Harry Potter Film Wizardry Book to Be Expanded With More Information from “Deathly Hallows”


Jul 23, 2012

Posted by Mel

Readers may recall the Harry Potter Film Wizardry book, which was released in 2010 and included an in-depth look at the creation of the Harry Potter films. This book is now being released with addition information focusing on the “Deathly Hallow” films, neither of which had been released when the book was first put into print.
The updated edition of the Harry Potter Film Wizardry book will be released October 23, 2012. Many thanks to SnitchSeeker for the tip!

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Avatar ImageHogwartsForever says: Pass. Already have "Film Wizardry", and I'll assume some of this has already been covered in "From Page to Screen". It'll have to be something spectacular to make me go out and get this.Avatar Imagekellydofc says: Hmm guess I can give my brother back the copy I "borrowed" from him and get the new improved one for myself.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Oh goody, something else to spend my dwindling funds on! lool...Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: I never got Film Wizardry when it came out just for this reason, no DH. But now its added to my ever growing list. :)Avatar Imagemoglet says: Why didn't they just wait and do it properly in the first place.Avatar Imageweasleywannabe1997 says: Honestly, I agree with moglet. All that money sunk into the book, and now they think I will fork over all that money to buy it again? It is a lovely book, but how aggravating! And will we EVER see Ultimate Editions of the final two films? I guess WB figures we will dish for the boxed set (I will have to sell some of my children into slavery to afford THAT.) rather than actually allow us to complete our sets. I guess I get tried of being taken for granted as a fan.Avatar Imagemuggle..andproudofit says: I agree with moglet. I know I will not be spending $50 for a new book , just for the last two films ( whichwere npt my favorites ) @ weasleywannabe1997 : Mugglenet has the Ultimate Editions for 7 & 8 date for relese Sep. 7 thAvatar Imagethe dirty glass says: So, according to amazon, the expanded book will be 164 pages while the first one was 160... are they seriously expecting us to buy it again?Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: I know I shouldn't buy this, as I have the previous edition *and* Page to Screen. But it wouldn't take a lot to make me waver... Some good Snape-related info and pictures would do it. How they play with our feelings!Avatar ImageTonks1 says: WB is taking advantage of HP fans. I have all the books, multiple editions, example UK adult and children's editions DVDs both film books. etc. Now they want us to purchase an overpriced DVD set come this September and another Film Wizardry Book with the same content except for DH info. Greeeeeeeeeedy Corporation. Some of the items that are in the DVD set I would like to have but I have bills to pay and food to put on my table. BAD PR WB. Very sad Harry Potter Fan. Avatar Imagehorcruxhunter7 says: Hmmm, I'll think about buying this! Hopefully I will though!Avatar ImageGraymayne says: I agree with everyone who has commented on the issuing of an expensive collector's book with unfinished content. I already own the first book and do not intend forking out yet again. Corporate greed is my conclusion.Avatar Imagejacket says: Yes, I couldn't agree more, I bought the first copy of it almost as soon as it came out, and now they decide to add some stuff to it from the last two movies and want me to spend another pile of cash on something that I already have most of? I don't think so! Not to mention that I spent something like 70 dollars on 'page to screen' so I can only assume that I would have to fork over another wad of cash for this. I really do wish that they had waited, because this is just ridiculous! What other new ways could they possibly think of to make more money!? It's as if the franchise isn't making enough, so now they have to go and pull something like this. It's frustrating and saddening to think that something that would have made me extremely excited, like this book, could make me sad and a bit angry.Avatar ImageRavenclaw78 says: For those of you in the States who don't have the book but are thinking about buying it, it is (only) $32 on Barnes & Noble's website. Orders over $25 qualify for free shipping. Avatar Imageselenialovegood says: I agree with many of you here. I bought the FW not too long ago because I couldn't wait to buy it. I also got a complete set of all 8 films on BR for Christmas. I'm actually very pissed. The same with those new games. I can't get both Xbox and PS3. I would have to become a millionaire before I could aford all of that as well as going/ doing/ buying other amazing stuff (like other HP merch which costs a fortune).Avatar ImageTarana says: Of course, I had to check my copy of the book. I was so certain there was something about DH in there. And there is, but only 2 pages on DH2 (a 'sneak preview'). If Amazon is correct, there are only 4 pages more in the new book. Lunaluver and MrsPotterhead, you are so right. If you don't own the book already, and you want it, it's probably worth the wait for the new edition, (but also probably best to pre-order since there's a pre-order discount.) It would be a nice gesture, if WB or the publisher would put those 4 pages up online, for the people who have already splashed out on the earlier edition. ... O my, I love coincidences like this. While I am typing this, on TV someone is talking about J.K. Rowling in the programme "Have I got news for you". I'll share the joke with you: "Rowling was shocked to find that a journalist had managed to slip a note into her five year old daughter's schoolbag. She knew it couldn't be from her daughter, because it was badly written and full of spelling mistakes." :o) I feel a lot better now.Avatar Imagehewy says: Could not agree more with most of you. One does begin to feel used after awhile.Avatar Imagelovelle says: cool! :D wanna see that one!Avatar Imageweasleywannabe1997 says: Thank you Muggle...and proud of it. I am glad to hear that Mugglenet says the Ultimate Editions are coming -- but I will note that I emailed WB just last week and they said there are no plans to release them at all --- of course, the person who responded may have no idea what they were talking about!

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