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PotterCast 227

Release Date:
Record Date: Sept 22nd @ 8:30p ET/5:30pm PT

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| July 27th, 2010 | Posted in Uncategorized |

64 Bits of Feedback for “PotterCast 227”

  1. Josiah Says:

    Hello!!! I think you guys should DEFINITELY talk about the split! I for one was surprised when I found out that they were splitting the movies at Chapter 14 The Elder Wand! It seems a little bit late in the books for a split point. But we are going to witness for sure now Malfoy Manor, Griphook, and Dobby’s death! :( I hope they make the movies 2 and a half hours each at least, especially part 1! Also, the Final Battle is supposed to be 30 minutes right? What else can they do that takes up time? Gringotts? But does that just include before the Forrest or after?! Anyway…thanks!!

  2. Lee Says:

    PLEASE talk about the confirmation on the Split!

    And ALL the new pictures released by Entertainment Weekly! :D

    About the Split:

    I think they will change the order of the events, becuase splitting at that point may leave too much for Part 1. They could change the order of events like so :

    Snatcher chase –> trio caught by Snatchers –> Lord Voldemort stealing Elder Wand. End of Part 1.

    Part 2 begins with trio being taken to Malfoy Manor. Possible ?

  3. Rachel Says:

    At first I was reluctant to even read where the split is going to be, but I couldn’t resist! I agree with Lee in hoping that they change the order of events, otherwise Part 1 will be quite drawn out. I know the exact split will still be a surprise to me when I see it in theatres :)

  4. Josiah Says:

    I think I made my post up top unclear….Not Chapter 14….its Chapter 24, where Voldemort takes control of the Elder Wand….not the chapter the Elder Wand!!!

  5. MKat Says:

    Yes…do talk about the split. I am on pins and needles till the next PC!

  6. KJ Says:

    The split is very important. When I heard were they were going to split the movie, I could almost see end of DH part1… they have just escaped Malfoy Manor and we see the knife in Dobby`s chest and hear Harry`s screams, and then blackout! But that`s just my theory…

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    Can you PLEASE talk about Voldemort? I really like the Ralph Fienes conversations. What do you think about his acting job in Deathly Hallows? Will he be scarier?

  8. Nwrosey Says:

    Canon Conclundroms! Bring them back!

  9. Ceolan Says:

    Can you please talk about potter puppet pals having their own channel on youtube now, now they have a new PPP video every week!!!!!

  10. Lee Says:

    And the TV SPOT!!! What did you guys think of it ?? :D

  11. Imogen Says:

    What did you think of the TV spot?

  12. Natalia Says:

    I agree with Nwrosey, bring back Canon Conclundrums. I miss them!

    Like a random one: How could Xenophilius Lovegood receive, hang up, or in any way touch the Erumpet horn if the slightest touch makes it explode?

    or any other conclundrums……

  13. Jes Says:

    Has there been a confirmation that Dobby and Kreacher will be present in the last 2 films of Harry Potter? I would be sad if they didn’t show the scene where Dobby dies because it is a very emotional scene for Harry where he has lost another loved one and takes the time to dig the grave himself which shows to Griphook that he is not a normal wizard. Please let me know what you think that scene and whether or not you guys think it is important to the films and how you felt about it when you read it.

    Thank you

  14. Bella Says:

    Why is PotterCast #226 on the iTunes feed actually a really old episode? It’s when you guys were live talking about the first trailer and the grand opening of the WWOHP.

  15. Bella Says:

    @Natalia, About Xeno and the Erumpent Horn: Magic! lol

  16. Alex Says:

    Will this be the podcast about the new trailer coming out on Wednesday, I wonder?

