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PotterCast 159

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News Talk (0:00 – 33:55)

Melissa Anelli (MA): Welcome, Potter fans, to PotterCast Episode 159.

John Noe (JN): Woo hoo!

Sue Upton (SU): Woo hoo!

MA: (laughs) I was waiting for that. Once again, I am Melissa. I am here with only John and Sue this week. Frak will be here in the middle of the show. We had a little bit of…

JN: We kicked him off!

MA: We…

SU: No! We did not!

MA: Oh, stop!

JN: He’s been too funny, and it’s not allowed to be funnier than me, so I fired him! (SU laughs)

MA: Yeah, you fired him. (JN laughs) Okay.

SU: Evil Slytherin, boo!

JN: I came over to his house and I fired him. (MA: Okay.) No, I would never.

MA: Great show this week. We have lots of talk of the latest news, of which there is plenty, and our Bit by Bit continues. And John, what else is in the show this week?

JN: We have some funny things this week that I won’t even spoil, because to announce them ahead of time would (SU laughs)probably ruin it.

SU: Sh!


MA: Okay, okay! Suze, we have Sue’s Top Five Newzies This Week.

SU: Let’s think…

JN: Let’s hear it, Suze! Number Five!

SU: No! Number Five?

JN: You count down from coolest to- crappiest to coolest.

SU: Well, it’s not crappy!

MA: We’re like Keith Olbermann up in here!

JN: (laughs) The crap news! Just give us some now.

SU: All right. The last thing, because there is some big old news, but we’ll save that for the end. We’ll save the best for last. So, okay, to start out with: Mr. Rupert Grint (JN: All right.) is going to star in a new movie. It is called Cherrybomb.

JN: Oh, thank God.

SU: I know.

MA: “Oh, thank God?”

SU: Yeah.

JN: I don’t know. (MA laughs) I thought I saw another movie with Potter people in it coming out recently, too, or starring in recently, too.

SU: There’s a whole bunch of people doing stuff. There’s Clémence Poésy does stuff, and then there’s some Julie Walters, sings a song in Mamma Mia!

MA: Oh man, oh man!

JN: I can’t tell you, I’m such a dork about this but I can’t tell you how excited I am to see that.

MA: You know, I wasn’t too excited to see it until I saw her singing that song. If you guys look on Leaky, on LeakyNews.com, we have a link over to the preview clips for Mamma Mia!, which is starring Meryl Streep, who, I swear to God, is a goddess(JN: She’s amazing.) and then, and then (SU: Pierce Brosnan!) Julie Walters, (SU: Sorry.) and Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth!(SU: Colin Firth!) this is the best cast! But…

JN: Now, I don’t understand why- ’cause it’s about Meryl Streep’s character could possibly have been with these three different men to father her child, or whatever, and they’re trying to figure out, the child who’s getting married. Not really a child, I guess, the chick’s who’s getting married. That one girl from Mean Girls, or whatever. (MA: Yeah.) She’s trying to figure out who her dad is, and then you’ve got Pierce Brosnan in here, James Bond, singing, which is crazy, (SU: Yeah.) and Colin Firth, another famous guy. (SU: Mr. Darcy! He’s Mr. Darcy!) I don’t get it. You got (MA: Oh, Colin Firth! Oh!) Alan Rickman, who we know could sing, but I just think is too old for this character. (MA: Well, no.) I don’t quite understand why they put Alan Rickman.

MA: Alan Rickman doesn’t have to be the stock middle-aged guy in every film! Come on!

SU: (laughs) Yes, thank you, Melissa.

JN: Yeah.

MA: Why do I… (MA and SU laugh)

JN: Why Alan Rickman? I don’t understand.

MA: Please. No, the movie- and then Julie Walters’ role is a very funny side character, very funny (JN: Oh yeah.) secondary character, and she sings this song and, oh, my God, she’s dancing on a table! She’s amazing. I can’t wait.

SU: The best part is, I think most people will admit they are closet ABBA fans if they’re not open about it. They will know those songs when they hear it, and that’s the best part.

MA: One of the first things I ever learned about John was that he was an ABBA fan.

JN: Oh, my God, I was just thinking about that. That was an old PotterCast joke! (MA: Yeah.) I don’t even remember why!

MA: Just because we were making fun of you.

JN: And I remember, Sue, I was just watching a bunch of old videos, Sue. Do you remember how we were late to the podcast for The Goblet of Fire?

SU: Oh, no! Yes! We were running through the streets of New York!

JN: And do you remember how we were farting around and shooting videos of ourselves in Times Square, (SU: Yes.) and never told anybody that that was partially why we were late?

SU: Shh! Big mouth! Way to go, blabbermouth! (JN laughs)

MA: Don’t.

