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PotterCast 70

Hello 2007

Release Date: January 01, 2007
Record Date:

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Hello 2007! PotterCast rings in the New Year as we take a look back at the top stories events and casts that affected us here in the Harry Potter world, and look forward to the great year ahead. In this show:
Show Notes:
- We recap the last year of PotterCast and look forward to the one ahead (and which has already started; sorry we’re out late, guys!)
- An announcement: The Whomping Willows and Brian of Draco and the Malfoys will be playing together live at our live PotterCast at Phoenix Rising (May 17-20, go to www.thephoenixrises.org to register)
- Another announcement: Leaky will present two panels at Phoenix Rising as well
- Place your bets on the release date for book seven (not really, lawyers)
- The last piece of big Harry Potter news
- Book math = confusing = a lot of books!
- Jo’s scanner
- 58 shows in 2006!
- Sue loves the editors (but we all do, really)
- Who wants to direct movie seven? Everyone!
- Melis has radishes
- Dawlish Moochka on the kitty plates
- Our goals for 2007
- LeakyMug London? LeakyMug Canada? What’s coming in 2007?
- See you next (or, this) year!

Transcript for PC70

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