  17. Oliver Says:

    I think the most fascinating part of the Gringott’s chapter of the movie would be the acting of Helena Bonham Carter AS Hermione. Discuss why JK Rowling would want to switch bodies of this character completely and represent her as the smart, and sweet (?) Hermione and how Hermione had to act “more evil” according to Harry under the cloak. I mean I know she had to look like Bellatrix to get into her Gringott’s vault, but I think there’s more than meets the eye to the switching of perceptions. I also think Helena Bonham Carter’s talents would lend tremendously to this scene.

  18. Ceolan Says:

    Talk about HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY DEATHLY HALLOWS VIDEOGAME, They have a new trailer which came out at E3 2010 heres a link to it on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bz84637ot0c&feature=grec_index

  19. Will Says:

    I’m in agreement with Frak: bring back the Sorting series! I can’t believe that people didn’t like them, as they provided an opportunity to discuss secondary or underused characters of which we know little about (at least compared to the more prominent ones). Each character doesn’t even need its own half-hour segment; you can pick a list of unsorted characters and go through them all in one sitting, if that will make it more agreeable.

  20. Michaela Says:

    I think you should bring back the sorting series. I love finding out what house everyone is in!

  21. Jeff Peterson Says:

    I have two questions or area’s I would like your opinions on.

    After Snape had discovered Harry’s marauders map of Hogwarts. Why wouldn’t he have made one of his own? Even Dumbledore knew about the map at the end of the forth book.

    I believe Dumbledore made Wormtail the potters secrete keeper. So why wouldn’t he tell the ministry that Wormtail had betrayed the potters so they wouldn’t blame Sirius for his death. The whole Sirius and secrete keeper thing seems to have holes in it.

    Thanks I love the show.


  22. Aurora Says:

    Hey Pottercast!
    I know this is kinda random, but I would love if you guys could talk about the possibility of Dean Thomas and Pansy Parkinson ending up together!

  23. Sam Says:

    I assume you’ll be discussing Chapter 26 – Gringotts on the next show and I just wanted to share a few thoughts here.

    When I first read this chapter I was struck by Harry’s use of the Imperius curse. Not because I thought it was unlawful of Harry, I mean he did it in the name of defeating Voldemort clearly he wasn’t using the Imperius curse for anything he shouldn’t be. It was Harry’s immediate mastery of the spell that caught me off guard.

    Bellatrix told us in book five that to perform the Cruciatus curse you have to mean it. But I never imagined the cruciatus curse to be particularly difficult I mean there is nothing complex about pure physical pain. However the Imperius curse is something completely different. To have complete control over someone sounds to me to be one of the most complex magical concepts there is.

    I really doubt Harry ever practiced the Imperius curse before using it in Gringotts so how did Harry use it effectively? Sure Harry mentions later in the chapter that he thinks he may not have done it perfectly, but in classes Harry isn’t a standout performing spells on first-go, and those are all simpler than the Imperius curse. Faux-Moody said that if a bunch of 4th years could all try to AK him and the most harm they would do is cause a minor nose bleed, in 3 years has Harry really gained enough magical experience to suddenly be able to master the Imperius curse.

    The one possible explanation is that under the stressful circumstances and extremity of the situation Harry was able to perform magic beyond his means. We see this happen with kids in life-threatening situations, we even see it in the muggle world with people showing incredible use of strength in short bursts in similar life-threatening situations. So maybe he had some aid. Either way I think we as readers kind of float over this point, but it really is some impressive magic from Harry regardless of the fact it is a dark curse.

    Some cool canon introduced in the chapter – we are introduced to the concept about identifying wizards by their wands at Gringotts when the goblins ask for Bella-Hermione’s wand.

    This one is a concept that is commonly floated around about this chapter is the parallel to book one where Gringotts was robbed on the first day Harry visits it, and Hagrid says you’d be bad to try and rob it and nearly seven years later Harry comes back to do just that. I know it’s nothing original… but I still love these 1-7 parallels!

    A quick comment on the Dragon – Did anyone else sympathize with Hagrid during this chapter. I’ve gone through 7 books saying Dragons are dangerous and need to be avoided, but after seeing this poor, blinded, tortured dragon deprived of space to spread its wings for years I did find myself thinking “Misunderstood creatures dragons are”.

