MyLeaky FAQ

What is MyLeaky?

MyLeaky is a universal login name and password that works throughout every section of The Leaky Cauldron. It is your "key to the kingdom" that let's you post in our forum, upload pictures in our fan art gallery, tag photos in our picture gallery, and do much, much more in the future.

How do I get one?!

By clicking here!

What if I already registered for the Leaky Lounge? Do I need to re-register for this?

Nope. Your username from Leaky Lounge is already saved for you and works without having to do anything whatsoever. Just log in with your current Leaky Lounge name and password and you are good to go.

I can't log in! Why not?

There are still a couple of issues with some people's logins that we are working to resolve. Please be patient with us while we continue to resolve these problems.

Known Issues

Trying to set your Favorite Ship on your profile does not work for all browsers.
First reported Jan. 30th, 2009