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PotterCast 24

Ending Harry Potter

Release Date: February 03, 2006
Record Date:

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The third and final part of our exclusive interview with Arthur Levine; will he play Live or Die? In this show:

Show Notes:

- The third and final portion of the interview with Arthur Levine, co-editor of the Harry Potter books. We talk about the anticipation for book seven, the remaining mysteries of the series, protecting the book from prying eyes, and more.

- Will Arthur play Live or Die?

- Fan interview with Nick Rhein Really weirdly targeted advertising Black Family

- The fanlisting now has forum

- Paris Hilton as Luna, says Sue? (This was recorded before Ms. Lynch was announced.)

- Gandalf the Flashlight Master Sue and John as the Hogwarts Chorus

- The Valentine’s Day PotterCast is on the way!

- FILKERS: Get ready. You have six days to send us a Valentine’s Day Filk (song parody).

- Have you filled out the survey?

Introduction: 0:00 [Melissa Anelli]

Leaky Lowdown: 2:21 [Sue Upton, Melissa Anelli, and John Noe]

In the Fan Corner: 26:23 [Doris Herrmann and Nick Rhein]

Modcast: 41:20 [Doris Herrmann, Kim M. Parker, and Stacy Thomas]

Extendable Ears: 52:28 [Melissa Anelli and Arthur Levine]

Closing: 1:15:04 [John Noe, Sue Upton, and Melissa Anelli]

Transcript for PC24

...is not yet available
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