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PotterCast 159

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Guess That Book! (56:30 – 1:11:29)

John Noe (JN): Hey guys and gals, we’ve got a new fun game for ya.

Frankie Franco III (FF): Yay!

Sue Upton (SU): Yay! (FF laughs)

JN: It’s a game about guessing what book that clip came from. We’re going to play a clip from the audio books one through seven and beasts and creatures and Quidditch audio books that only I own. (FF laughs) And then (FF: Hey, that book…) you ‘ll have to guess what book it came from. Sound fun?

SU: Ooh, it (FF: And…) does sound fun.

FF: And the- for a bonus, the chapter. Ooh, yeah. The chapter gets you the real points.

SU: Ooh, sweet.

JN: Okay, so we’re going to call out all those people who thought they were smarter than John Noe, and see if they’re really that smart. (SU: Oh, ho.) Mm.

(phone rings)

Melanie: Hello?

JN: Hi, it’s PotterCast. Who are you?

Melanie: Melanie.

JN: Melanie, hi!

FF: Hi, Melanie.

JN: Do you want to play a brand new game with us?

Melanie: Sure. (laughs) Hi!

JN: Well I’m here with Sue and Frak. Say hi.

Melanie: Hey, (FF: Hi.) guys.

SU: Hi.

FF: Hi, Melanie. (Melanie laughs) Where you from?

Melanie: New Jersey.

SU: Awesome.

FF: New Jersey?

JN: Very cool. Well we’re going to play a game called: “Guess That Book.” I guess that’s what it’s called now. (FF and JN laugh) We are going to play a clip from either Book One, Book Two, Book Three, Book Four, Book Five, Book Six, or Book Seven. You have to tell us which book it is.

FF: But not Book Eight.

JN: No. (Melanie laughs)

JN: You ready to play?

Melanie: Okay. Now I’m nervous.

JN: All right, we’re going to play the first clip for you and you’re going to tell us what book it came from. And for bonus points, what chapter. (FF gasps)

SU: Ooh.

JN: It’s difficult. Okay, ready?

Melanie: Yeah.

JN: Okay. Here we go.

Jim Dale (JD): “She was so pale that she seemed to shine the darkness; the long blonde hair streaming down her back gave her the look of a drowned person.”

JN: Did you hear it?

Melanie: Yeah. Hm, (JN: Hm.) let me think.

SU: Hm, that’s a (Melanie: Looked like a drowned person.) hard one.

FF: That is a hard one.

Melanie: Huh.

SU: Ooh, I know this answer.

JN: You know it, Sue? (Melanie laughs)

SU: I think so.

FF: I don’t know if I know this one.

SU: I do.

JN: Can you think of the character it’s describing?

SU: I do.

Melanie: Sounds like- Is that from- Well it’s not One or Two, and I don’t think it’s Three.

JN: Mm-hm.

Melanie: Which means- I’m going to go with Book Seven. (SU: Oh.) That’s my guess.

JN: Close. That would be Book Six, chapter two.

Melanie: Ah!

JN: I believe we’re talking about Narcissa Malfoy.

Melanie: Ah! Ah!

SU: Oh! I was think it was (FF: Wow.) Fleur Delacour. (laughs)

JN: Yeah. (Melanie laughs)

FF: Yeah, I was thinking Fleur, but then with the drowning I was like, no, that’s too aggressive for Fleur. (JN: Yeah.) Unless it’s her (Melanie: Yeah.) sister, but…

JN: Well let’s try one more here for you.

Melanie: Okay.

JN: Okay, ready?

Melanie: Mm-hm.

JD: “Whichever way he looked at it, he had never been in a worse fix. He was stranded, quite alone, in the dark Muggle world, with absolutely nowhere to go.”

Melanie: Okay, I know this one.

JN: Okay, what is it?

Melanie: Okay, this is Book Three (JN: Yes.) and the chapter, let me think, is got to be (JN: Put that book down.) right…

JN: Put the book down. (Melanie and SU laugh)

Melanie: The chapter, it’s with Aunt Marge right after she blew up. (JN: Very good.) The chapter that must be…

SU: Very good. Yay!

