Warner Bros. Studio Tour Diagon Alley Now on Google Maps

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Jul 04, 2013

Posted by Mel

Today, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Twitter announced that you can now see Diagon Alley on Google Street View. Enjoy a glimpse into the studio here, and see if you can spot anything lurking in the shadows.

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Avatar Imagebudgie says: Great!Avatar ImagePollyC says: That was fun! But what WAS that lurking in the alley? A death-eater? Very creepy. I was at WB Studios in May 2012 and I did not see that in the alley! Avatar ImagePollyC says: Oh.... and in this Google view, the door to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes is open so that we have a close-up view of the girl I call Patsy, puking her pastille in a bucket! Ni-i-i-i-i-ce. Avatar ImageMad But Happy says: That was SO COOL!! I notice they blurred the ends of the hallway so you couldn't see the rest of the stuff. Clever! Haha. But seriously, this is nice for people who would never have a chance to go on the tour, otherwise.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Very cool stuff...Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: Which Death Eater was that? Can anybody tell by the mask? I know that Lucius has one of those fancy wand holsters, but I don't think that he's the only Death Eater who does. I wonder why good guys in the Potterverse just have to keep their wands rattling around in their pockets (or tucked behind their ears, if they're Luna).Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: I wonder if that dark archway is supposed to be the entryway to Knockturne Alley. You would think that there would be a street sign, though.Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: @Weeny (your first question): Perhaps because they're not such big show-offs? Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: (The Death Eaters seem to be a bit obsessed with looking the part, which I suppose rings true, since much of their power comes from intimidating people.)Avatar Imagemoglet says: I don't recall seeing the death eater either and i was there in June and December last year.Perhaps I should look at my photos!Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: I wonder if it comes and goes. The first time I visited the Google Street View I didn't notice anything in that spot, and I scrolled slowly through the whole scene.Avatar Imageanne1 says: That's so cool. Diagon Alley was one of my favourite parts of the Tour, apart from the amazing Hogwarts model.Avatar ImageHarryPotterGirl (Hermione) says: That pretty cool :)

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