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PotterCast 69

Hallows, Gallows and a (Evanna) Lynch

Release Date: December 23, 2006
Record Date:

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We have Hallows Gallows and a Lynch on the show-Evanna Lynch to be specific. The young actress who is to play Luna Lovegood in the upcoming “Order of the Phoenix” film is also quite a Harry Potter book fan, and she is one of many who weigh in with thoughts on the new Book Seven title in the special call-in episode of PotterCast. We also hear from Lexicon Steve as well as many of you with some great theories and insight. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

- The real “Evanna Interview” will come later – right now it’s just about the title

- Evanna doesn’t think John is a Slytherin – and talks him out of thinking so, too.

- You can’t contradict Jo Rowling, says Evanna. She also says Harry will die.

- We check in with our chat mods, who spent the whole day of the title release filtering through your theories – and came up with some very interesting hanging-related topics.

- Hollow vs. Hallows

- Arthurian legends and the Hogwarts founders.

- Hallows vs. Horcruxes

- Hallows vs. Horcruxes

- A visit to the place of the dead.

- Deathly Hallowanondrums, coming soon.


- Evanna Lynch Segment – Stede Bonnett

- Last Segment – Jeff Gregory

- Listener Call-in and Final Edit – Mike Neighbors

Transcript for PC69

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