ravenclaw. Neither do I have the bravery or the nerve to merit the acclaimed Gryffindor status. But through the years, I have found the strength to get through anything. I’ve found the ability to love myself, to embrace my talents whatever they may be, and to remain loyal to those who love me and the girl I am. I’ve found myself.
A good finder: that’s me.

Posted by dobbyisfreee on June 24, 2011, 08:47 PM report to moderator
182 Points

I think I would be a Slytherin. I used to think I was a Ravenclaw worthy, but as time goes on I realize I’m more cunning and sometimes not-so-nice.

Posted by RemusRox on June 24, 2011, 08:48 PM report to moderator
27 Points

When I first read Harry Potter, I, like many readers, craved to be in the valiant and adventurous Gryffindor. I wanted to be in Ron, Hermione, and Harry’s inseperable clique, and I wanted to be best friends with Fred and George. However, as I grew up and as Harry Potter grew as well, I realized that I truly belonged in Ravenclaw. Yes, I am brave and adventurous, but my true talents and passions were more artistic and intellectual than anything else. Ravenclaw’s wit and wisdom began to appeal to me more than the brawn and bravery of Gryffindor.

Posted by not_slytherin413 on June 24, 2011, 09:02 PM report to moderator
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