First Picture of Alan Rickman in “The Butler”


Sep 12, 2012

Posted by Catherine

The first picture of Alan Rickman’s (Severus Snape) new movie, The Butler, has surfaced (and can be seen below). As reported previously, Mr. Rickman is playing the role of Ronald Regan in the movie, which follows the life of a White House butler that serves many United States presidents. Mr. Rickman is pictured, dressed fully as Ronald Regan, with fellow cast-members Oprah Winfrey (White House maid) and Jane Fonda (Nancy Regan), as well as director Lee Daniels. The Washington Post reports:

Oprah Winfrey ” or whoever manages her Twitter feed ” recently tweeted a couple of photos from the set of “The Butler’ the decades-spanning White House drama based on stories written by The Washington Post’s Wil Haygood. While Buzzfeed has focused on the photograph that shows off the age makeup sported by co-stars Winfrey and Lenny Kravitz (who still looks “Are You Gonna Go My Way?”-hot even as an “old” man), what’s more fascinating is the Instagram shot of Jane Fonda and Alan Rickman dressed as Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Even with Winfrey and director Lee Daniels by their sides to shatter the illusion, the resemblance between them and the occupiers of the ˜80s-era White House is pretty striking.

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Avatar ImageG.Weasley says: Well Alan certainly looks a lot more plump than he has during the last 8 Harry Potter movies. Then again, he probably had a certain size that he had to be at all times.Avatar Imagehrrypttrfn328 says: I think, @Mommy Direction, Rickman didn't "plump up" because he doesn't have to be skinny for Snape anymore. It is probably more so because he needs to look like Ronald Reagan.Avatar Imagesiena says: In this picture he (Alan Rickman) looks like Alec Baldwin I'm afraid .... but Jane Fonda looks pretty striking indeed !!!Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: Not sure when his scenes for 'The Butler' were shot, but Rickman definitely had a paunch on him when I saw him in 'Seminar' last winter. Whether it was a deliberate move to play a role is anybody's guess. What concerns me more than his weight is the idea of him possibly playing Reagan sympathetically and forcing me to start liking the guy after all these years! I'm hoping that he stays in his villain mode ; )Avatar Imagemoglet says: Why is everyone obsessed with Alan's weight? It's immaterial isn't it? the quality of the acting will be the important bit.Avatar ImageG.Weasley says: Relax, I was just saying that he looks plumper that's all, it's just something I noticed, it's not like I have a problem with his weight.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I dunno... He's sure got Regan's half grin & squinty eyes down & the hair is spot on.Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Wow, Alan really looks like Regan. He may have had to gain weight for this role, actors do it all the time. Looking forward to seeing this movie. :)Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: I think the tough part is going to be pitching his voice a couple of octaves higher. Reagan was no basso profundo.

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