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PotterCast 59

It's a Dark Mark Life

Release Date: October 16, 2006
Record Date:

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Our Harry Potter podcast for this week is live, and it’s full of theory, awesome announcements, and listener challenges. In this show:
Show Notes:
- PotterCast has been chosen to be featured by Apple wherever iPod displays are sold. We’re told the display will begin running this week, so we have a listener mission for you: Go to your local Apple store or iPod vendor (Target, Best Buy, etc.) and find the display in which Apple has featured PotterCast: take pictures and send them in!
- In Canon Conundrums: How did Hagrid find baby Harry after his parents were killed, if he was protected by the Fidelius Charm?
- In the fan interview: Violence in the HP series
- A fan art challenge: Snape, Voldemort and Charades. Go.
- Did Lily send a Patronus to Dumbledore?
- Godric’s Hollow: More than just a Fidelius?
- Melissa’s theory out of nowhere!
- Wizarding safehouse?
- A second Secret Keeper?
- Did Peter write the location down?
- What’s a Flint?
- The Mailbag Chorus
- Six kids = job
- We like bowling
- Voldemort? Digs looking scary
- Cream in tea, are you mad?
- Don’t spoil Lemony Snicket, Melissa will kill you
- Call in for our new segment: 7 p.m. Thursday, US Eastern Time
- John thinks RAB is Regulus Hagrid Black
- Blog Challenge Update: This week it’s over to Yahoo!
- PotterCast is in a book called “Tricks from the Podcasting Masters” – and they meant to put us there!
- Don’t forget to register for Phoenix Rising (at thephoenixrises.org) to see us live next May!
- John has an invisibility coat!
- Melissa steals all John’s lines

Transcript for PC59

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