JN: It’s (Melanie: Do I have to…) Book Three, (Melanie: …guess the number, too?) chapter three. No, that’s quite good enough.

Melanie: Okay, cool. (laughs)

JN: Well congratulations, Melanie. You won a PotterCast prize, of (SU: Yay! Melanie: Cool.) hearing yourself get it right on PotterCast.

AR: Congratulations.

Melanie: Wait, what did I win?

JN: (laughs) You won being smart on PotterCast. Good Work! (Melanie: Oh!) Yay!

Melanie: Yay! (laughs)

JN: Thanks for playing guess that book! Have a great day!

Melanie: Well, thanks. You too, guys.

SU: Thanks, Melanie! Bye!

FF: Thanks, Melanie.

Melanie: Bye!

SU: That was good.

JN: Okay, this is fun! Lets find somebody else.

SU: That was good. I was really stumped. I actually thought that was Fleur. Or maybe someone at the wedding, though.

FF: The drowning part…is it her sister under water? But then she is drowned, she did not drown.

SU: That’s good. (JN laugh)

(phone rings)

JN and SU: Hello.

JN: Hey. It’s PotterCast. Who is this?

SU: It’s PotterCast!

Doris Herrman (DH): Oh, hey. This is Doris. How are you guys doing?

JN: We’re doing great. We are playing a new game.

DH: Oh. What’s the game? I am smarter than John Noe.

JN: It’s called “Guess That Book.” No. (SU: Yes you are.) We all know that, but this is another chance to prove it. It’s called, “Guess That Book.” (DH: Okay. Cool.) “Guess That Book.” We are going to play a clip from the audio books. (DH: Okay. Which audio book?) You can tell us what book it came from and, if you are really smart, what chapter. (DH: Awesome.) All right. Well, hopefully you can hear this cause it’s your first clip. Here we go. (DH laughs)

JD: “He looked down at his right hand clenched upon the table top and saw the faint white outline of words Umbridge had forced him to cut into his skin.”

DH: Oh, oh, oh. What’s it- ah. I am going to make a stupid mistake.

SU: No, you are not.

DH: Order of the Phoenix.

JN and SU and DH: Yay.

DH: I had to think, like two or three times. I had to think, “Is that right? Is that right? Yeah, okay.” (JN: Very good.) Yay. Do I get a prize?

JN: You get a prize. You just sounded brilliant on PotterCast.

Alan Rickman (AR): Congratulations.

SU: Yay.

FF: And you get an internet hug from all of us.

DH: Oh, good. Real hugs are better.

FF: They are, but proximity is an issue with real hugs.

DH: I know.

JN: (sigh) Okay. Well, thanks for playing, Doris. We are going to call some more people here to see who else can guess that book.

DH: Okay. Thanks, guys.

FF: Guess that book. Bye, Doris.

SU: Bye Doris. Thank you.

DH: Bye.

(phone rings)

Jason: Hello.

JN: Hi there. This is PotterCast. Who is this?

Jason: Jason.

SU and JN: Hi, Jason.

FF: Hello, Jason.

Jason: Hi.

JN: You are on PotterCast with Sue and Frak. We are playing a game. (Jason: Okay.) It’s called “Guess That Book.” I’ll give you a hint: each answer is a Harry Potter book. (Jason: Okay.) It can be Harry Potter One through Seven. We are going to play a clip and you have to guess which book it is. You ready?

Jason: Okay, sure. (laughs)

JN: Okay. Here we go.

JD: “‘I am not a freak. That’s a horrible thing to say.’ ‘That’s where you’re going,’ said Petunia with relish, ‘a special school for freaks.’”

JN: Okay.

Jason: Hm. (FF: Which book?) Hm. I’d have to say Book Seven.

JN: Oh my, that’s right.

FF: Very good. That’s awesome.

JN: Can you think- Can you figure out what chapter that was?

Jason: (laughs) Hm. Towards the end probably. Yeah, towards the end. Somewhere in the thirties.

