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Minerva's Lucky Quidditch Socks

© Audrey


2 50g skeins of fine sock yarn in main color (MC)
1 50g skein of fine sock yarn in accent color (AC)
2 US/1½ (2.50 mm) circular needles
Tapestry needle


36 stitches = 4" (10.16 cm), when knit in the round and measured on the unstretched piece of knitting and not on the needle.


C2R(Cross to right): insert right needle (RN) into the 2nd next stitch on the left needle (LN) as if to purl, knit the 1st stitch on LN normally, slip both stitches off the needle.
C2L(Cross to left): from back of work, knit 2nd st on LN through the back loop (tbl) without slipping it off the needle, insert RN into 1st st as if to purl, slip both stitches off needle.
YO(Yarn over): place working yarn in front of work.


With accent color (AC) cast on 72 stitches.

Divide evenly over two circular needles.

K2, P2 for 4 rounds.

Switch to main color (MC) and k2, p2 for 3 rounds.

Switch back to AC and k2, p2 for another 2 rounds.

For the rest of the leg you will use the MC and follow the stitch pattern bellow (if you must adapt this pattern to make it smaller or larger, make sure your number of stitches is divisible by 18 for the stitch pattern to work).

Leg pattern
Round 1: * C2L, K5, C2R - Repeat from * to end of round.

Round 2: Knit all stitches.

Round 3: * K1, C2L, K3, C2R, K1 - Repeat from * to end of round.

Round 4: Knit all stitches.

Round 5: * K2, C2L, K1, C2R, K2 - Repeat from * to end of round.

Round 6: * K4, YO, K2tog, K3 - Repeat from * to end of round.

Round 7: * K2, C2R, K1, C2L, K2 - Repeat from * to end of round.

Round 8: Knit all stitches.

Round 9: * K1, C2R, K3, C2L, K1 - Repeat from * to end of round.

Round 10: Knit all stitches.

Round 11: * C2R, K5, C2L - Repeat from * to end of round.

Round 12: Knit all stitches.

Repeat these 12 rounds until the leg is long enough for you. I stopped mine at 6.5” (16.5 cm) on row 11. Take note of the last row you knit so you can continue the pattern when you get to the foot. I suggest ending the leg on an odd row to make the join of the heel and top part of the foot easier later on.

Knit on the 36 stitches from needle 1, right side facing you with AC yarn.

Row 1 (RS): * slip 1 knit wise, K1 - repeat from * to end of row.

Row 2 (WS): *slip 1 purl wise, P remaining stitches.

Repeat these two rows until the heel measures 2 1/2” (6.25 cm), end with a RS row.

Row 1 (WS): slip 1 st purl wise (pw), P19, P2tog, P1, turn.

Row 2 (RS): slip 1 st knit wise (kw), K5, k2tog tbl, K1, turn.

Row 3: slip 1 pw, P6, P2tog, P1, turn.

Row 4: slip 1 kw, K7, K2tog tbl, K1, turn.

Continue this way until all stitches have been used. The last two rows should be:

Slip 1 pw, P17, P2tog, turn.

Slip 1 kw, K18, K2tog tbl.

With MC and needle 1 (the needle you just knit the heel and gusset with), pick up and knit 19 st on left side of heel (simply slide needle underneath each slipped stitch and knit one stitch) I like to pick up an extra stitch between the heel and top of foot on each side of N1 to avoid creating a hole.

With needle 2, knit top of foot according to stitch pattern where you left when you stopped the leg.

With needle 1, pick up and knit 19 stitches on right side of heel. Knit remaining stitches on needle 1.

With needle 2, knit top of foot according to stitch pattern.

Gusset decreases
Round 1: N1) K1, skpo, K to last 3 stitches, K2 tog, K1.

N2) knit top of foot according to stitch pattern.

Round 2: N1) knit all stitches.

N2) knit top of foot according to stitch pattern.

Repeat these two rounds until you have 36 stitches again on N1.

Continue with round two, always knitting the top part of the foot according to the stitch pattern until your foot measures 1 1/2” (3.75 cm) less than your total foot length - you are ready to knit the toe decrease.

Toe decrease
Complete the following using AC.

Round 1: Needles 1 & 2) K1, K2 tog, K to last 3 st, skpo, k1.

Round 2: Needles 1 &2) Knit all stitches.

Repeat these two rounds until you have 18 stitches left on each needle (more or less depending on the shape of toe you prefer).

Break yarn and graft the toe.

Weave in all ends.

Put a good luck charm on your finished pair of socks and wear to every Quidditch match you attend to support your house team!

Final Product

Minerva's Lucky Quidditch Socks

Minerva's Lucky Quidditch Socks


Audrey's tutorial was taken with permission from

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