JN: There’s video of us screwing around with…

MA: Don’t even, don’t even. That is not why you were late. (JN and SU laugh) Don’t. You think my blood pressure won’t go up after three years? You think?

JN: (laughs) It’s three years! Who cares?

MA: It’s been three years. (SU laughs) Do you know me at all, John? (laughs)

JN: Oh, there’s an expiration date to that. Surely.

MA: It hasn’t been hit yet. Let’s go on (JN: Oh.) to Sue’s News Number Four!

SU: Oh, but that’s true, because we did! We went by the ABBA thing, we saw that. That’s true, Melissa. (MA: Yes.) We did.(MA: Yes.) And John and I broke into song, and sorry, okay, nevermind. (laughs)

JN: Took pictures.

MA: It wasn’t that day! You did it the next day or something.

SU: I know we did.

JN: Oh, okay.

MA: Okay, what’s Number Four?

SU: Now, John. This will appeal to you. (www.universalorlando.com/harrypotter/)Theme park news! (makes news alert sound). The top chef at Universal Orlando says that they are planning the menus and things for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park and he says- (JN: Nice!) I know, this is awesome! He says, “We visited Scotland to get a real close, personal look at the cuisine that they eat, and we’re going to have one restaurant that’s going to have a nice selection of items you would probably expect to see in that vein of cooking, and I think it’s going to be great.”

JN: Now here, this is a big thing, because, now, everybody knows- well, maybe not everybody. But I’m a huge Disney fan, generally. I grew up going to the Universal Parks. Those were my first big theme parks, and one thing I do know about Universal, and being the food connoisseur that I am, is that they put a little more stock into their restaurants than Disney. And there is a restaurant, I believe it’s at the Islands of Adventure park, which is where Hogwarts is going, and all that, (SU: Mm-hm.)for Universal, that is voted almost consistently, year-round, probably the best theme park restaurant of all theme parks. (SU:Wow.) And they take a lot of pride in that. So if they say that they’re gonna go and try to make this Scottish-themed restaurant with traditional food and everything, (SU: Mm-hm?) that’s probably going to be some pretty amazing food. So that’s more than just this little hot dog stand next to a ride. This is a pretty cool thing.

MA: But they have to make it authentic Scottish area food, and also good food, and I don’t think the two often (SU: Are synonymous? No.) go together (JN: Hm.) (SU laughs) unless you’re talking about haggis, which, (makes vomiting noise). So,(SU laughs) (JN: I’m sure you can find a way.) what are they going to do? I was just watching a Bourdain episode about Scotland, and it’s all about disgusting things. Anyway. I heard a rumor, and this is just a rumor, but it’s one of those things that’s “a friend of a friend knows somebody” kind of friend, who said that J.K. Rowling‘s control on the park is so much that, for instance, every park has a deal with a soda company, with a pop, for the few British people, (SU: Uh-huh.) (JN: Yeah.) with a company, that they only sell Coke, or they only sell Pepsi in a park. And they have to sell that. It’s part of their contract. (JN: Uh-huh.) And this is pure rumor, I don’t- but if it’s true, it’s cool. That they said to Jo, “We still have to sell Coca-Cola.” And she said, “Well, that-” or Pepsi. “That’s fine, but it has to be themed.” So, they’re theming a whole- they’re recreating the drink (SU gasps)in the bottle, and theming it as Harry Potter soft drink.

JN: Which is amazing.

SU: No way! No way. That would be so cool.

MA: It’s not Dan’s face on Harry Potter. But no, (JN: No.) it’s a soft drink as if you would find it in Hogwarts.

SU: Do you remember- see, now this is here- this would be really cool. Because I’m a big squirrel, and my dad is a big beer- he consults to microbreweries and stuff, and he collects stuff, and my mom collects stuff, and she’s into soda things. And she has a bottle, from when Sorcerer’s Stone came out, that was in a Coca-Cola bottle. And they did a little promotion with it, just back then, for the movie, and they’ve never done it since. (MA: Right. Because there was an uproar.) So that would be so cool!

JN: People would totally collect those things.

MA: Yeah. Yeah. But not- they’re not going to look like those cheesy- with the Narnia kids on the Coca-Cola bottle, no.

JN: No, they’d probably look like props, wouldn’t they? (MA: Right. Exactly.) (SU: Yeah.) Like something you would find in the Leaky Cauldron.

MA: I think that’s the idea.

SU: Oh, how cool. That would be awesome.

MA: And just to scrunch it now, this rumor doesn’t come from the Jo side or the Universal side. This is just somebody who said they knew somebody who I kind of trust, so (SU and JN: Yeah.) I think that would be really awesome.

SU: Well, the chefs (JN: Sweet.) that did go on to say that they’re working on pumpkin juice, and having butter beer and those beverages, so he said they are working on these kinds of things. (JN: Yeah.) So it’s possible.

