Vote to Ask J. K. Rowling a Pottermore Question for the 10/11/12 Online Fan Q&A


Sep 03, 2012

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J.K. Rowling

As readers may recall, Scholastic will be hosting an online fan Q&A with J. K. Rowling on October 11th. The Pottermore Insider is asking fans to vote on which Pottermore related question should be asked at the Q&A. The voting choices are as follows:

  • Which Pottermore house are you in?
  • Having a wand choose you is a very exciting moment on Pottermore, what kind of wand chose you?
  • What would be your advice to anyone who has trouble brewing their first successful potion on Pottermore?
  • Which Harry Potter book are you most looking forward to seeing on Pottermore?

You can vote for your choice here.

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