    Looking forward to Bit by Bit on Gringotts and the next show in general!!!


  24. Elizabeth Says:

    Maybe a Canon Conclundrums? I’ve always wondered what would have happened to the piece of Voldemorts soul attached to Harry if Harry had been kissed by a dementor.

  25. Katie Tellez Says:

    What are some really cute scenes about Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? And is it true there is a scene with Ron and Hermione skipping rocks? Thank you! Love you guys!

  26. Sarah Says:

    I agree with Lee in that I feel that some of the chapters around the split will be a bit mixed up in a good and necessary way. Yes, Voldermort takes possession of the Elder Wand at the end of Chapter 24, but I don’t thinks it’s possible to have a “good flow” from Part 1 to Part 2 if it follows exactly as the book is laid out and just shuts down when Voldermort gets the wand.

    I do feel like it would be great to just fade to black after he gets the wand but I think some of the Shell Cottage stuff should be included in Part 1 just like I think that there is a good possibility that some of the Horcrux scenes will be in Part 2. I think maybe that would help make the movies about the same length as well as adding that edge we all get after seeing a movie when we say “But what about this” and “How come they didn’t show…”.

    I want it to follow the book in detail but I want Part 2 to not only be about a huge battle but also more like the part that has all the answers to the questions from Part 1 (and even the earlier books/movies).

    Just my thoughts…

    Can’t wait to here the new episode!

  27. David Says:

    I would love to hear you guys discuss the source(s) and strength of magic. JK only tangentially discusses any reasons for variation in magical abilities.

    Why can Harry seemingly master some ‘complex’ spells easily (i.e. fully corporial petronus, Imperius curse as discussed above, etc.) and have very potent versions of seemingly ‘mundane’ spells (i.e. expelliarmus). Hermione is clearly more technically adept and certainly more knowledgable but does not seem to produce as good of a result. And, of course, there is poor Neville who seems to be quite bad at producing good spells.

    I am also curious as to why certain people are able to do what appears to be highly complex magic at a young age (i.e. Fred and George’s joke items or the Marauder’s map) is mischief somehow easier to produce magically than ‘meaningful’ spell work?

    Just a few ideas. Great job, guys, I have enjoyed listening to every single show you have produced (well, except for a few of the ones recorded ‘on tour’ a couple years ago that got kind of repetitive and were posted very late…) Thanks for all your efforts.

  28. Priscila Says:

    Hi Pottercast! I have more of a canon conundrum. In DH in “The Muggle-born Registration Commission” chapter, page 263 of the American hardback edition, Hermione has trouble conjuring a patronus. Harry mentions to Mrs. Cattermole that it’s the only spell Hermione has trouble with. Why do you guys think this is? Does Hermione not have strong enough happy memories? Or, simply something else?

  29. James Says:

    Has Warners forgotten that this is a TWO part movie? Why release a trailer with so much footage from DH Part 2? And why release so many photos from both movies? I feel like I’ve seen too much of the movie and a lot of suspense and surprise has been taken away. Two words – Scott Pilgrim.

  30. Sarah Says:

    okay this is totally random, but talk about what you think Snapes memories will be like in the movie? i’m super excited because Alan Rickmans an amazing actor, but how do you think they’ll do it? and how do you think it’ll look? i know that it’ll be in the second part of the movie, but still, i wanna know your guys’ opinion! love you guys!

  31. Jes Says:

    In addition to Priscila’s canon conundrum… I wonder if the reason Hermione can not produce a patronus easily is because her happy memories are about school and homework and good grades and what she needs to focus on is the moment where Ron and Harry became her friend. Also I think the fact that she has put a memory charm on her parents so they do not remember her weighs on her heart and when the dementors come close they make her dwell on that thought and wonder if she will ever see them again or if she will live. That alone would make any chance of a happy thought vanish from my mind.