JN: It’s chapter thirty-three. (Jason: Wow.) (laughs) That’s awesome. You are the first person to get even close to the chapter.

Samantha: Your performance was inspiring.

FF: Crazy.

JN: Jason’s got it right. Jason, you are (FF: Yay Jason.) pretty darn smart. (Jason laughs)

Samantha: Congratulations.

Jason: Thanks.

SU: Thanks Jason.

JN: That’s how we play “Guess That Book.” Alright. Let’s bring in somebody else. One more person I think.

FF: One more.

(phone rings)

Samantha: Hello.

JN: Hey! This is PotterCast. Who’s this?

Samantha: What! (laughs) (SU: Hi.) Hi.

FF: Hi. Who is this?

Samantha: It’s Samantha.

JN: We are playing a game on PotterCast. We are playing a game called “Guess That Book.”

Samantha: (laughs) Oh, my God. Okay.

JN: We are going to play a clip from one of the seven Harry Potter books and you have to tell us which book it came from.

Samantha: Oh, no.

FF: And for extra bonus points, what chapter.

JN: Yes.

Samantha: Oh, no. Okay.

JN: Okay. Are you ready?

Samantha: Yeah. I am ready.

JN: Okay. Here we go.

Samantha: I am not going to be able to do this.

JD: “‘Yes, of course. Well, Wormtail’s here, but we’re not counting vermin, are we?’”

JN: (whispers) Guess the book.

Samantha: Oh no. Am I suppose to guess that?

JN: Yes.

SU: Yeah.

JN: Guess what book that little clip came from.

Samantha: Oh man. I have no idea. Hmm. Book Six?

SU: Yeah.

FF: Yes.

JN: Yay.

FF: Very good.

SU: Good job.

FF: What part?

Samantha: Hm. Do I have to guess a chapter?

JN: Yeah. Can you at least describe maybe the scene or the context?

Samantha: Hm. Is it- I don’t- I am completely guessing right now, but was it Snape speaking?

FF: Yeah.

SU: Yes, it was.

Samantha: And was it when Narcissa and Bellatrix show up to Snape’s?

FF: Yes.

SU: Yes! Bravo! Well done. It’s exactly…

JN: Yay!

FF: Hollaback.

Samantha: Sweet!

SU: Very good.

JN: Congratulations! You know your Potter and you guessed that book so you win the prize of sounding smart on PotterCast.

AR: Congratulations.

FF: Hollaback.

JN: Yay!

Samantha: Yay! (Samantha and SU laugh)

JN: Have an awesome day. Thanks for playing!

Samantha: You too. All right, thanks for calling. (laughs)

SU: You’re welcome! Bye! (JN: Bye!) Have a good night! (laughs)

Samantha: Bye! (laughs)

(phone rings)

Alex Carpenter (AC): Hello?

JN: Hey, it’s PotterCast. Who are we speaking with?

AC: (laughs) This is Alex Carpenter from the The Remus Lupins.

JN: Oh, my God!

SU: Hi Alex! Squee! (laughs)

JN: It’s our tour buddy!

AC: Are you guys like MuggleCast? You’re like MuggleCast kinda thing?

JN: Ugh! Screw you, buddy!

SU: Oh!

FF: Oh, Burn! (SU: Boo!) Burn! He’s not going to be on the show anymore.

JN: Aw. (AC laughs) Well, Mr. Alex, we are playing a game called “Guess That Book” where we play a clip from one of the seven books and you have to tell us what book it’s from. You ready to play?

AC: Yeah, let’s do it.

SU: Awesome! Go Alex, go! You can do it! (applauds)

AC: All right. Oh, my gosh.

JD: Hermione was breathing fast and her eyes were very bright. “I can’t believe this! It’s outrageous!”

AC: Oh, it’s Order of the Phoenix for sure.

JN: (laughs) Very good!

SU: Yay! Woo-hoo!

AC: Yay!

JN: Now, that one might have been a little easy.

AC: Woo! Capslock Harry. Yeah, that’s how you can always tell it’s Order of the Phoenix. Harry’s always yelling and Hermione’s always out of breath. (JN and FF laugh)

SU: So true! (FF and AC laugh)

Samantha: Congratulations.

