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From tlccraftywitches

August 26, 2009

*sigh*Anyone who has ever said moving isn’t hard is a liar.  It isn’t just HARD, it’s HARD LABOR. *rubs sore muscles* So what does Crafting have to do with Moving?  Well, for me, it’s been both frustrating and rewarding.  Remember a few months ago when I blogged about having OCD (Obsessive Crafting Disorder)?  And how I mentioned that every once in a while I would find a bag of crafting supplies that I had forgotten I had purchased?  Yeah….about...

From nitting

August 20, 2009

Gryffindor Illusion Scarf© hardhatcatSupplies1 skein worsted weight yarn in burgundy1 skein worsted weight yarn in goldUS 8 (5.00 mm) needlesYarn needleChartClick on the thumbnail for a full-size picture.InstructionsStart from the bottom of the chart.After completing the chart continue in a pattern of:Knit 2 rows in main color (MC). Knit 1 row, purl 1 row in contrasting color (CC) until you reach the desired length. Reverse the chart for the other end of the scarf, working from the top...

From tlccraftywitches

August 19, 2009

I’m having issues today.  I woke up not feeling well - a stiff neck/back and a headache - so have decided that after a quick Tai Chi stretch-out session and hot shower I will spend the day resting and crafting.  Feeling pretty smug, too, for being so proactive instead of whiny - as I would usually be.  The problem?  What to craft?!?   Sitting on the couch waiting for me is a project for a friend’s upcoming birthday.  It’s gorgeous, it’s almost done,...

From tlccraftywitches

August 12, 2009

There's a peace found in old friends that can't be found many other places.  You know those old friends -- not so much in age or time known -- but in the foundation that developed and remained and all that has been built on it ever since.  The friends that don't care what you scruff around your house in because they're there to see you not your house or latest outfit.The ones who won't be able to bail you out cause they're right next to you :DThey are the ones you're comfortable with...

From Jessica

August 09, 2009

   I had planned to post this a few days before the movie opened, but I had some quite severe technical problems. But they're all sorted now. Just thought you'd like to know why this talks as if I hadn't seen the movie yet, 'cause when I wrote this, I hadn't! Hope you enjoy!     This will be my first time seeing a Harry Potter movie at the theater when it first opens. When I first got into the Potter world, it was right after "Order of the...

From tlccraftywitches

August 05, 2009

I just came back from a two-week holiday. Given the fact that the sun has been ever-so elusive where I live, my dear Muggle and I decided to make the 12+ hour car ride to Virginia Beach, VA. We had a lovely time there, with the sun and the heat as our constant companions.  While we were there, we went into the traditional souvenir shops. We needed a parasol for the beach, and as I had broken my sunglasses the previous week, I also wanted to buy a new pair. While we were there, I couldn’t...

From Dragonsinger

July 31, 2009

Lately, I've found so many things happening in the past few days that lead me to wonder what others would do in these incidents.  Simply because it never hurts to try to look at your situation through other eyes and as this question has begun making it way around, I began to think about how Dumbledore would handle things?What Would Dumbledore Do? ( lessons has he taught me in the volumes of Harry Potter?  Stand by those you love and if you make a mistake...

From tlccraftywitches

July 22, 2009

How you torture me! Don’t you realize all I need in my day is a little time to put my feet up and commune with some yarn or thread? It’s not very much to ask, I don’t think. Please consider me the next time you have some serenity to spare.Thanks much,Rosemary / QuietishIt must just be the crafter’s lot in life to be eternally juggling one’s interests with Real Life.  I hate to write about it really, when all I do on my own neglected blog is complain that I haven’t had time to...

From Aggi

July 19, 2009

Eek, it’s been a while! I am so sorry about this – my utterly inept loging-in skills prevented me from remembering my password and everything else to get in to this blog, but I am here now and this one of my old blogs which I’ve not managed to show you.   OK, It’s a given that I am not Peter’s biggest fan to have ever walked the planet, so this’ll probably be the most biased blog I have ever created but I am going to talk about why he broke off from his Gryffindor roots to become...

From tlccraftywitches

July 15, 2009

Greetings, all!! The Princess, hp5freak, has decreed…  Well, now, that sounds entirely too formal….  So, change of plans….  Alrighty, to be honest, I had a whole other blog post planned.  But things with Real Life and his bandits of Time Thieves have changed the landscape of my summer.  And as I find myself facing some pretty new, exciting and frankly SCARY things ahead… I found that I had to change my whole blog post…  Now given that Harry Potter and...

From tlccraftywitches

July 07, 2009

In a week we’ll all be able to see Half-Blood Prince come to life before our eyes.  This is my favorite book of the series.  I love the emotion, the forging of bonds necessary to take on what the future presents.  I love the new characters, and the maturing of the returning ones.What inspires me the most, though, isn’t this particular book.  It’s the creativity that the entire series has spawned.  It’s jaw-dropping, it really is!  Fan fiction writers, fan...

From Jon

July 07, 2009

In 1965, Mel Brooks’ hilarious send-up of the spy genre, Get Smart, debuted.  The show centered on not-so-secret secret agent Maxwell Smart, played by funny man Don Adams, and his partner Agent 99, equal parts beautiful and clever, played by the über-cool Barbara Feldon.  Agent 99 was the new modern image of women:  she had the looks and the style, but more importantly, she was a woman who was successful in her career and yet, amidst all the butt-kicking and karate-chops-in-the-back,...

From Dragonsinger

July 03, 2009

Sometimes working for Leaky Cauldron has the most awesome benefits.  Like when Pottercast Live is playing in Tulsa and  you get to spend time with Melissa, John and Frak in person rather than just emails or notes on sites!  Tonight was so much fun seeing the Live Pottercast and the wizard rock.  Fun and friends.  All because of a simple series of books based on a young wizard named Harry Potter. As I write this, I'm currently relaxing in a hotel room with five other fandom...

From tlccraftywitches

July 01, 2009

One of the most wonderful things about being a Crafty Witch is meeting other crafters -- like minded souls who not only enjoy Harry Potter but crafting as well.  Over the past two and a half (zomg I've been here that long *blinks*), I've met new friends and found wonderful shoulders to lean on when sad, celebrate with when happy, or just commiserate with when a pattern's not working out like it's supposed to.  As an added bonus, I've met some wonderful people on staff in other departments...

From tlccraftywitches

June 29, 2009

It’s really amazing, when you think about it, what can be considered a “craft”.  When most think about crafting they think about knitting, or crochet, or sewing.  When I think about crafting I think about creating something.  It doesn’t necessarily have to involve yarn, or needles or hooks or anything like that.  I consider it crafting whenever I rearrange my living room because I am creating an atmosphere.  I consider it crafting when I rearrange my bookshelves...

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