  32. Margie Says:

    I’d love to hear what you guys think about how they’re going to introduce or reintroduce pivotal characters that have been absent from the films, such as Bill Weasley and Dobby? Love listening! Keep up the good work! – Margie (aka, wisemar on Leaky)

  33. TarsieS Says:

    I wanted to say first off: Thank you for the wonderful discussion concerning the meaning of Shell Cottage. I just got a chance to listen to 226 today at work and it was such an insightful and thought provoking discussion that it had my mind thinking in a million different directions afterwards.

    Sam brings up a good discussion point about Harry’s use of the Imperius Curse. I remember thinking “Well, he’s used two out of the three, now – is he REALLY going to go all the way and use AK on Voldie?”

    However, I think that he was able to use it because he had experience with it being used on him, as well as a clear cut outcome that he needed to have happen. So, he knew how the spell should work and he knew what he wanted to have happen. The “Three D’s” as the apparation teacher succinctly put it. Determination, deliberation and destination.

    When it came to the Cruciatus as well as AK – I don’t think Harry has enough of these (Determ., Delib., and Dest.,) to really mean it enough to truly hurt someone. Heck, he offered Voldie one more chance at the very end!

    I think the reason Moody introduced the unforgiveables in the order he did, was in order of degree of difficulty as well as, possibly, degree of blackness.

    In any case, looking forward to the discussion. I like these types of discussions a lot better than just rehashing the highpoints of each chapter.


  34. Audrey Sunshine Says:

    So I’ve had a question about the Basilisk for a very long time, and I’ve asked quite a few people and no one knows the answer.
    I of course understand that the Basilisk moves in the pipes of Hogwarts, but, unless the victim is near open pipes, how would it attack? For example when Hermione is petrified near the library, how did it get from the pipes through the wall to the hall or somewhere she could see it?
    Also, I agree with everyone: talk about the split!

  35. Miracle Says:

    I really enjoyed the analysis done during last episode’s bit-by-bit and would love to hear more.

    I’m wondering if the piece of Voldemort in Harry is representative of the evil that we are all born with as innate sinners and it is only through our death and resurrection that we can be cleansed just as Harry is at the end of Hallows.

    You spoke of Harry taking on the role of Jesus in relation to Dumbledore in the role of God and this idea came to mind. I imagine this piece of evil would allow Harry to do things he normally wouldn’t such as speak parseltongue or perform the imperius curse during the trio’s break into Gringots. Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts.


  36. Kayla Says:

    I’m excited for the movie. I’m a bit surprised that they split it after Malfoy Manor. A lot happens before that so I hope the include everything and get it close to the book. I can’t wait to see Dobby again though!!! It’ll be sad but at least we get to see Dobby!!

    The split itself isn’t much of a surprise because the Deathly Hallows is a huge book. Where they split it is interesting. But the final version of the movie is what matters most. (:

  37. Tori R. Says:

    “Hermione has trouble conjuring a patronus. … Why do you guys think this is?”
    I always thought that because Hermione is such a worrier, she would have more trouble conjuring a Patronus in the face of danger than Harry would. She’s usually okay under pressure (example: the canaries in HBP), but then it’s because she’s working THROUGH her fear. When she actually has to overcome her fear and worry, it’s a much more difficult task.
    Harry, who is much more practiced in dangerous situations and figuring out how to save himself, would be better at overcoming fear and thus has the advantage when casting a Patronus.
    It’s especially interesting because although we think of Hermione as a “mind over matter” character, apparently she’s just very good at thinking about the situation at hand instead of her emotional reaction to it. She pushes the emotion aside to respond rationally, but merely ignoring the fear and worry does not work when she tries to cast a Patronus.

    Sorry for the long post. Had a lot of thoughts on the subject. :)

  38. Hilmi Says:

    Hi PC!

