The Leaky Cauldron is Coming to Real Life


Nov 05, 2013

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Longtime Leaky Cauldron readers, it has finally happened: The Leaky Cauldron will officially exist in the real world, according to Travel Daily Media, who broke the news today. This has long been rumored with the expansion of the park: also coming to the park is a Gringotts goblin roller coaster as well as a large rideable Hogwarts Express that will take visitors from one side of the park (the Diagon Alley side) to the other (the Hogsmeade).
Planning to visit this newly expanded park thisi summer? Make sure to go in time for LeakyCon, our annual fandom conference. It spans July 30-August 4, and The Leaky Cauldron is in the early stages of planning a very special LeakyCon-fan-only event with Universal Studios at the newly expanded park. Find out more at, and register right here. See you there!

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Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Will have to stop in and get a mug of mead...Avatar ImageSpook says: Fantastic. Wish I could go. Thank you for the update.Avatar ImageMad But Happy says: Awesome!Avatar ImagePatronus 27 says: Nice! Hope that the interior will have a pretty big capacity, since also that section of the park will be crawled!Avatar ImageAvanelleWood says: Sweet!!!Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: This is a weirdly written blurb - nowhere does it specify that 'the park' means the Wizarding World of HP in Orlando. There is already a Hog's Head pub there, so it will be a bit redundant to have the Leaky Cauldron, although it appears that they will be situated in separate 'islands.' Now, when are they going to hire some Wrock bands to play in the pubs and buskers to play in the streets?Avatar ImageXyra44 says: Love it. So glad to hear they are still building in the Wizarding World. The more the better.Avatar ImageXyra44 says: I know I have already responded here, but I reread the entire blurb and just saw the part about adding a Hogwarts Express to take you from one side of the park to the other and LOVE that! I hope one day to get there.Avatar ImageBeAchL0veEr05 says: I hope I can go soon!

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