J. K. Rowling Is No Longer a Billionaire


Mar 10, 2012

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J.K. Rowling

J. K. Rowling isn’t a billionaire any longer due to the fact that she has given a reported $160 million to various charities and, of course, to her taxes:

The billionaires club has hit J.K. Rowling with a banishing spell. According to the newly updated Forbes Rich List, the Harry Potter author has gone from billionaire to millionaire
(several hundred times over, of course). She apparently broke a few
rules of how to stay rich by giving away a lot of her fortune ”
reportedly $160 million of it ” to charity and by paying her top-rung
British taxes.

There’s no way that the socially minded
Rowling, who once lived on welfare, gives two Quaffles about her
standing on the list, and no one should shed a tear over a
stratospherically rich woman becoming slightly less so. But I always
liked knowing that an author of imaginative, timeless,
honest-to-goodness books became a billionaire.

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