First Picture of Alan Rickman in CBGB


Jul 01, 2012

Posted by Catherine

The first pictures of Alan Rickman in the film CBGB have surfaced.

The movie is currently in production in Savannah, Georgia.
The pictures were taken on the set of the movie, and show Alan Rickman sporting a red, curly wig.
In the film, Rickman portrays CBGB founder, Hilly Kristal.
You can see the pictures here or below.

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Avatar Imagehorcruxhunter7 says: 1st! Okay, this is weird- Last night I saw Alan in Galaxy Quest (STRANGEST movie ever!) so right now I look at the close ups of his face and think 'that's the weird purple actor alien? He looks so unlike him now!'Avatar Imagelovelle says: @horcruxhunter7: Alan was great in that movie in terms of comedy! :D He's definitely a flexible actor! really cool! he looks so different. quite excited for this!Avatar Imagekatelyner123 says: Ah so epic! He is soooo great at doing different roles and thats just awesome! I will 'AlWAYS' support all the HP actors no matter what they do. I'm so happy for Alan and I hope he's having a great time!Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: @Elodie, I still think he's hot, but it definitely wouldn't hurt him to do some crunches.Avatar ImageEeyore says: @horcruxhunter7 - Galaxy Quest is one of the best movies. I hope you were able to see the scenes that were cut. They are some of Rickman's funniest and it was too bad they weren't left in. I've no idea what this new movie is about, but I'll plan to see it just because Alan Rickman is in it. Red curly hair - wow. ;-)Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: @HH7: Galaxy Quest is a great movie, one of my favorite. I still remembing seeing it in theaters Easter weekend. :) Alan looks so different, nothing Snape-ish about him at all. Course once he speeks he'll have his wonderful voice.Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: Galaxy Quest is one of my all-time favourites, too. Elodie, Weeny, I don't know anything about the character he's meant to be playing in this one but imagine he's not meant to be hot!Avatar Imagemoglet says: I also love Galaxy Quest, it's a brilliant film and Alan is just great in it. Now I still think Alan is hot, but he's playing a part here, he is an actor after all, and the characters he plays are not necessarily going to appear attractive!Avatar Imageteamtonks says: OK was not expecting to see him in that wig, totally just giggled and thought "Snape is a Weasley!" But great photos! Hope the film will be a success :)Avatar ImageARff says: I watched some of the filming last week and he is wearing a fake stomach. His character is suppose to have a big belly.Avatar ImageAlwaysME says: Fat suit + wig + baggy clothes = Hilly Kristal. Alan is a chameleon. It will be interesting to see Rupert Grint's look in this film as well.Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: @ARff, are you positive that he was wearing a fake stomach? When I saw him live on Broadway in 'Seminar' in February he also had a big paunch that he appeared to be trying to disguise by always having his shirttails hanging out. I also noticed in the last two HP movies that his Snape robe, which I read somewhere was the same garment throughout all the movies, looked tight on him around the middle. I'm inclined to think that he has just gotten stout with age. Then again, I suppose it's possible that he has been choosing roles that require him to look unattractive as a way of trying to dissuade middle-aged lady stalkers. But in the case of 'Seminar,' that doesn't make much sense, as the character was supposed to be an older, no-longer-successful writer who is consistently successful when he hits on his much-younger female writing students.Avatar Imagemoglet says: Fake tummy or not, (and it does look as if it could be fake) who cares if he's possibly got a little stouter with age, most people do unless they get paranoid about how they look, start visiting the gym several times a week, going on fad diets and having plastic surgery, I can't imagine him having that kind of vanity.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: By Grabthars hammer thats a pudgy tummy!Avatar Imagesilverkacy says: I live where this is filming! :)Avatar Imagemuggle..andproudofit says: Oh my god ! He's in freaking Savannah !? How did I not know about this??? What's the point of living somewher if i can't know about these things!!!???? AHHH!!! * deep ,calming breath * OK calm now. Who care really if he has a bit of a pudge? He' Alan Rickman! =DAvatar ImageLunaLuver says: @Weeny: I noticed that too, that in last few movies his robes were getting a wee bit tighter around the middle. Not that it really matters, so what if he has, as my mom calls it ' a bit of tummy'. We still love him and his amazingacting. :)Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: @moglet, do you really believe that going to the gym several times a week is a sign of paranoia or vanity? I'd do it if I could only find the time! It's all about staying healthy.Avatar Imagepaskunia says: Can't wait to see this flick. I would rather hear the soundtrack of this film than the bloat rock featured in 'Rock Of Ages'. In fact, the reason I love punk and new wave is BECAUSE it was so much better than the corporate rock that was being played on NY stations around the same late 70s- early 80s period (amd it's still being played there- thank God for CD burners). Of course, seeing Alan Rickman playing founder Hilly Krystal will be a treat, as well. Avatar Imagemoglet says: @Weeny, it was the combination of things! I know a few people who go to the gym, it rarely seems to be about fitness, often it's about wanting to look good. It's much cheaper to simply do plenty of walking instead of driving everywhere! (I know you go hiking, so I doubt you'd really need to go to the gym.) However I was actually thinking in terms of those in the acting profession for many of whom body image seems to be the most important thing in life, but perhaps those are movie stars rather than actors. There is far too much emphasis on the way people look, I'm always glad to see people who don't seem to worry about conforming. In much of European cinema there is a much greater range of different looks, many more ordinary looking people.Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: @moglet, hiking does nothing for upper-body fitness, toning the arms etc., so I do need to do other things besides walk a lot to keep from getting flabby as I age. My gym membership costs me less than a dollar a day and I'm sure saves me much more in doctor visits. But I definitely agree with you about there being 'far too much emphasis on the way people look,' and that a lot of the blame for that falls on Hollywood - but probably the fashion industry even more.Avatar Imagehogwarts-is-my-home says: Oh, I hope they are still filming in Savannah when I go there this summer!

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