The Leaky Cauldron’s Menu at the Wizarding World!


Mar 04, 2014

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Two new photos of what is to come this summer, with Orlando’s new Wizarding World: Diagon Alley, have been released. These photos contain snap shots of what food will be on the menu in Diagon Alley’s main restaurant: the real-life Leaky Cauldron! Tom Schroder, PR for Universal Orlando Resorts, posted two pictures, on his twitter page, of Leaky’s potential lunch and dessert items that he was taste testing. The first photo shows a cheese platter, fish and chips, a “Bangers & Mash” plate, and other English foods. For dessert, the Leaky Cauldron is apparently offering a variety of cookies (blueberry and cinnamon sugar included), “Chocolate Potted Cream”, “Apple Red Currant Tart”, and a few more pastries and delicacies. Schroder also reminds us not to forget about ice cream, also stating in a separate tweet that Universal is working on unique flavors for Diagon Alley.

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Feb 28

Did someone say ice cream? Our culinary team has created great special flavors – just for Diagon Alley. Brilliant!

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Mar 1

Our culinary team has done great work…so much variety and all delicious. Beyond that, you will have to stay tuned.

Many thanks to Hypable for the tip!

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