New Harry Potter short story from JKR


Jul 08, 2014

Posted by Catherine

As she promised at the beginning of Pottermore’s Quidditch World Cup coverage, J.K. Rowling has published a Harry Potter short story. Like most new material from the Potter Universe, this short story has been posted on Pottermore as extra content. However, this time the new content is a short story of Harry as an adult. Business Insider reported that in the short story Harry, age 34, is attending the final match with his family and friends. The short story is written as a gossip column for the Daily Prophet by Rita Skeeter. Much of the short story incorporates what J.K. Rowling revealed in her documentary, A Year in the Life, when she drew out the family tree of the remaining, living characters. Please log into Pottermore and visit the Daily Prophet to read the full short story.

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Avatar Imagesims159 says: This story is popping already on main stream media!!! Go Jo!!! Harry Still rules!!!Avatar ImagePreciousIsTheMoment says: After a long day at work this is welcome news!!!Avatar ImagePreciousIsTheMoment says: Well I just read it and I swear to you that I think she's throwing around the idea of writing a new book!! Read the part about Harry and a new scar and you can just feel the foreshadowing jump off the page! "We do not comment on Top Secret work of the Auror Department"? Maybe I'm just reading a bit too much into it but I believe the Auror Department is a metaphor for her and the secret work IS the new book. Avatar Imagegambyt says: We wants MORE Jo! More pleeze! lool....

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