Daniel Radcliffe will “shock” fans in “Kill Your Darlings”


Sep 06, 2012

Posted by Catherine

MTV News got the chance to ask Daniel Radcliffe’s costar, Jack Huston, a few questions about Radcliffe’s new movie Kill Your Darlings. The movie contains break out roles for many young actors. MTV stated that this film is “a veritable who’s-who of young Hollywood talent”, and that “eyes will be focused on one actor in particular, Daniel Radcliffe.”. Jack Huston agreed, stating what a pleasure it was to work with Radcliffe in a news clip (which can be seen below). MTV reports:

Upcoming indie “Kill Your Darlings” is a fictional retelling of the lives of iconic beat poets like Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, will be a veritable who’s-who of young Hollywood talent. Elizabeth Olsen, Jack Huston, Dane DeHaan, and Ben Foster all have roles in the film, but it’s most likely that eyes will be focused on one actor in particular, Daniel Radcliffe.

Still in the early stages of establishing his adult acting career post-Potter, Radcliffe’s portrayal of Allen Ginsberg could cement his future as a performer, free from the shadow of the boy who lived.

MTV News spoke with Radcliffe’s co-star, Jack Huston, at the premiere of HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire,” and the actor who plays the half-faced hitman, Richard Harrow, had nothing but kind things to say, calling Radcliffe “the real deal.”

“I’ve never seen [anything like] the way he works, such tenacity,” Huston said. “He’s got a hunger for the craft. It was one of the loveliest experiences.”

Huston said that he understands the pressure Radcliffe faces moving forward in his career, but he thinks that people will be surprised when “Kill Your Darlings” comes out next year. “I think people are going to be shocked about how good he is,” Huston said. “He’s really coming into himself. It’s very hard getting out of the shadow of something like ‘Harry Potter’ because… it’s as big as it gets in the film world. I think he really wants to be considered the actor he’s capable of actually becoming. I’m happy that I got to work with him and actually see him do what he’s capable of doing.”

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6 Responses to Daniel Radcliffe will “shock” fans in “Kill Your Darlings”

Avatar ImageGraymayne says: That is great news!Avatar ImageCloakKnight says: I know I pretty much said the same thing about the Matt Lewis article, but I think the HP alums are doing it right. They're not running into overly risque "adult" stuff in a desperate attempt to show that they're not 12 years old anymore; they're letting things unfold in an organic and mature way. I really think they'll do well... at the very least the cast will always have my support! :)Avatar ImageMimblewimble13 says: Ginsberg was a moonbat hack whose only accomplishment was stealing Kerouac's technique. Kerouac was later embarrassed and disgusted by the movement his work helped to start. But I'm sure the film will gloss over all this and show them as heroic.Avatar ImageJeannine says: This film is about how the movement started ..the people who actually caused it to happen ...not as much about what happened during it. Whatever happened after ward may be up for each person's involvement in it,or thier interpritation ..but the actual catylists ..for it to HAPPEN..are represented in this film ..I am looking forward to seeing this film,should be good performances all around such a great cast.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: How very interesting.Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: I have to differ strongly with Mimblewimble13 on Ginsberg's poetry, which has brought me much enjoyment (including as recited live by the poet back on my college campus long ago), but we can agree to disagree. I do still have trouble picturing Ginsberg looking or sounding anything like Dan Radcliffe, but I am looking forward to seeing the movie and letting them try to suspend my disbelief! Meanwhile, more kudos to Dan for being such a hardworking and serious craftsman.

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