JN: Okay, let’s try one more here.

SU: Bonus points. Bonus, here we go.

AC: Woo, all right, okay.

JD: “Otherwise it’s live and let live. And I must say, you’re taking it a lot better than your predecessor. He tried to throw me out the window.”

AC: What the- Can you say…

FF: I know. That one was easy.

AC: Ugh, I didn’t hear it.

JN: Let’s play it again.

JD: “Otherwise it’s live and let live. And I must say, you’re taking it a lot better than your predecessor. He tried to throw me out the window.”

AC: Ugh. I have no idea actually. I’m done.

JN: Any guesses from Mr. Frak or Ms. Sue?

FF: It’s The Other Minister from Book Seven.

AC: Oh! (JN laughs) Yes. (JN: Yes.)

SU: You beat me! Yes, that’s exactly right.

AC: Totally it is.

JN: Aw. Well, where’s your next show at, Alex?

AC: Actually, I just got out of the Draco and the Malfoys set at the Tampa library here. We have a couple of hundred kids in this crazy art deco auditorium that looks like a space ship and it’s packed and awesome and we’re having a blast. So. (SU: Awesome.) We’re at our next show actually right now. And then we’re playing in New Orleans tomorrow.

JN: That’s awesome. And when do we- (AC: Yeah.) And when do you meet up with PotterCast for our big combined joint tour?

AC: I don’t even know when that is. It’s at the end of July, I guess. I have like a big count down calendar in the van. (JN laughs) (JN: Yes.) I don’t have it with me. It’s such a huge (JN: A paper chain.) day. (FF: It’s a big deal.) Exactly! (laughs) It is a big deal. (JN laughs)

FF: Alex, it’s my first tour. It’s my first tour so I’m quite excited.

AC: Here’s the deal, Frak. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but you’re going to have to do court room drawings of every show. That’s what we decided. (FF laughs) That you have to do some court room drawings while we’re playing (SU laughs) (SU: Awesome.) live. (JN laughs)

JN: That’d be awesome.

FF: I could put it on my blog so that could work out.

AC: Yeah. (FF: Awesome.) I have faith in you, man. You can do it. (JN laughs)

FF: And I might have my iPhone. I might have an application where I can draw on the phone.

AC: Woah.

JN: That’d be crazy.

AC: Well, that’s futuristic.

JN: Alrighty.

SU: Alex, it’s like a few weeks on the twenty-ninth- I think is when we see you first. I cannot wait. It’s gonna be awesome.

AC: I can’t wait either. (FF: Yay!) Hope you guys are having a fun day.

JN: Awesome. Thanks for playing “Guess That Book,” Alex, and we’ll see you soon!

AC: Rockin. Later!

FF: See you!

SU: Bye!

JN: I think that was a pretty good first week (SU: That was perfect!) for “Guess That Book.”

SU: Yep.

FF: We did a good show.

JN: And for all of you, hopefully, who enjoyed that, we will be playing that game quite a lot on our (SU: Hm.) summer tour starting in a few weeks. So when you come out to see us…

FF: Yeah, so when you guys come to see us on tour so you got to get acquainted with it now and be ready. Bulk up on your Harry Potter canon.

JN: Yes because when we come out to your city, we will be playing “Guess That Book” with you live (SU: Woo-hoo!) at the bookstores, coffeshops, auditoriums, gymnasiums, football stadiums, wherever we’re playing.

FF: It’s going to get progressively more difficult. By the last show, it’s going to be just one syllable.

JN: Yeah. (FF: Yeah) “A”. (FF laughs) Oh! Book Four, Chapter Two! And we’ll go into the wrap up. Bup bup!

SU: Wrap up, bu-bup.

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    I miss Frakky…. : ( sadness

  3. Evealle Says:

    Whoa, why was the Arrested Development music playing right before the Bit by Bit?
    (Frak’s Robot Bit by Bit was priceless XD)

  4. Andy Schoonover Says:

    This is Awesome :)

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