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July 2008 Craft-Along: Hogwarts House Friendship Bracelet


Hogwarts House Friendship Bracelet by Rosemary Waits / Quietish


Listed in tutorial

DMC embroidery floss in chosen house’s colors
• Gryffindor - Red 815 (MC), Gold 676(CC)
• Hufflepuff - Yellow 973 (MC), Black 310 (CC)
• Ravenclaw (book) - Blue 336 (MC), Bronze 680 (CC)
• Ravenclaw (movie) - Blue 336 (MC), Silver 415 (CC)
• Slytherin - Green 935 (MC), Silver 415(CC)
Safety pin

Also recommended

tape (for securing thread to work surface)

Finished Object Photos

by As_Weasley_as_I_wannabe

by Overcast

by Alatarielle

by Iheartprofessorsnape

by t0rri3

by JaneMarple9