Harry Potter Pez Dispensers to be Released in 2015


Jun 02, 2013

Posted by Mel

Pez has announced that they will be collaborating with J. K. Rowling for a Harry Potter related line of Pez dispensers, which will be available in 2015:

“I’ll give you one for 2015,” speaking about which new Pez dispensers are on the horizon. “It’s taken me about five years to get it. And that’s Harry Potter.” He didn’t detail what it would look like only that “JK Rowling definitely will be involved.”

It typically takes about a year and a half and lots of planning to bring the 6.5 inch dispensers to life. From Mickey Mouse to Santa Claus and Darth Vader in between, the list of larger-than-life characters immortalized by the company is long.

Vittoria says they’ve already begun designing the Harry Potter dispensers. Like other limited-edition sets, all 250,000 of the dispensers designed like the boy wizard will be numbered.

You can read more from the article here. Many thanks to SnitchSeeker for the tip!

9 Responses to Harry Potter Pez Dispensers to be Released in 2015

Avatar ImageGraymayne says: Yuck! That's pathetic!Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: I had to look up 'Pez dispenser' on Google. They're not a thing we have in the UK, and I can't see what they have to do with Harry Potter.Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: Oh, I think it's cool! Pez dispensers are a popular type of collectible in the US, and very affordable upon initial issue (though the price goes way up on eBay later). Pez has been around since I was a kid - very much a pop culture icon of the Boomer generation, Stateside. The tiny sugar candies are shaped like bars of soap and taste a little tart. Early dispensers were mostly shaped like cartoon characters, and since then, limited-edition series have been issued for many a fandom. I nearly broke down and bought a LotR boxed set a couple of years ago - probably should have, since it would be worth way more now than the $20 or so that it was selling for in the local drugstore at the time. Anyway, it's about time that there was a Harry Potter version!Avatar ImageXyra44 says: Cool! I have a few older Pez dispensers around the house. I've not bought any in sometime, but just may get an HP one. Depends on the detail.Avatar ImageMad But Happy says: Pez is a great American tradition, LOL! You know you've done well when you make it onto a Pez dispenser! :p They should be comical to look at it, if anything. Avatar ImageLa La Toadstone says: Pez!! YES!! Ihope they make Hedwig and a cauldron!!Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: A Dobby head would be good, or Buckbeak. Hagrid would be funny. I'm not sure that I'd want to eat a Pez coming out of a Voldy or a Bellatrix or a Greyback. And I'm sure that Snape would find it way beneath his dignity to end up as a Pez dispenser. It would be especially macabre with him, since he died having his neck ripped open and the Pez pretty much pops out of the "neck" of the dispenser as the head is tipped back. So maybe poor Severus should get a pass on this one.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Potter Pez would be a big seller I should think...Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: That be pretty cool. If they look alright I might purchase one or two.

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