J.K. Rowling’s New Book “The Casual Vacancy” Out 27th September 2012


Apr 12, 2012

Posted by John Admin

Hold on to your hats, people: the publisher Little, Brown has just put out a press release giving us the title of
JK Rowling’s new book¦ The Casual Vacancy! The book will be out on the 27th September 2012 (worldwide release date) and Little, Brown also provided a plot summary:

When Barry Fairweather dies unexpectedly in his early forties, the little town of Pagford is left in shock.

Pagford is, seemingly, an English idyll, with a cobbled market square
and an ancient abbey, but what lies behind the pretty façade is a town
at war.

Rich at war with poor, teenagers at war with their parents, wives at
war with their husbands, teachers at war with their pupils¦Pagford is
not what it first seems.

And the empty seat left by Barry on the parish council soon becomes
the catalyst for the biggest war the town has yet seen. Who will triumph
in an election fraught with passion, duplicity and unexpected

Blackly comic, thought-provoking and constantly surprising, The Casual Vacancy is J.K. Rowling’s first novel for adults.

Eeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Things to countdown to again! Let us know your initial thoughts in comments.

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Avatar Imagevandy says: Can't wait!!!!!!!! Excited !!! :)Avatar ImageNundu says: Squeeee!!!! Avatar Imageweasleywannabe1997 says: Woo hoo! Hope there is an ebook version!!! Avatar Imageblue_dreamer says: OMG it looks like I will enjoy it after all....! *squees*Avatar Imagegreatpetie83 says: So it is a political fairytale like she stated years ago. Can't waitAvatar ImageBookworm Jen says: I can't wait! Based on the description, it's not the type of book I'd normally pick up, but in Jo's hands, I'm sure it'll be wonderful! :) Too bad it's not coming out just a couple of months earlier so we could discuss at LeakyCon.Avatar ImageLady Hawke says: Harry - Barry This sounds more like a book my mother would read. Maybe she'll finally read a JKR book. We had heard rumor of the book being a murder mystery. I wonder if Barry was murdered, not just unexpectedly dead.Avatar ImageLady Hawke says: Oh, that is not to mean I won't read it too. I don't imagine her writing style will suffer in the translation to adult literature.Avatar Imagejoelface says: I can't wait for this!!! I'm so excited! Although, I still take issue with the fact that everyone seems to think that Harry Potter was written just for children.Avatar Imagesoulkissage says: Sounds super interesting to me.I can't wait to meet the characters and see them via Jo's description and to just read the way her words flow off the page.I've miss her writing even though I've reread all the HP books a quite a few times. Avatar Imagedeenally93 says: I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!Avatar Imagelupinblack2001 says: Is there going to be a midnight release party!!!!! Avatar Imagebellahawthorne says: lupinblack2001, I'll be having one all by lonesome, lol. Can't wait for the new book - no pre-ordering for me!Avatar Imagekavonymmij says: Sounds slightly odd but anything by JK should be wonderful :3 super excited now!Avatar ImageJacques Delacour says: I hope her new book is just as exciting . Im sure she wont disappoint her fans. :) Avatar Imageroonwit says: Lady Hawke: It is possible that Barry was murdered but it doesn't sound like the book is a murder mystery. The "murder mystery" rumour was just speculation about what books Jo might be good at writing.Avatar ImageLady Hawke says: Roonwit, you are probably correct. Joelface, I think the fine point being made is more this new book is definitely not for children, more than Harry not being for adults.Avatar Imageroonwit says: Lady Hawke & Joelface: Strictly speaking Harry Potter wasn't written for children either, it was just a story Jo wanted to tell that seemed to fit best into the children's book category.Avatar Imagethemaddestcat says: AAHH.Avatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: Sounds cool! :DAvatar ImageSeacoastmuggle says: I automatically assume everything she will write will be very, very good - I hope there are a few hidden Harry references that we may be able to root out!Avatar Imagehardik harshwardhan says: waiting for this book :) \m/ this is the 1st Facebook Page of this book "The Casual Vacancy ~ J.K. Rowling" https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Casual-Vacancy-JKRowling/264765383613746 Like it \m/Avatar ImageCivic Minded says: Amazon has it up for preorder already for $21.00 :) Got mine on order! Can't wait to read it. Avatar Imagesilverkacy says: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageRowena Acromantula says: I live in a little Welsh village a bit like that, especially with the local election coming up next month :-)Avatar ImageLivi22 says: Cannot wait! Just an extra piece of information; as others may have worked out, Barry means spear. Any clue to how he was murdered?Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: For sure a 'must read' on my list!Avatar Imagevin-cenza says: This is not something I would normally read, unless you count the Pretty Little Liars series, but that's for teens like myself. But in this case I will go out and buy and read it even if it is an adult book, because I'm sure it will be a spectacular story due to the fact Jo has written it. I'm excited for it to come out so I can finally read some more of Jo's work.Avatar ImageGryffindorChick says: Sound SO NOT HP!!!! DISTURBINGLY DISAPPOINTED!!!Avatar ImageLunaBear says: Blackly comic? Sound like my kind of book. Avatar Imagekatelyner123 says: OMG!!!! Although nothing will EVER beat HP, but congrats J.K.!!!! I'm sure it will be interesting!Avatar Imagekatelyner123 says: Sooo cool! Not sure if I'm going to get my hands on it, but if I do I know I'd love it! Even though it wont be as awesome as HP, (NOTHING WILL!!!!) it still sounds cool :)Avatar Imagemariakingsford says: not what i would read either. :-/ look forward to having a look though and see more of her work. Harry Potter rules!!! and nothing can beat it. :-)Avatar ImageG.Weasley says: I don't care if this is made for adults or not I'm reading/buying that book.Avatar ImageCatherine says: I GOT THE TWEET DURING SCHOOL AND HAD TO CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT UNTIL CLASS WAS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! SO ECSTATIC!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Odd title I must say. And the plot doesnt sound like something I'd reach for in the book store. I'll give it a look through, but I doubt I'll read the whole thing. If this wasnt written by Jo, I dont think it would be as popular as it already it. Just because HP was the best thing ever created, doent mean The Casual Vacancy will even come close. Avatar ImageAttolia says: I can't wait for this! I love politics, so combining that with J.K. Rowling is going to be AWESOME!Avatar ImageLady Hawke says: At any rate JKR will have at least one Best Seller at the top of the NY Times Adult Best Sellers list again. If she has more than one it will be up to her and how well this works.Avatar ImageLuna_lovegood17 says: Sounds good...Avatar Imagemuggle..andproudofit says: Odd plot I must say...but i will read it never the less!:-)Avatar ImageKlau Meglin says: It's only the plot that is known yet it reflects how amazing the story would go.. Ms.J.K.Rowling has done it again!!! :)Avatar ImageElwood J. Blues says: I like how they are kind of leaving the plot secret. I can't wait to read it. I will buy, and if there is a midnight release, I'll be there. Avatar Imageratorr2 says: I think I'll skip it. Doesn't sound like my kind of book at all. Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!Avatar ImageGrindylow_101 says: I read somewhere that it was gonna be called Lairs of the lady Po (or something along those lines) so I thought it sounded too adultish and kinda boring and wasn't gonna bother with it. However, this is much better annd I'm looking forward to reading it. XDAvatar ImageGrindylow_101 says: I read somewhere that it was gonna be called Lairs of the lady Po (or something along those lines) so I thought it sounded too adultish and kinda boring and wasn't gonna bother with it. However, this is much better annd I'm looking forward to reading it. XDAvatar ImageGrindylow_101 says: Oops! Double post, sorry. :SAvatar ImageGoldenGem says: I am already a huge fan of P D James and other murder & mystery writers so I will definitely try JKR's book but I don't think it will have the attraction that the HP books had. The first books should sell well though on her name alone but unless it's brilliant I don't think there is the same sort of market she had with the HP books, nothing like in fact.Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: I can't wait!! I hope there will be more books to come after this :DAvatar Imageroonwit says: GoldenGem: Yes the book should sell well anyway (there are enough HP fans who will buy anything by JKR) but I don't think it can hope to reach the popularity of the HP books, even if it proves to be an excellent book in its own right.Avatar ImageMagical Arts says: Wow! Sounds cool, haha. Barry .. It sounds like I name I've heard before.. Could it be.. Harry?.. Haha - Harry Barry Harry Barry Harry Barry ... I'm very excitied. I know she wont disappoint us. Avatar ImageMagical Arts says: @LunaLuver: Totally agree. I had to smile when I read it.Avatar Imagemoglet says: Sounds like a book I'll probably enjoy, looking forward to getting a copy in September.Avatar ImageHermioneLunaHP says: Can't wait for that! So excited to read it! I'm sure it's going to be brilliant! Avatar ImageJessLovesRon says: Will there be a way to reserve a copy?Avatar Imagekiwimci says: sounds... whimsical! I've total faith, I'm looking forward to reading Jo's dark humour off the page againAvatar ImageXyra44 says: Sounds wonderful! I'm putting the release date on my calendar. :)Avatar ImageGene L. says: Oh my God! I can't believe it's coming!Avatar ImageHarryLoverAllRound says: This sounds fun. I look forward to reading something else that she writes!Avatar ImageEvreka says: Oh, gosh! I'm relieved. I thought it might be something related to her charity work, like an in-depth description of the children and their conditions that she tries to do something about, and I wasn't at all sure I'd like to read that. This seems a lot more promising...Avatar ImageMichelle32 says: I'm not normally a big fan of adult books or mysteries but for J.K. Rowling, I'll make an exception!Avatar Imagelovelle says: Congratulations to her for the new book! :DAvatar Imagedevilskinn says: Very exciting!Avatar ImageAlexandraMayWood says: Sooooo exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't really care that its an adult book. I'm gonna read it anyway!!!! I mean, its by J.K. Rowling!!!!! Haha, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Avatar ImageGryffindorGirl7 says: *smiles* I am all of a sudden,an adult. Haha,I wish. Ugh! It sounds so good!Avatar ImageKorra says: This book sounds promising! I usually dont read political type books im more of an fantasy-adventure type of person but im sure her fans will enjoy the book, J.K rowling never dissapoints :)

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