JN: Yeah. That sounds like a really fun PotterCast fanart challenge. (SU: Oh, it does.) Design the Coca-Cola themed- or the Harry Potter themed Coca-Cola bottle.

MA: Does Universal sell Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

SU: Oh, that’s a good question.

JN: I’m not sure. I know that Disney sells Coke.

MA: Universal probably sells Pepsi. (laughs)

SU: Probably.

JN: That would probably make sense.

SU: But can you imagine, if that’s the case, and they tie that license into it? I mean, just… (sighs)

JN: What if they sold it outside the park? What if you could pick it up at the store?

SU: That’d be awesome.

MA: Well, I think it speaks to the kind of emersion they’re going to achieve with this park. (JN and SU: Yeah.) You’re going to walk in, and you can’t even buy a soda without it feeling like part of the world. (JN: Mm-hm.) It’s going to be incredible! Ugh!

JN: It’s so wild.

SU: It’s so awesome. I do want to talk about the food, though. One more thing. It may not all just be Scottish. I do hope that- I think that they will put probably some English foods. Because if you read the books carefully (MA: Oh, that’s better.) you know that they will- a lot of those menus are English. (JN: Ah, fish and chips and stuff.) They aren’t just Scottish.

JN: And sausages.

MA: I’m sorry. I rarely have a good meal in England or Scotland. Except when it’s home-cooked.

SU: Well.

JN: I want to get off a ride and get a huge thing of sausage (SU laughs) and chips.

MA: Oh.

SU: No!

JN: It’d be great. (MA: Oh.) And beer?

MA: If you eat haggis I’m never coming near you again.

SU: That’s right, John.

JN: What is haggis? Isn’t it like pig intestines?

MA: No, haggis (SU: it’s the stomach?) is the insides, lung, liver, kidney, of a sheep ground up. You add onions and oatmeal, and you cook it inside the intestines or the stomach of a sheep.

SU: Yes.

JN: It has potential.

SU: Isn’t that disgusting?

MA: It’s disgusting.

JN: I mean, hot dogs are inside of intestines themselves.

MA: Well, there’s a reason I don’t eat hot dogs.

JN: And Lord knows what they’re made up of.

MA: Blech.

SU: (laughs) Do we need to go here with this? (laughs)

JN: You probably just described a hot dog.

SU: It’s not a Scottish hot dog. (MA: Well…) Haggis is not Scottish hot dogs, John. I’m sorry. It’s just a little bit more than that.

MA: Look, haggis- there’s a poem dedicated to haggis. It’s the national food. (JN: Hm, well, as long as there’s a poem.) It’s gross. (SU laughs) Blech!

SU: I don’t think they have haggis dogs.

MA: Sorry. Okay, can we move on before I make one more throw up sound?

SU: Anybody from Scotland, please tell us if there are haggis dogs.

MA: Ugh! It’s disgusting. (SU laughs) I can’t even hear the word…

JN: No wonder Jo stays so skinny. She has nothing to eat out there.

SU: (laughs) I’m sorry.

JN: Poor Jo.

MA: It’s cooked, and it comes out in the intestines that it was cooked in. Oh! It’s so disgusting. Ugh.

JN: What do you bet that Jo has a delicious haggis recipe?

MA: Shut up! (SU laughs) I would not eat it. (JN: She’s just…) Move on! Next news item!

JN: You wouldn’t eat Jo’s haggis?

MA: No, I definitely would not!

JN: Raise your hand if you are like Melissa…

MA: There are limits to being a fan (JN: …and would not eat Jo’s cooking.) and that is way over that line.

JN: Oh, come on.

SU: I’m betting she would not- (MA: Nope. Mm-hm.) now, her husband might, because he’s Scottish.

JN: I didn’t ask you to scrub her toilets. I’d say to eat her cooking.

MA: He’s actually Scottish. When they dress up, he wears kilts.

SU: He looks fine. He’s a fine looking man, let me say. (MA laughs) (JN: What?) But when he wears that kilt, he’s a good looking man.

MA: Good. Come onto Jo’s husband on the show, Sue. (laughs)

SU: Okay, I’m sorry. No, I didn’t mean that! I’m sorry, Jo! Don’t kill me! Or whoever’s listening. (MA laughs) I like Scottish men, (JN: Email sue@the-leaky-cauldron.org.) and in his kilt he looks so handsome. (MA laughs) Okay, never mind. Moving on.

JN: She’s going to be in room 313 at Terminus. (SU laughs)

MA: Can we move on? Number three, Sue!

SU: You are a bad man, John Noe! You are a bad, bad man!

JN: Knock three times and then a fourth. (SU laughs)

MA: Sue, number three, please.

