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From tlccraftywitches

February 17, 2010

As a crafter, a lot of times I’ve been asked what inspires me to do what I do…and it’s a hard question to answer.  Why?  Well, because it depends on just what the questioner wants to hear, really.  Short answer, long answer, politically correct answer, or indulgent answer…and the list goes on… I’ve had a bit of a brick wall in my way off and on for the last 8 months.  Sometimes that wall goes down, and I plow right through stuff…and other times, no matter...

From JeffHPFan

February 01, 2010

    1 year and 6 months. That's 547 (548 if you round up) days without a blog from me on here. It has been weird without leaky, let me tell you...    After I dropped from the staff list due to my decreased time and thus, unfortunately, interest, I found myself visiting leaky less and less as well. As school and sports grabbed hold of my life, and as the news concerning Harry Potter dwindled in the post-book seven years, I found myself posting less on LeakyLounge,...

From Jon

February 01, 2010

Hello, again.  I write to you from Los Angeles, where I have been living since Thursday!  California is magnificent.  I will be job-hunting this week, but as a treat for myself, I think I will take a walk down to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to see the trio’s Hand, Foot, and Wand prints.  Harry Potter always grounds me whenever the world becomes a bit overwhelming and scary.  Of course, this move and this city have been that at times, but the fact is I’ve chosen this...

From tlccraftywitches

January 27, 2010

While you won't see this for a while, I'm writing this during the Twelve Days of Christmas (25 December 2009 through 6 January 2010).   Usually a time when many consider making changes (dare I say 'resolutions'?) for the new year.I hope some of you have made one to take better care of our world, after all it is the only one we have.  Sometimes, its a slow process to realize just how important changing existing habits or adding new ones to help the environment.  I know it has...

From tlccraftywitches

January 20, 2010

I have several friends who have recently had babies, and being the awesome person that I am (just ask me!), I like to give little gifts. Also, being the super HP fan that I am (just ask me!), I like to sneak in little HP-themed gifts every now and again. Now, one would think that my dilemma would be pink, blue, or gender-neutral. No. It's Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green.With my own children, I have found that it is impossible to sort them into their appropriate house until they are at least 4,...

From tlccraftywitches

January 14, 2010

So, I’m have a few problems around this time of year. The main one (being in Aus) is that IT’S SO DARN HOT!Day after day, temperatures reach above 30 degrees Celcius, and sometimes above 40. Staying completely still in front of an air conditioner, eating ice, seems to be the only way to go. How do you craft when it’s so hot? You Leaky Crafters who live in interminably hot areas – how do you make anything?!I’m struggling to find any motivation to pick up a needle or pair of scissors.Presents...

From Jon

January 04, 2010

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From Doris

December 31, 2009

Have you read that one book?  For many of you who know what I'm talking about, you know what I mean, for others, you might be confused.  Remember that one book?  That "one book" that makes sense, that helped you connect with the world, the one that you could not stop talking or thinking about.  Have you read it?  I truly hope you have.My goal in my adult life has been to help promote literacy.  I've always wanted to help kids find that "one book."  For many...

From tlccraftywitches

December 30, 2009

As you read this message, I’m probably sitting on a beach in Riviera Maya, Mexico, sipping a fruity drink with an umbrella in it, and applying copious amounts of sunscreen so I don’t look like an overcooked lobster when I come back to freezing Canada temperatures. I know, I know, you would sssooo cry for me if that happened! :P Anyway, I thought I would take this opportunity to blog about what you can bring with you on a plane, and about the crafty possibilities when it comes to beach...

From Jon

December 30, 2009

Hello, everyone.  I apologize for the blog being down for so long.  There has been a lot going on, but one of the main reasons for the lack of updates is that I finally came out to my father a couple months ago.  I don't have much to say on that topic yet.  In a lot of ways, I'm only beginning to digest everything that's happened recently.  I will say one thing:  being 100% out of the closet feels every bit as good as everyone said, and no matter what happens, I...

From tlccraftywitches

December 16, 2009

Yeah, that’s what I should be doing….holiday crafting.  *looks over checklist*  I’ve had MONTHS to finish these things…and yet here I am, a Christmas celebrator, with just over a week left, and I still have MILES of crafting to finish. *sigh*  It happens this way every year.  I have lists. I have ideas. I have supplies….or at least lists of supplies…  Then come….oh, say, December 4th….I realize I have NOTHING done, and only...

From Sue

December 05, 2009

Editor's Review: As a parent for years I had hoped they would produce quality Harry Potter decals like so many others already on the market to have for a bedroom, or now to help decorate a rec room, Harry Potter style. Just recently I had the chance to take a closer look at a piece from this collection first hand, this gorgeous cut out of Hogwarts Castle, and can report that indeed these are high quality decals, well worth the wait and a good investment if you are willing to go for the larger...

From tlccraftywitches

December 02, 2009

As I write this, I'm taking a break from packing.  Sir Dragon Preacher and I are going to be heading out tomorrow after work to share Thanksgiving with Crafty Witch Quietish.  Obviously, with the holiday coming up here in the states, it is only natural to think about things you are grateful for.  I have many -- my husband and children, my mum.  Even though they've passed through the veil, my father and grandmother, my uncle.  My aunt.  I'm thankful that my life...

From tlccraftywitches

September 10, 2009

Many of us have already talked about those dreaded works in progress, better known as WIPs. Another common word for them is UFOs, unfinished objects. You know those projects you start, get almost done, and then stop making for a reason or another. I must say my house is filled with them. *bows head in shame* Why are there so many UFOs in my house? Really, I don’t know. In some cases, projects are unfinished because of sheer frustration. That would be the case for a scarf I made out of...

From tlccraftywitches

September 02, 2009

Greetings fellow crafters,(I am rather feeling like we crafters should have some sort of hand signal to greet each other with, like the Vulcans' Live Long and Prosper thing. Hm.. we should really consider this further at some point.)In my last post I treated you all to a little pre-school year anxiety. Sorry 'bout that. I have to say thank you to all that commented, though. You are all so kind, thoughtful, and encouraging.As expected, the first week of school was a bit hectic and it...

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