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PotterCast 159

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Wrap Up (1:11:30 – 1:19:14)

John Noe (JN): (sings) And it’s the end…

Frankie Franco III (FF): (sings) It’s the end of the show as we know it. It’s the end…of…the…show…

Sue Upton (SU): I like that game John Noe, that was fun.

JN: That was fun. (FF: That was very fun.) That was funner than who’s smarter than me, I think.

SU: Well, I mean, those were tough ’cause I mean some of those you can kind of go either way.

FF: You know what you could do a- We could do a Are You Smarter Than John Noe edition of that. You know what I mean? (JN: We could.) Those could be used as questions. (SU: Ooh, that’s true.) It’s- There’s a whole myriad of possibilities.

SU: He’s right, ooh. (SU and FF laugh) (FF: Ooh, ah!) Ah, (laughs) very cool. And I’m excited about this summer, we’re going to be playing that this summer, when we come to see you.

FF: That’s right.

JN: So heck yes! We have some tour dates to give you guys, (FF: I hope you guys come out and see us.) not tour locations yet, hopefully that’s coming soon. Get a pen and pad or just copy and paste out of the show notes that on July 29th we’ll be in Boston, (FF: Woo!) (SU: Yay!) on July 30th we’ll be in Rhode Island, probably in Providence, July 31st ,Happy Birthday to Jo and Harry, (SU: Mm-hm.) we will be in the Big Apple (SU: Yay!) New York City (FF: With a big birthday cake.), yes and August 1st we will be in New Jersey or Philadelphia ’cause on August 2nd we’ll either be in Philly or New Jersey. (SU laughs) So, whatever one we’re not in on the 1st, we’ll be there on the 2nd.

SU: You think? (FF laughs)

JN: It’ll be fun. (SU: Yeah.) And August 3rd we will be in Pittsburgh and August 4th we’ll be in either Detroit or Ann Arbor. (SU: Mm-hm.) So Michigan (SU: Michigan, people.) is going to be a pretty big thing. And…

SU: And I know there’s a lot of Michigan people. I’m saying come to Michigan to who wants to be there.

FF: You better, I hear these Michigan people are pretty cool.

JN: It’s frustrating because last tour we were in Columbus, Buckeye town, now we’re all the way up in…bleh. Anyways, we love you I guess in Michigan, I guess.

SU: And there’s a lot of Harry Potter fans up in Michigan, let me tell you what, and they will represent, (JN: Oh heck yes.) they will be there.

JN: Oh I’m sure they will go blue and all that. We will be also hanging out with Harry and the Potters at their August 5th show (SU: Right.) in Ann Arbor. Then we’ll be heading to Terminus which is awesome. And also, we’re still looking for locations to do our shows in Boston, New York, Jersey, and Philly. So if you have any suggestions for that, you know a guy, who knows a guy, who owns a club or a coffee place, or this or that, give us a call. Give us an email actually at staff@pottercast.com. And we will send the elves out into a box to retrieve them.

SU: Yes, (laughs) they always do a good job.

JN: What else? Anything else? We have to do a quick wrap-up because the show went long.

FF: It did go long. (SU: It happens a lot.) But it was a good show. (SU: But…)

SU: It certainly was, I agree. It was really…

JN: We did not have Melissa for most of the show. She was at a party, (FF laughs) or whatever she’s doing.

FF: My family…

SU: Maybe it was a secret book thing. We don’t know where she could be.

FF: Oh, my gosh.

JN: Could be. Should we do a Melissa book spoiler?

FF: Ooh.

SU: Yeah, let’s do one John, (FF: Let’s do it.) let’s do it!

JN: Okay, you may or may not hear about her first meeting of a particular Harry Potter person- not J.K. Rowling- and how ridiculously big of a fangirl, she was, like every other fangirl out there. Which is pretty funny to think about Melissa as a fangirl. (FF laughs) (SU: Yeah.) She was a fangirl. I don’t really think that’s too big of a spoiler, she shouldn’t be at mad at me. (FF laughs)

SU: No.