SU: Now, okay. (JN: Number three.) Okay, well, I’m going to start on three point five, actually. Because this has to do with our friend from Mamma Mia. Miss Julie Walters has confirmed, indeed, her return as Molly Weasley for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Both movies! And she says, “I think I have to kill Helena Bonham Carter.” And then she laughs. Cackles. (SUlaughs)

JN: That’s awesome.

MA: Not only does she have to kill Helena Bonham Carter, but if they change that line, you’re going to have an army of Potter fans just…

JN: It’s funny, because I heard originally, before he got psyched out, Kloves thought it would be better, in the spirit of the movies that he’s been writing, for Hermione (MA: Stop!) to kill Bellatrix.

MA: Stop. I knew you were going to say that.

JN: Hermione was going to take the line, actually.

MA: Stop it.

SU: And wearing a pink hoodie while she’s doing it, too, no doubt. (JN and SU laugh)

MA: Okay. Okay.

JN: And then she was going to smile at the camera (SU laughs) and be all like, “Be like me! Hermione.”

MA: Oh, yes. We’re all excited for Molly to come back. And if that Mamma Mia clip is any indication of Julie Walters’ variety, you can just imagine what Molly’s going to look like. (JN: She can do anything.) Oh. Amazing.

JN: I tell ya.

SU: Melissa? I have a question for you. (MA: Yup.) Do you possess the inner eye? Because you could be right. According toStuart Craig, in a new interview in Movie Magic Magazine, which has a whole feature on The Half-Blood Prince(MA: Uh-huh.) And he said, although they don’t have the script yet, he had heard it suggested that Deathly Hallows would split at the return of Ron Weasley. Which, (MA: Ooh!) there you go.

MA: Well, I would be pleased to be- (JN: We committed a whole episode to that.) I could never take- it’s not exactly like it was a unique opinion. (laughs) (SU: No.) But that would be awesome. But at his return when he shows up, or when they realize that somebody’s helping them?

SU: Hm. I don’t know because Stuart Craig said it would be emotional; it’s an emotional moment when he comes back. And that’s what they- they want the movie to go out on that so when it opens up movie two (JN: Yeah.) that…

MA: They’d better do some work on the Ron/Hermione relationship in Six because in Seven when he leaves Hermione kind of loses it. And (JN: Yeah.) that has to happen to make it- She keeps it together cool like Hermione but internally you can tell she’s kinda losing her mind, so I really- I’m hoping (SU: Yeah.) to see more than innuendo (SU: Yeah.) in Six.

JN: We’re going to have just an onslaught of random Harry/Ginny in Six. So…

SU: Yeah.

MA: It’s not random. (laughs) It’s what happens.

JN: Well it happens for the books but…

SU: Yeah.

MA: Oh, right, right.

JN: But it’ll be random to movie-going audiences solely.

MA: There have been some subtleties there.

SU: Yeah.

JN: I really thought they would update her look a little bit. (MA: Aw, I like her just as…) She’s just got the straight hair and the straight bangs. I thought they would do something where Harry would notice her because she cut her hair a different way or something just to click it instead of just…

MA: No, I like it; that’s not what happens in the book either because it’s not- God (JN: I’m not saying ho her up with eye shadow and stuff.)if that’s what it takes to turn Harry’s head- no (SU laughs) but I think it makes a point that that’s not it. (SU: Eye shadow…)That Harry just realizes one day that she is who she is and she didn’t have to change. (JN: Yeah.) Anyway, we could do this forever. Let’s move on.

SU: Okay.

JN: That’s a girl’s opinion.

SU: Okay, we can talk about that in a few minutes but there’s one more story before we get to that. Our number two story is thatEA, the makers of the Harry Potter video games, on the same day as our number one news story, decided to finally release the trailer for the video game, Half-Blood Prince video game. So we saw the trailer for that, just the video game trailer.

MA: It’s pretty sweet. (laughs)

SU: And they also launched their website and they announced their release date all on the same day. I was like “People, you’re killing me!”

JN: That’s awesome.

MA: Killing our bandwidth. Oy.

JN: When are we just going to get outright Harry Potter Sims?

MA: Oh, I want that.

SU: I do too.

JN: We need to just forego with the idea that we need to have missions and just- Everybody wants to just run around the castle,(SU: Oh, you’re going to be able to do that.) create your own students…

MA: I think that’ll happen one day. I think we’ll have an RPG one day. A full on…

JN: That’d be wild, like World of Warcraft you can play as Harry Potter.

SU: So much fun.

MA: Because that’s cool. That’s the ultimate in geekiness.

SU: Sure it is.

