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PotterCast PCX 1

PC Extra: FilkCast #1

Release Date: November 09, 2005
Record Date:

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Show Notes:

- GuruofSloth’s FOUR songs (he’s Stubby Boardman, clearly)

- The Potions Master Formerly Known as Snape

- The LIVE NYC SHOW this weekend! (RSVP does not equal a saved seat!)

- Premiere outfits!

- Being sick of burrito jokes

- Being made sick by a burrito joke

- A discussion about a certain sleepover that nearly fillets Sue

- A threatening voicemail from an Emerson fangirl…

Transcript for PCPCX 1

...is not yet available
| November 9th, 2005 | Posted in Episodes, Feed |

3 Bits of Feedback for “PC Extra 1 – FilkCast #1”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Oh, to be 14 again. I remember listening to this way back in the day.

  2. Amber Says:

    Oh good heavens I’m going to get fired from giggling at you 3 while at work. What’s more is it will be totally worth it. Thank you

  3. Sarah Gohar Says:

    When I heard the part about the Emerson fangirl, I laughed so hard and bent my neck in such a way that the neck pain that I had all day is now gone! You guys cured me! LOL!

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