    Before I go into anything else, regarding Sam’s and TarsieS’ comments, I think TarsieS is right in saying that the imperius curse worked for Harry because he knew how it worked and have had experience in being the victim of the curse; we could say that he knows the theory behind it.

    In OoTP, Umbridge mentions that knowing the theory of a spell would be sufficient to actually perform it. Hermione also says this about ‘obliviating’ the Death Eaters earlier on in DH.

    I agree with Hermione and Umbridge since students from other houses who weren’t in the DA were able to get through their DADA OWLs and Hermione did her charm.

    Plus, Harry himself is a pretty talented wizard. Being able to produce a corporeal patronus and all. I didn’t find it surprising that he could do it. I’m sure Hermione could too.

    Anyway, good discussion material right there about spells. Potential canon conundrums/conclundrums?

    There’s a lot more I have to say about the questions everyone else posted but that would make this too long…

    To end off: Bring back Sorting! And keep PC on guys! Great show!

  39. Jess Says:

    As I reread Chapter 26, Gringotts, I thought of a few things:

    First, how funny is it that again Hermione has to rely on a hair pulled from her clothing for the polyjuice potion, especially after her experience in Chamber of Secrets?

    I’d like to hear a discussion about the differences between Harry’s experiences entering Diagon Alley in Book 1 and this time in Book 7, especially if this is his first re-entry into the Wizarding World after undergoing all the symbolic changes of the last chapter.

    Also, we see that wizards with Probity Probes now replace Goblins outside of Gringott’s, but what else may have changed? How have the Goblins responded to this outside pressure? What does it say about Goblins that they are willing to house the treasure of people like the Lestranges and dark wizards? Melissa already mentioned how cold/odd it is that Griphook can be so unwilling to assist the trio in their plan to overthrow Voldemort, considering that he experienced his mistreatment first hand. I also wonder what happened to Gryffindor’s sword and the horcruxes after the final battle, once Voldemort was overthrown. Did the Goblins ever forgive Harry? (he did ride a dragon out of their bank).

    Finally, how do we think this chapter will be presented in the movie? Thanks so much!

  40. Sam Says:

    TarieS – I think that’s an interesting theory that fighting off the spell could help one understand it, but if I remember correctly fighting off the spell was more an issue of strong will than anything else. Hence why Harry was so successful at fighting it.

    That’s a whole Canon Conundrum right there if it’s true. Why did Faux Moody do so much to help Harry? Sure he wanted to fake the illusion that Harry was his favourite student and gain Harry’s trust in order to guide him through the tasks but was arming him against an unforgivable curse really beneficial to Voldemort? I mean there are plenty of other ways to gain someone’s trust than to teach them to fight off the Imperius curse. But in the books it is made clear that Faux Moody used the Imperius curse on Harry more times in classes than any other student until he had fully fought it off. Why?

    I also like the Hermione Patronus commentary we have going. There is a certain part of me that thinks it is more of a confidence issue than anything else. We saw back in book one Hermione was worried about flying class because you couldn’t get by on pure knowledge and she struggled. At this point before she even got on the broom she was under-confident and struggled with the magic of just saying up and having the broom come to your hand, something we know Hermione could do very easily under any other circumstances. Throughout the books Hermione often undermines her own confidence and is her own worse critic often to the point of extreme pessimism. Performing a Patronus is a very emotional spell as its all about feeling happiness in the presence of the most terrible form of darkness and despair. Having the knowledge base is just not enough. Hermione will go into these situation under-confident and fail to produce a Patronus.

    To address the issue of Fred and George’s competence with joke spells as opposed to their poorer performances in school and the Marauders map story. I think this just comes down to an issue of effort. There are very smart people who do poorly in school. It just comes down to what you are passionate about. Fred and George are good wizards but they just don’t feel passionately about school work like they do about their joke shop. Same with the Mauraders map, I mean we know Sirius, Remus, James and Peter had some pretty serious skill between the four of them so when they put their mind to something I don’t see making the Mauraders map to be beyond them in any sense.