JN: You can attend classes with your friends (MA: Online.) online. (MA: Oh dear God.) And talk to each other during class and pass notes (MA: Could you imagine?) and get a detention, (SU: That would be so much fun.) and you could have people- people could be teachers when they’ve played the game long enough.

SU: I wanna Flipendo you John that would be fun. Boom!

JN: What if they had a wizarding war on top of it?

MA: None of us would ever leave our television screens (JN: I swear.) ever again.

SU: (laughs) I know.

JN: There’s an untapped market in here that only World of Warcraft people are filling but you get Harry Potter people into something like that- (SU: Yeah.) that would even knuckle me down to play video games again.

MA: As long as we get to run The Leaky Cauldron part of it, I’m fine.

JN: (laughs) Yeah could you imagine?

MA: Our characters (JN: That would actually be us.) get dubbed. Yeah that it’s actually the people who run the site get made into whatever. If we run it, that would be amazing.

JN: That would be so wild. The funny thing is, technologically, it’s so possible. It’s not un-possible.

SU: Can I just say this too? In the slew of all the EA things, we saw a new interview with one of the game developers and he confirmed in fact that you will be able to go around Hogwarts, as well the boathouse, the brand new astronomy tower, plus the Burrow, and the cave, the Horcrux cave you can actually go there. (JN: What?) Yes.

MA: Mm.

JN: But not everybody should be able to get in there you better be able to have to be Harry to get in there.

SU: Apparently you…

MA: I think you only play as Harry. Didn’t you only play as Harry in the last one? (JN: Oh. Yeah that’s right.) Only in number Four (JN: Yeah.) did you play as different people.

SU: And all the actors- A lot of the actors, many of the cast including Rupert Grint and Tom Felton who plays Draco and Evanna Lynch who plays Luna Lovegood have lent their voices to the video game.

JN: Oh, they better have. (MA: Well I think…) You think that as Harry you can hit a button to make out with Ginny whenever you wanted to? (SU laughs) Or grab Ginny or…

SU: Well they said they’re gonna have more romance, they’re developing the romance; the game developer says, “We are focusing on the trials and tribulations of Ron Weasley as well as the developing relationship between Harry and Ginny.” so there you go.

MA: Nice.

JN: Very good, you’re gonna hit triangle to spank Ginny. Just wait.

SU: Speaking of that, John, did you put this as your wallpaper?

JN: What’s that? Which one?

SU: We finally saw a new a picture! A slew of new pictures from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince(MA: A slew.) A slew, a ton, seventeen photos we have now.

JN: That’s a lot. And the keen eyed Leaky people will see that they’re already in the Leaky picture frame on the layout.

SU: (gasps) Who would have done that?

JN: These new pictures. (MA: They’re beautiful.) I know. They’re pretty awesome pictures. You know what’s so funny too? I know I should be talking about those but I just saw two random pictures yesterday. Have you ever seen the picture of Lucius Malfoy sitting in his house (MA: Yes.) with two dogs (SU: Yes.) on either side of him. (MA and SU: I have.) Where the hell did that come from?

SU: I know, I made the post about it, I’ll tell you John.

MA: Well it sounds like it was for a portrait, right?

SU: No, actually this is was for he recorded. He was the host of something that aired this summer, we missed it last summer when we were out and about, but he did a thing called The Secrets of Harry Potter and it was on A&E and he was the host and so what they did is they- (JN: That’s so cool!) I know, they did a scene and they wanted to do that for Malfoy Manor but they didn’t put it in the movie so they just used it for this special and he’s there with the lads and he’s having his brandy.

JN: They don’t seem like Malfoy style dogs.

SU: (laughs) I think that was Jason Isaacs influence on that one though, but it’s just hysterical.

JN: They’re just these furry, dirty looking dogs you’d think he’d have white, short-haired, fruity dogs that would just never…

SU: What? Lucius Malfoy doesn’t have fruity dogs!

JN: Oh no, he just has white peacocks in his yard because they’re masculine.

SU: Well. But he’s going to have the Irish Hounds. What do you think those are, Melissa do you know dogs? I don’t know what those dogs are. (MA: The Irish Hounds?) Are they Irish Wolf Hounds? (MA: I don’t know.) I don’t know. They’re big dogs.

MA: I think they just make him look up to do.

JN: Okay there’s another picture of Voldemort and Bellatrix and Harry and Dumbledore posing and smiling for a picture. (SU:Yes.) Where did that come from? Okay, I’m over it.

SU: No, we posted that a while ago too, John. (laughs)

JN: Did we? (SU: Yes.) That should’ve been on PotterCast.

MA: Let’s talk about the new photos. (SU: Yes please.) The new photos. (JN: The new photos.) My favorite, and I ran out to theNoble Collection site to see as soon as this picture went out, to see if it was- it’s Harry holding Dumbledore’s wand, (SU: It is!)which is the Elder Wand. (SU: It is the elder wand!) It’s the Elder Wand.

