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PotterCast 18

The Special Holiday FilkCast

Release Date: December 20, 2005
Record Date:

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Show Notes:

- The PotterCast Song – Guru of Sloth

- The Christmas Filk Song – The PotterCast Trio

- The 12 Days of (John Noe) Christmas

- Voldie Baby

- I’ll Be Home for Christmas (for Neville) – Carrie

- Won-Won Baby – KelAzma

- A Visit from St. Nick – Weird Sis

- The Leaky PotterCast – JasperW

- I Saw Susan Kissing Sirius – TMondy

- The Potter Hallelujah Chorus – In Carpet Slippers

- You’re a Mean One, Madam Pince Draco’s Christmas

- Crucio! Crucio! Crucio! – The Leaky Marauders

- Dark Mark Blazing in the Sky – The Azkaban Trio (The Guru of Sloth, KelAzma and Trozam)

- O Night They Died

- It’s John Noe!, It’s John Noe!, It’s John Noe

- Harry, Harry, Harry – Hope and Spencer

- Snape’s Getting Nothing for Christmas

- An Egg from a Stranger – Jill

- The Lounge of Leaky

- I Let Madam Pomfrey Fix My Two Front Teeth – Jill

- It’s Voldemort Outside! – John Noe and Melissa Anelli

- Dobby, Dobby, Dobby – Bandersnatch

- Have Yourself a Holiday at Hogwarts – Frita from Kansas

- Oh, Harry Night – Rosalind McGonagall

- Lucius, Baby – Sue Upton

- In the wrapup: A P.O. Box update; PotterCast has a new phone number, you can review us on iTunes now, and more announcements and holiday silliness. The two podcasts mentioned at the end of the show: MacNation, Stevivor

Transcript for PC18

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