  41. Lewis Brooks Says:

    Spoiler Alert – Spoiler Alert – Spoiler Alert – Spoiler Alert
    (Just being cautious.)

    I was just wondering what you thought of a couple of DH II theories.

    First, with Pettigrew not dieing at Malfoy Manor, do you think they might substitute him in for Narcissa in the forest scene at the end? It would make sense. When Voldemort realizes that Harry is alive and Pettigrew has betrayed him he gets killed by his own silver hand. I think it would be a bigger moment for him to die than at Malfoy Manor, and the only reason I see not to kill him at Malfoy Manor is to do it at a bigger moment.

    Second, it seems like Bellatrix carving “mudblood” into Hermione’s arm is far more personal than just using the Cruciatus Curse. Do you think they might have Hermione kill Belaltrix instead of Molly? It would seem after such a personal attack they would be setting that up. I can just see Bellatrix about to kill Ron, and Hermione screaming “Get away from my boyfriend you b****!” and then killing her. Okay, maybe not exactly that. :-)



  42. Sam Says:

    So from the looks of it this will purely be a trailer discussion show. So no bit by bit :(

    Just as an aside I won’t watch this trailer or any other trailers for Deathly Hallows just so I can further enjoy the movies. I remember eating up every clip there was for GoF and feeling like I’d already seen the movie by the time it came out so I’ve changed to a 3 trailer limit. We’ve reached the limit with the special on the HBP DVD, the MTV clip and the first official trailer. So I’m done until the movie. Just makes the movie more enjoyable for me. Anyone else follow a similar self-regulation? Believe me sometimes it can be very difficult….

  43. Jill Says:

    I’m totally thinking along the same lines as Sam. I’m a little afraid of watching too much of the movie in the trailers. I’m torn! Of course I want to see the new trailer, but am I ruining the full effect by watching it in bits and pieces beforehand? Edward, as someone who has seen the movie (more or less) what is your feeling on this?

  44. Brittany Van Horn Says:

    I am currently re-reading Deathly Hallows and I’ve just finished the chapter where Ron gets splinched. So, obviously I can’t wait to see all the action within the Ministry, and judging from the images I saw earlier today, I won’t be disappointed!

    One of my favorite chapters in the book is “The Seven Potters”, and the image looks absolutely spectacular! I can’t wait to see how Dan takes on the challenge of playing Harry, who is playing Hermione, playing Harry!

  45. Brittany Van Horn Says:

    In regards to where the producers have decided to split the film, my theory is that they still want to have a type of “ending” to Part I. I would be pretty disappointed if we were to witness Voldemort using Avada Kadavra on Harry, and then the credits started to roll. This is just an example of how ridiculous it would be for them to end Part I without some type of conclusion. Surely, they won’t leave us hanging like that.

    What are your thoughts on where the split should occurr?

  46. Brittany Van Horn Says:

    I was also wondering about the Epilogue scene. We saw some images of the cast at King’s Cross, but Warner Bro’s hasn’t released any official images! Do you think we will ever see an official image or a clip of the scene in the near future?

  47. Christian Van Hallen Says:

    In chapter 26″Gringotts”: Ron says to hermione that he want a short nose than the LAST time… When was that last time and what happened?

    Thanks for the answer!

  48. Jackie Says:

    Hey guys! I was just looking at the Seven Potters picture, and a question I hope you or Bootleg Edward know the answer to popped up in my mind; Will the Seven Potters keep their own voices, or will they all have Harry/Dan’s voice? I really hope they have Harry’s voice – yes, by keeping their own voice it’s easier to identify who is who, but it would really bug me if they did that! Thanks, and keep up the super awesome work!

    P.S. I don’t care what everyone else said, Frak, I loved the Sorting Series!