SU: Good, thank you Melissa.

MA: So they are setting it up. Just with that shot alone, they’re setting up a little bit of focus on that wand.

SU: Wow.

JN: That’s very smart. Very smart. Is this shot at the end of the movie after Dumbledore dies? And they’re in his office?

SU: Yeah.

MA: Yeah, look at McGonagall’s face. Come on.

JN: Yeah. “Oh, let’s look at Dumbledore’s wand.”

MA: No, that’s Harry in Dumbledore’s office. That has to be- you know what that is? If they did it the same way, it’s when Harry gets called to the office right afterwards with the other Heads of House. (JN: Yeah.) But they probably didn’t do it the same way. It’s probably just a little montage-y.

SU: That picture is fabulous. We do have those in our galleries, you can see them all.

MA: Okay, my second favorite picture in the lot, and this was a tough one, ’cause how could it not be first? Luna is wearing her spectrespecs! (SU laughs) I mean look at this girl!

SU: Does it get any better than that? It’s perfect. Sorry.

MA: They’re glowing purple on one side and blue on the other and she’s just- (laughs) if there’s one thing they have done completely perfectly in the movies is the way they accessorize and treat Luna.

JN: Yeah. Something tells me she probably had a little bit of a hand in that.

MA: Well yeah, exactly. But they’re honest about it. They said that they consult her a lot because she’s such an expert on the character.

SU: Right.

JN: But she’s perfect, she’s so perfect and the fact that she has a whole handful of these magazines so she can have more than one pair of these glasses.

SU: Hands them out to her friends. It’s brilliant. Why not?

JN: So funny.

MA: Amazing. She’s gotta be on the train.

SU: Well, it says, “please close the door,” right?

MA: Right, it looks like a subway car.

SU: Her hair is really long! Did you notice how long it was?

MA: Really long. (SU: Yeah, it was amazing.) But it’s not all her hair, right? I don’t think anybody can grow their hair that long in that short of time.

SU: So what’s about you John what was your favorite one?

JN: I like that picture of Slughorn, with his silly little face. (MA: Because you can can can?) He’s just such a funny looking little face. He’s just like, “I’m gonna pour myself some brandy,” and Harry’s back there like, “Oh he’s gonna pour himself some brandy.” It was pretty funny.

SU: I personally think it’s amusing that he does not have the moustache. I remember everyone- these rumors, (JN: Walrus moustache.) “Why aren’t you posting that he has this big walrus moustache?” and I knew that he wouldn’t because it would be too much like Moulin Rouge and Narnia. So I like it that he doesn’t look that way.

JN: Yeah. Wait he was in Narnia?

SU: Wasn’t he the grandfather that they stay with?

JN: (gasps) Oh yeah, you’re right!

SU: He has the big beard and stuff. I thought he was. Am I wrong?

JN: You are right. That is right. I totally forgot about that. Well, I’m also in love with the new Quidditch uniforms though, too.

MA: I don’t think that’s the uniforms, I think that is the tryouts, because if you look at that picture of Ron, people have the same numbers on their chest and it looks like that’s what group they’re in to tryout. Because Ron looks terrified, and when he’s actually sitting at the table in his uniform, and Harry’s wearing the same uniform, it’s not that it’s a sweater.

SU: Look at all those people in the background. There could even be Hufflepuffs back there. You would never know they showed up for it.

JN: That was always my favorite part of the book. Even a few Hufflepuffs showed up! I was like, “Ah, you stupid Hufflepuffs.”

SU: We’re not stupid! (MA: John!) We just wanna play for a good team! Our team is not doing so well.

JN: They were confused. They needed to be corralled back to their own dormitory.

SU: No they’re like why not, let’s have that spirit of all together sharing thing. I don’t know.

MA: Well there’s two very interesting photos of Draco.

SU: Aren’t there though.

JN: He’s so emo I hate it. I can’t handle it.

MA: Why? That’s what he is in this movie.

JN: I don’t care I like it when he’s kicking Harry in the face when he’s all BA and all, but just sitting there in the corner by yourself.

MA: Well just look at him, he’s not wearing his Hogwarts robes, he’s just all in black; he’s finally got that pointed face that Draco has.

JN: Why is he wearing Muggle clothes, pretty much?

MA: Cause he’s a BA. (SU laughs) No, but there’s one where he’s wearing robes. (JN: I don’t get it.) The Muggle clothes look like the night of Slughorn’s party.

SU: It does, yeah.

JN: Mm. Was he invited? (SU: No!) No, he wasn’t invited.

MA: No, he crashed it remember?

JN: Yeah. He’s like, “Oh, surely you must’ve heard of my great uncle whatever.” and actually, “Nope, I don’t care.”