FF: Well it’s not a here nor there now ’cause it’s…

JN: It’s neither here nor there. It’s not. Well yeah, I haven’t edited it out yet. (SU laughs) Anyways, I hope Melissa is having a fun time. And thanks for everybody else who joined us for the PotterCast game this week, (SU: Mm-hm.) “Guess That Book.”

FF: And remember to train up for it on our tour, (JN: We’ll be playing that this summer.) ’cause we’re going to do that on tour.

SU: Yes.

JN: And thank you to our PotterCast editors for pulling those for us.

FF: Yes, they’re so awesome. (JN: there were quite a few of them.) The show wouldn’t be around without them.

SU: I’d also like to mention; July 27th is gonna be a fabulous date, right before we start our tour. Why is that a fabulous date? (FF: I don’t know.) Comic-Con and Harry Potter. I’m just saying.

FF: What? (JN: Woo!) Those are two of my most favorite things ever.

SU: Yeah, I hear there is going to be a strange collision of them one morning. Ooh.

FF: Ah. Dun dun dun!

SU: Here we go.

JN: I can’t wait for Comic-Con. (SU: Very cool.) There’s going to be a whole lot of Twilight stuff there, too.

FF: Twilight.

SU: Well you know what? Edward was a Hufflepuff! Just saying.

JN: Really? (FF: That’s right.) Did you see the awful Entertainment Weekly cover? For Twilight?

SU: Yes.

FF: Mm-hm. What is it?

JN: Oh my god, could they make him look any more like a girl?

FF: Could they make who look like a girl? (JN and SU: Edward.) Oh, did they photoshop his face into, like, milk?

JN: Well no, he’s just all pale looking and his hair is just…

SU: They over photoshopped it. They went a little extreme.

JN: Yeah. (FF: Stupid.) He looks a little Dumbledore-ish too, but that’s okay. Anyway. (FF: Dead?) Thanks again to everybody joining us this week. Our editor list is longer this week. We have Andrew, we have Stede, of course, Samantha, Emma, Kimberly, Noah, Liz, Luke, and Jeff.

SU: Well, thank you to all those editors who helped pull those clips. You’re gonna be hearing more of those this summer. Their work is very much appreciated. Thank you.

FF: Very much so.

JN: Yes.

SU: Woo-hoo!

JN: Is there anymore announcements, little tidbits of information? (SU: No.) So I guess if there is nothing else then guys, we should keep twiddling those dials.

SU: The next password will be “roadtrip.” (laughs)

FF: Roadtrip? Keep each other safe.

SU: Keep faith.

All: Goodnight!

SU: You sound like Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins! I love it! He’s doing Dick Van Dyke!

JN: Dick Van Dyke? (FF laughs)

SU: Mary Poppins!

FF: (sings) “Chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chim chim cher-ee! I like what me does and me does what me do…” I don’t know the words, sorry.

SU: (sings) “Chim chiminey chim chiminey chim chim cher-ee, a sweep is as lucky as lucky can be. Chim chiminey chim chiminey chim chim cher-oo, I wish you good luck when I shakes hands with you.” That’s one of my favorites.

JN: Yay for the outtake of the week!

SU: Sorry I love Mary Poppins, it’s one of my favorites!

JN: It’s a good movie.

JN: This week’s PotterCast was produced by the PotterCast trio and Stede Bonnett. Thanks to our Scribby 5 team, Erin and Nina, and thanks as always to our awesome Transcription Elves for transcribing this and all our other episodes on PotterCast.com. For more information about the show, and how to contact us and be a part of future episodes, visit PotterCast.com.

Melissa Anelli: Is this 158? (SU and JN: Nine.) How come I can never get the number right?

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    I miss Frakky…. : ( sadness

  3. Evealle Says:

    Whoa, why was the Arrested Development music playing right before the Bit by Bit?
    (Frak’s Robot Bit by Bit was priceless XD)

  4. Andy Schoonover Says:

    This is Awesome :)

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