  49. Amanda Says:

    Of course, totally talk about the split and the new pictures out. I would love to hear what you hope the trailer will be about right before we all watch it! Love you guys and see you in a bit!

  50. Zoe Walders Says:

    did they change the patronus that comes to the wedding from kingsleys to scrimgeours?

  51. Maureen Says:

    I like that when Lupin is holding Harry back at the wedding (when the death eaters attack) he’s trying to get to Ginny.

  52. Kate Says:

    As there’s been no important build up to Lupin/Tonks in the films as opposed to the books, what do you think to them changing the relationship? Will it change how people see Lupin?

    I know it’s a bit specific, but if they’ve hugely changed my favourite characters relationship, I will be annoyed.

  53. Alex Says:

    When is the audio version of this coming out?
    We have the video version already.

  54. Roxie Says:

    I am SOOOO anxious for this episode. I can’t wait to hear y’all. Will it be coming out this week, maybe?

  55. Leo Says:

    So when is this coming on iTunes? :\

  56. Morgan Says:

    I’m a faithful follower of Pottercast. But due to the lack of consistency in episodes, I’ve resorted to listening to your competitors TWILIGHT podcast. Be very disappointed….

    Still love you guys!

  57. Eli Says:

    Wait if this recorded last month, why isnt online yet?

  58. Alex Says:

    Melissa has suggested(not sure if she’s being sarcastic or not)on her Twitter that PotterCast is over for good.
    I’ll be very sad if that’s true.

  59. Alex Says:

    ^ oh and because MuggleCast is still going strong(and a few months older)and has put out more eps than PotterCast has recently, even though they tend to record only when there is important news or every fortnight(which PotterCast tends to do, even if at all)and all their hosts work and have their own lives outside Potter like Melissa, John and Frak do.
    It’ll be a hard day for us listeners if they really can’t last another year until DH II and LeakyCon ’11.
    If they can, everyone can rest a bit easier.

  60. Yorke Says:

    ^That seemed sarcastic to me but if they did end it, I would hope they’d announce it formally and not just leave the listeners hanging.

    Whatever is going on, I hope we get some answers soon. If the podcast is over and can’t continue, then fine. Just tell us. If there are technical problems or something of that nature, then fine. Completely understandable. Just tell us! Don’t just leave the people who love this show and look forward to it without any kind of knowledge of what’s going on. It’s a shame because when they updated the site and made all of these plans for the show, I got really excited for for Pottercast. It was back, it was revamped and fresh and everything. But now, we can’t even get a damn episode anymore. I hate that Mugglecast and Hogwarts Radio have become my regular podcasts because I really don’t like them even a bit near as much as I love Pottercast.

    If you guys can’t provide the show on a consistent and regular pattern because of real life or personal things that are in the way, then just go on a hiatus or break until you can. I’d much rather that then waiting like this. I’m sure the loyal listeners would understand.

    I’m sorry if this came of as angry or anything. I’m just frustrated because I’ve been listening to the show for years (since 2005) and I hate this inconsistency in the episodes. I want my Pottercast back, lol. =\

  61. Roxie Says:

    Hi, Alex!
    I tweeted to Joe & Melissa about the possibility of Pottercast being over and got a prompt reply from Melissa:

    @melissaanelli @_Roxie_ you guys should never believe me when I say stupid things like that.

  62. Alex Says:

    Thanks Roxie.

    Heh, we were just freaking out. Thank Merlin Melissa has set us straight.

  63. Yinx Says:

    Hi guys I was just wondering where or when next podcast episode will be coming out? Did I miss the live podcast where y’all discuss the full trailer? If so when will it be on itunes? I miss you guys; Melissa restoring order, John being zany whims, and Fraky Frak’s AWESOMELY AMAZING drawings. We have LeakyTV but its not the same :-( please come back soon.

  64. Lori Says:

    Last podcast i have is 226. When will you be back on iTunes? I can’t figure out how else to get these downloaded. Miss you. Hurry back.

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