MA: No, he looks great. And he, we’ll obviously be talking more about this in coming weeks, but when we did our set interviews he was really surprisingly eloquent about Draco. Not surprisingly, ’cause it’s not like I ever thought he was a dummy, but I really wasn’t expecting so much. It was great. It was really great. You’ll see that in a couple weeks.

SU: When I saw the first one of Draco, first I thought he was in Borgin and Burkes but then I realized he’s not ’cause he’s in his robes, and he must be in one of the classes or something.

MA: I think they show him practicing with the- with the (SU: So that’s the Room of Requirement, with all of that stuff?)vanishing cabinet! It might be. It might be, yeah. The vanishing cabinet. I think there’s a little bit more set up in this film. Well, how about Ron?

SU: Yes! Yes! The chocolates though, I mean his face it was hysterical.

MA: His face! Just that slack jawed, wide-eyed; I’m under some sort of drug, face.

JN: It’s definitely a hopped up Ron on something. (SU: Hopped up Ron.) Yeah. It ain’t no Polyjuice this year boys, it’s a whole other brew. (SU laughs) It’s gonna make you want to do all sorts of things. (MA: Hey hey hey.) Can you imagine if that kind of thing existed in a real school? The chaos. People would break that rule all the time. (MA: What?) Making love potions.

MA: Mm.

SU: Sure, they would. (JN: Oh, my gosh.) Speaking of Ron making time, we did get- though it wasn’t announced officially; I think we got our first look at Lavender Brown, right? And Romilda Vane. (JN: Oh, where is that one?)

MA: That’s kind of weird. They sort of snuck her in there. (SU: Yeah. She’s in the potions class?) I thought that they would get the full treatment because they’re pretty- maybe not Romilda Vane, but Lavender Brown is a pretty important…

SU: Yeah.

JN: Ah, right, yeah.

MA: You know because she’s with her pink bandana…

SU: Yeah, look at…

JN: Oh! How do you know that’s her, though? (MA and SU: That’s her.) Is it the way she’s looking at Hermione?

MA: Yeah.

SU: No, we saw other pictures before, you know, when they had that accounting announcement, that’s her face, that’s her.

MA: Everybody is looking at Hermione a little scant- what’s happening here?

JN: Hermione must be answering a question or something, (MA: Yeah, for real.) like, “Oh, Professor, surely”…

MA: And then I’m pretty sure Romilda Vane is the one behind Hermione with the black curly hair.

SU: Yeah that makes sense, I mean that’s how they describe her in the books, you know, with like dark brown hair, yeah.

MA: Pretty strong featured yeah.

JN: Have we had any pictures yet of Mr. Hammer’s cameo in the movie?

SU: (laughs) John!

MA: Hey, do you know what I want to know? I’m looking at this potions class and can somebody explain to me how Hogwarts is making use of Bunsen burners?

JN: Bunsen burners…

MA: Do you see the Bunsen burners?

JN: Yes.

SU: Yeah, so that would be running on Muggle electricity, I don’t know…

JN: No! Bunsen burners aren’t electricity…

MA: Not even electricity, just Muggle- Not Muggle electricity…

SU: Muggle technology.

MA: Yeah, they just use fire from their- It’s like this- anyway, little things like that bothered me. No Bunsen burners, they’re wizards!

SU: You know what bothered me more was the book that like we saw- Matt Lewis is standing back there, Neville is standing back there and what book is he holding? That doesn’t look like…

JN: Is it Potion-Making(SU: Is that it?) It’s called Potion-Making.

MA: Potion-MakingAdvanced Potion-Making? It probably says Advanced Potion-Making and we don’t see it.

SU: It does.

JN: Yeah, at the top.

MA: Yeah. It’s not Moste Potente Potions, is it?

SU: Potions- no, I don’t know…

MA: It’s supposed to be. Libatius Borage, Advanced Potion-Making, that’s the book- but check out Matt! Geez man!

SU: I know look at him! He’s so- we saw new photos of him from his publicity thing, (JN: Nude photos?) but look at him…

MA: New, John.

SU: No, just recently.

JN: Oh! New.

SU: Yeah, new.

JN: Gee whiz!

MA: That would be in the news…

JN: Why would they be sending those?

SU: (grunts) But look at him, look how grown up he is! I mean…

JN: Is he wearing the fat suit this year?

MA: No, it doesn’t look like it. Maybe a little bit, but I think he’s skinnier then it’s showing there, but I think they’re building him up. They’re getting ready! (laughs) Because in Seven, in Seven- (JN: It’ll be funny.) Oh, my god, in Seven, he better look like he looks in that publicity photo, scruffy, you know, a total adult.

SU: Tough.

