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Reading and Writing and Chocolate

Summer Reading for Teachers and Students

August 07, 2008, 01:38 AM

I've received a few emails asking about good books to inspire teachers and books to help teach vocabulary to students preparing for their Scholastic Aptitude Test. (SAT) I'm taking a break from the usual articles to chat about these topics. What books do I recommend teachers read during the summer? Harry Potter seems obvious, (if you teach in a secondary school, read Breaking Dawn - by Stephanie Meyers since your students probably did) so I'll stick to books that are more on the subject of teaching than on fantasy!

Since teachers all teach various subjects I'm sticking to books that focus on classroom management. Since this is the one thing I don't think most university teaching programs focus on enough, it seems like a good place to start.

One thing to remember is that a teacher must do what works for them. While I can tell you what my philosophy is on classroom management, I can tell you that what works for me doesn't fit everyone's style. Also, while I focus on the skills taught in the following books, I don't recommend these in a university classroom.

Teaching with Love and Logic - by Jim Fay and David Funk
This book helps any teacher learn to handle the kid who pushes the right button. This book really helped me learn to show my students how logical consequences follow mistakes they might make. Following the ideals in this book helps appeal to a student's logical side while showing the students how much you love being their teacher.

The Freedom Writers Diary - by Zlata Filipovic
This book will help you inspire writing in all students. This book helps every teacher (not just the writing teacher) make writing across the curriculum more interesting and meaningful!

Managing your classroom with Heart by Katy Ridnouer
This book is geared more for secondary school teachers. This book helps you accept your teen aged students and helps you as a teacher learn to gear a curriculum towards them as opposed to a curriculum guide.

Different Brains, Different Learners by Eric Jensen
Brain based research helps teachers learn how to reach all students. If you have ever sat in a classroom and wondered "What are they thinking?"; this book probably has the answers.

Books for students preparing for SAT Verbal test

I often get asked how to help students prepare for the verbal portion of their Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). I have to say, that the best way to prepare for SAT tests is to read. Read a variety of novels, new papers, magazine articles. Just reading a variety of pieces will help. If you are within six months of taking your test you should start reading Tooth and Nails by Charles Harrington Elster and Joseph Elliot.

Of course all teachers and students should enjoy and refresh themselves over the summer months, just to help them prepare for the challenges of the school year. So of course enjoyable reading like Harry Potter is a must!

~ Doris

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