J.K. Rowling, John Hurt, and Gary Oldman on new Beatles Album Cover


Jun 03, 2012

Posted by Catherine

UPDATE: The photo can now be seen in our galleries.

In order to celebrate 45 years since the release of the Sgt. Pepper Beatles album, Peter Blake (the artist who designed the original, iconic album cover) recreated the album cover with a collage of modern celebrities. A couple of Harry Potter stars made the list. J.K. Rowling is pictured in the second row, center, and Gary Oldman (Sirius Black) is placed next to Audrey Hepburn, three rows down from J.K. Rowling. The picture can be seen at this link.
UPDATE: John Hurt (Ollivander) also made it onto the cover (a little ways down from J.K. Rowling). Thank you to all of you who pointed it out in the comments!

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Avatar Imagekiwimci says: Jo FTW!Avatar Imagehorcruxhunter7 says: It's a good cover!Avatar Imagekatelyner123 says: that is SO awesome, but woah woah WOAH! Where is Dan, Rupert, Emma, and Alan?! They totally desserve that too! I am SO glad they have Gary and Jo though, that's awesome!Avatar Imagepaskunia says: Maybe Harry Potter, Inc., wouldn't let them be put on the cover in character. Just guessing. But if that is so, it's probably about money. Usually is. I try to be positive about things, but not when it comes to movie studios and their copyrighted images. Some studios guard their icons as jealously as they guard their spouses.Avatar Imagejordanrod010 says: John Hurt (Ollivander) Is also on there! You missed him out.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Where is the giant squid?Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Where is the giant squid?Avatar Imagespiritbound says: That's so awesome for jk, glad shes on there. John hurt is aswell?? Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: It’s awesome cover!Avatar ImageGiant Fairy says: For an old Giant Fairy who knows the time and the "air" of that time it s quite photoshoppy, and, alas, I also miss Mr Ollivander in the HeadlineAvatar Imagesilverkacy says: I love the Beatles and I'm glad the potter stars made it on there!Avatar Imagesirius33 says: Harry Potter AND The Beatles? Sgt. Potter's Lonely Hearts Quiddich Team.Avatar Imagelovelle says: that is so cool! congrats to the Beatles by the way!Avatar Imagehogwarts-is-my-home says: Good cover!

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