JN: Neville Longbottom is going to be one of the top 100 sexiest man alive in EW when Deathly Hallows comes out.

MA: I wouldn’t be surprised!

JN: And where did this come from?

MA: I would not be surprised. He is a good looking young man.

JN: I swear that they are doing it purposely now, so that no one is more attractive then Dan. (MA: No.) They want Harry Potter to be the one that everybody, you know, squee’s about so, everybody…

MA: Well, but that works perfectly into things because Neville gets his come-ups in Seven the same way Matt should, so…

SU: Yeah. (JN: Yeah.) Speaking of Dan, we saw- the thing about the high-res photos, we saw a new photo of Dan and Emma Watson as Hermione and they’re like- it’s clearly in the winter because you can see like little snow things, but you can see Dan’s glasses and they don’t have any lenses in them. (laughs)

MA: Yeah! (laughs) Yeah, they do that.

JN: Ah!

SU: I shouldn’t have pointed that out but it always makes me laugh.

MA: No, they do it when they’re outside because of the glare. But yeah, it’s funny. You’re right, there’s no lens. (SU laughs)What’s really funny is that with the high-res- he’s so clean-shaven, but if you blow it up to the high-res, (SU: Yes…) he’s got like the little stubble now.

JN: Yeah, I was thinking about that, how hard it is to shave your face and not have any kind of razor burn or any kind of razor bumps and I wonder if somebody shaves Dan’s face for him.

MA: Maybe because that would be bad, you’d have to cover that up.

JN: Yeah. And it would itch and it would just be a big pain in the butt.

MA: What do you think is happening in that screen with the snow?

JN: With Harry and Hermione? “I’ve been angsty.” “Oh, but you’re with Ginny now,” and “Oh, you’re going to be with Ron.”

MA: In the book, it would be when Katie Bell touches the necklace, but we haven’t even heard about casting for Katie Bell so I don’t know who would be under the curse.

SU: Mm, I don’t know.

JN: Maybe- Who else? Oh, maybe Luna.

MA: No.

SU: No, they won’t have- but I bet maybe- it would make- maybe Romilda, I don’t know who they would do. (JN: Angelina?)Angelina? Could be. Because you can see, the other Quidditch players sitting there at breakfast, so maybe it’s one of them. (JNand MA: Yeah.) Don’t know. Can I just say, out of all the photos we saw, I love the one of Luna and I love Slughorn, but one of my favorite ones and it has to do with The Burrow, because I just love The Burrow…

JN: Which shot of The Burrow?

MA: Ron, Harry and Ginny.

SU: We have one- Ginny, Miss Ginny…

JN: What? With the director? (SU: Yeah.) Oh, yeah.

SU: I just love looking at that set. It just makes me happy. I mean the little homespun Christmas and the tree and I don’t know.

MA: And Hedwig is alive.

JN: For now.

SU: Yes! Yes! Woo hoo! She lives. Thank you Melissa, I was just going to say that- Hedwig lives!

MA: Harry and the Potters wrote a new song about Hedwig being alive and I’m starting a campaign to get them to record it, because I think it might be one of the best songs they’ve ever written. It’s really awesome. (SU: Really?) If they don’t want to record it, we’ll put out a bootleg so, I’m starting it now people, write them. Harryandthepotters@yahoo.com, record…

JN: I’m already getting nervous about how they are going to handle that stunt on the movie of the owl dying. (MA: Stop. They can’t.) They’re going to need to use the actual owl.

MA: John! They would never do that.

JN: What if it’s- maybe they can use like a false CG owl and they’ll just make like a huge feathers going everywhere explosion…

MA: Oh oh! Stop stop stop…

SU: You know do we need to talk about this? No.

MA: Seriously.

JN: (laughs) Maybe next time. We’ve been talking about news for almost forty minutes.

MA: Yeah we have.

SU: I know, but can I just- one more thing before we go. Can we just talk about- hm, there is new material that came out. There is a new interview in USA Today that previewed this and it’s a very interesting article and then there’s also Empire magazine that did a preview and that’s where a lot of these photos came from. And there’s some really interesting things and if you get a chance we do have these scans up, so go read them and check the links. Okay. Done.

MA: Yeah. (JN: Nice.) Come back for the drums where we will talk about tour plans. The awesome responses- if you guys haven’t done it yet go fill out our survey: leakynews.com/pcsurvey.html. Like two thousand of you already have and that’s amazing, and it’s really helping us figure out ideas for the show, things you like, things you don’t like and I’m really- hey, we’re getting some awesome reviews, (JN: It’s awesome.) it’s really great, yeah. And we’ll talk to you more about the upcoming tour at the end of the show.

SU: Oh! Cool!

JN: Sweet!

SU: Yay!

JN: All right!

SU: Let’s go talk canon.

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