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The Importance of Fan Art: Interpretation

August 05, 2008, 07:29 AM

The creation of art has two faces: creation and interpretation. The magic of fan art is that it wears both masks. The Potter fan artist is both creating new art and interpreting the literary art of Jo Rowling. Of course, this interpretive art has a long history--even the classical artists derived their inspiration from another medium--an oral tradition of fable perhaps, or the admired work of a mentor. Some fan art takes this interpretation a step further yet, by adding layers of interpretation...

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HP art soup

July 21, 2008, 06:40 AM

First I want to thank the AMAZING Tom Scribble for the snippets of her artwork on my blog banner. She is truly one of the GREAT HP FanArtists! Now, about this little ol' blog-thingy here: I thought, being the big HP FanArt geek that I am, it might be nice to talk a bit more about art in general, HP fan art in particular, and the visual side of the Potter-phenomenon. In a more personal manner than is possible in the Leaky Gallery Forums, that is. I'll explain the soup reference in a later article...

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Name: Jamie
LeakyName: Hagiographer13
House: Ravenclaw

I am a photographer and graphic artist who gets paid for NOT doing those things. Typical. Jo Rowling and HP saved my life so working in the fandom is my way of paying it back. With this blog I want to share my love of the visual side of Harry Potter and generally blather on about art.

At Leaky I am a Galleries Moderator and uber FanArt fanatic. I also get to do graphics and some photochopping--so there you go! In addition to HP I am also a fan of DR. WHO, STAR TREK (the original) and movies. If I can't be doing photo-fun, then let me sit in a darkened theatre with a bag of popcorn and Sno-caps.