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PotterCast 110

DH Day's Eve in Chicago

Release Date: July 20th, 2007
Record Date:

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Show Notes:

- Downers Grove answers the PotterCast Tour questions: We WILL go behind the veil, Harry WILL NOT go back to Hogwarts, Harry IS NOT a Horcrux, Snape IS on Harry’s side, Harry WILL live

- Melissa goes head-to-head against John in the Dueling Game (find out if John Dawlish can live up to his namesake)

- Snape will conquer the world, Could Avada Kedavra produce different results, McGonagall as a Death Eater, and more of your great pre-DH Fan Theories!

- Live or Die in the last moments before the final book release.

Transcript for PC110

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